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    CBD rate
    • Flower of CBD Berry White 12%

      CBD Flower Berry White 12%

      (4 reviews)
      Energy, Productivity, Stress & anxiety, Pain
      31,50 €
      From 3,62 € /g
    • CBD Flower Pineapple Express 14.9%

      CBD Flower Pineapple Express 14.9%

      (2 reviews)
      Stress & anxiety, Pain, Inflammation, Antioxidant, Sleep
      31,50 €
      From 3,62 € /g
    • CBD Flower Granddaddy Purple 17,9 %

      CBD Flower Granddaddy Purple 17,9 %

      (10 reviews)
      Sleep, inflammation, pain
      31,50 €
      From 3,62 € /g
    • Flower of CBD Cannatonic Interior 9%

      CBD Flower Cannatonic Interior 9%

      Stress & anxiety, concentration, sleep, pain, digestion
      31,50 €
      From 3,62 € /g
    • Big Bud CBD Flower 16.4%

      CBD Flower Big Bud 16.4%

      (1 review)
      Sommeil, Stress & anxiété, douleurs
      31,50 €
      From 3,62 € /g
    • CBD Afghan kush flower 18,4 %

      CBD Flower Afghan kush 18,4 %

      (19 reviews)
      Stress & anxiety, pain
      22,10 €
      From 2,57 € /g
    • CBD Lemon Haze Flower 9.7%

      CBD Flower Lemon Haze 9.7%

      (2 reviews)
      Pain, productivity, relaxation, stress & anxiety, sleep
      22,10 €
      From 2,57 € /g
    • CBD Flower Wedding Cake 13

      CBD Flower Wedding Cake 13%

      Inflammation, Doleurs, Stress & Anxiety
      25,18 €
      From 2,93 € /g
    • CBD Flower Biscotti 13% CBD

      CBD Flower Biscotti 13% CBD

      27,64 €
      From 3,11 € /g
    • Cannalope Haze CBD flower 9.3%

      CBD flower Cannalope Haze 9.3%

      Relaxation, Concentration, Sleep
      22,10 €
      From 2,57 € /g
    • Sold out
      CBD flower Freeze Kush 15 %

      CBD flower Freeze Kush 15 %

      (2 reviews)
      Stress & Anxiety, Relaxation, Sleep
      27,00 €
      From 3,07 € /g
    • Fleur de CBD G13 Haze 19,3 %

      CBD Flower G13 Haze 19.3%

      (4 reviews)
      Stress & Anxiety, Pain, Productivity
      28,08 €
      From 3,13 € /g
    • Fleur CBD Royal Cheese 17.4%

      Flower CBD Royal Cheese 17.4%

      (12 reviews)
      Relaxation, Stress & Anxiety, Arthritis, Pain, Inflammation, Sleep
      28,34 €
      From 3,14 € /g
    • Sold out
      Trim CBD 12%

      Trim CBD 12% - Premium Flowers - 20g

      (86 reviews)
      Stress & Anxiety, Concentration, Productivity, Sleep, Pain
      36,82 €
      From 1,16 € /g

    You are looking forcheap CBD flowers ? Do you want to discover the benefits of CBD or replenish your stock without breaking the bank? You've come to the right place to take advantage of the most advantageous prices when it comes to CBD flowers.

    Discover CBD flowers at the best value for money

    On our site, CBD flowers are presented in sachets of 1 gram, 3 grams, 5 grams, 10 grams or 25 grams. The more quantity you buy, the cheaper the price. Through these decreasing rates,our goal is to make you benefit from the therapeutic virtues of hemp at the best price. Your well-being is a priority!

    To offer you the best value for money, we have carefully selected the flowers according to their origin and their CBD content. Then, we carefully analyzed the market in order to offer you the fairest prices according to the quality of the products we offer.

    Although the relaxing effects are more or less powerful from one flower to another depending on its variety, the benefits remain the same because we have chosen only quality flowers, from organic farming and respectful of the European standards in force. .

    Thus, all our cheap CBD flowers contain less than 0.2% THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and do not provide any psychoactive or health-damaging effects. With our CBD flowers, only the multiple benefits of hemp await you.

    Why choose cheap CBD flowers?

    A wide choice of flavors

    On our site, we offer a wide range of cheap CBD flowers to satisfy everyone's desires. The advantage of flowers is that they come in a multitude of varieties, from the most authentic to the most original.

    Since tastes and colors are not discussed, we want to leave you the choice to discover CBD in your favorite flavor. To do this, we provide you with the varieties considered to be great classics of cannabis, but also the little news in order to follow the trend of the moment.

    Various and varied levels of CBD

    Among our cheap CBD flowers, we also offer you various CBD levels ranging from low to high. If you have never consumed CBD before, we advise you to turn to CBD levels which oscillate between 5 and 10% in order to discover the effects of this cannabinoid on your body and to optimize its effects. To maximize the potential of CBD over the long term, always start with the lowest level and increase it gradually, until you find the perfect dosage.

    For the regulars and the more adventurous among you, our catalog also has inexpensive but powerful CBD flowers. With CBD levels above 20%, you are sure to benefit from a moment of relaxation and intense comfort.

    A popular and versatile product

    You should know that CBD flowers are undoubtedly the most popular products on the market. And for good reason, both hemp connoisseurs and new consumers love this raw and authentic product with its herbaceous scent. If CBD flowers are so popular, it is mainly becausethey are very versatile and can be used for all types of consumption: vaporization, pipe, bong, infusion and even in the kitchen.

    What types of CBD flowers to choose?

    You want to take the plunge and buy cheap CBD flowers but you are still unsure about how to grow them. Here are the different budget options available to you.

    Fleur de CBD Outdoor

    Accessible to all, CBD Outdoor flowers are grown outdoors. Since their production process is simple and inexpensive, their selling price is the most affordable of all CBD flowers. However, they are just as good and qualitative as other varieties grown under different conditions.

    CBD Outdoor flowers are the simplest and most natural. Visually, they are not perfect but they correspond to the appearance of flowers growing in the wild, without human intervention. Their taste is light, herbaceous, earthy, and peppery. A safe bet for lovers of authentic perfume.

    Fleur de CBD Indoor

    Indoor CBD flowers are a little more expensive because their production process is more complex and expensive. Indoor cultivation requires the complete installation of an artificial environment in order to reproduce the conditions favorable to the development of cannabis plants. Indoor culture allows you to control every detail: lighting, temperature, water pH, humidity, etc.

    Thus, Indoor CBD flowers are generally denser, shinier and tastier. Rich in terpenes and trichomes, these Indoor flowers can reach higher concentrations of CBD, which explains the price difference between an Outdoor and Indoor flower.

    Fleur de CBD Greenhouse

    Halfway between Outdoor and Indoor cultivation, Greenhouse cultivation is a greenhouse cultivation method. We find the control of the indoor culture with the weather conditions of the outdoor culture. The advantage is that cannabis plants can take advantage of the light and heat of the sun, while remaining protected from the weather thanks to the greenhouse.

    This method is less expensive than that of Indoor culture but requires a little more material than Outdoor culture. CBD Greenhouse flowers are an excellent intermediary if you are still hesitating between these two cultivation methods. Either way, the relaxing effects remain the same.

    How to consume cheap CBD flowers?


    To consume your CBD flowers, you can inhale them through a vaporizer. This device with a temperature regulator allows you to heat the flowers without burning them. Through this process, the flavors and effects of CBD are optimal. The advantage of vaping is that there is no tobacco or combustion.

    Pipe and bang

    For seasoned smokers, it is possible to use a pipe or a bong to consume your CBD flowers. The technique is simple, just crumble your flowers using a grinder, fill the tank, light it and inhale. You will get a dense and tasty smoke.


    CBD flowers can also be consumed through herbal tea or infusion. To make an infusion of CBD flowers, chop them finely using a grinder and put them in a stainless steel infuser or in a tea ball. Leave to infuse for about ten minutes and add a fatty substance such as honey to activate the cannabinoids. Finally, it is as simple as preparing a classic herbal tea.


    Finally, you can add the finely crumbled CBD flowers to your culinary preparations. Before incorporating them into your recipes, you must heat them in the oven for about 30 minutes at 100 degrees. This process activates the active ingredients of CBD. Once this step has been completed, all you have to do is add your CBD flowers to your sweet or savory recipes.

    Focus on your well-being without breaking the bank

    Relieve your pain

    By offering you cheap CBD flowers, we want to focus on your health and well-being. And it starts with pain relief. CBD is mainly used for its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving action. Thanks to affordable prices, each individual can enjoy these benefits without having to spend thousands and cents.

    Reduce your stress

    Integrating CBD flowers into your new wellness routine is also an opportunity to reduce stress and anxiety in your life. CBD is widely known to promote calm and serenity. People suffering from chronic stress or anxiety attacks can turn to inexpensive CBD flowers to regain the joy of living and good mood on a daily basis.

    Find quality sleep

    If you suffer from insomnia or sleep disorders, you can also opt for cheap CBD flowers to spend peaceful nights. Deep, restorative sleep is essential to your quality of life. By acting on your endocannabinoid system, CBD flowers can help you find deep and restorative sleep over the long term.

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