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Winabis or CBD-infused wine: a real revolution or just a marketing operation?

A new CBD-enriched product has emerged: CBD-infused wine. It is also called winabis which is a contraction of "wine" and "cannabis" in English. This new drink is intriguing many people and several brands have started to make it, including Gik, a Spanish company specialising in unusual wines. Oenology is a world that is not particularly easy to shake up, yet that is what this infused wine has managed to do!

What is winabis?

As the name suggests, CBD-infused wine is an alcoholic drink with CBD in it. It only contains very small amounts of it, about 0.2%, but the brand and sellers say you can still feel the effects. One thing is for sure, it is very identifiable by its green colour reminiscent of hemp leaves!

The method of making CBD-infused wine

To obtain winabis, you must first produce wine. Here, it is a Cabernet Sauvignon, so a fairly full-bodied grape variety and one that even after being infused it is possible to taste all its subtleties. Then, hemp leaves are infused into it and this is what gives it its flamboyant green colour. This infusion also transfers a small amount of CBD into it, and no THC. It is therefore completely legal to consume this wine in Europe. All that remains is to filter it to remove any potential leaf residue and have a wine without impurities.

Thus, we end up with a naturally green wine based on a grape variety and hemp leaves that in total has an alcohol content of 9.5°. The company that produces winabis is an expert in making unique and original wines, which is why its production technique is impeccable!

The taste of CBD-infused wine

In this wine, it is possible to taste mainly the taste of Cabernet Sauvignon. It is therefore easily judged to be sweet with fruity notes inevitably reminiscent of grapes, but also peach. The winabis is rather light, a bit complex, but very fresh in the mouth. As for the hemp leaves, there is only a subtle natural aftertaste. If you are familiar with the taste of hemp, then you will be able to find the aromas in the background, without it being very intense either. You'll smell it more than taste it.

Winabis is therefore an original way to discover the taste of CBD, while enjoying a good wine. If you don't have hemp, don't worry you can still enjoy it. Drinking wine infused with hemp is an original taste experience without being revolutionary. You can consume it like a classic Cabernet Sauvignon.

Why winabis works and is an interesting product

The aim of the Gik brand that makes and markets winabis is to create a drink that combines wine and hemp. In the past, it has made other unusual wines of all colours, such as the famous blue wine, which combines white wine, red wine and must. Now, with the rise of CBD, it is obvious that a company like this is interested. This is how CBD-infused wine came about after much testing and verification.

The marketing aspect of CBD-infused wine

CBD has become very popular in France in recent years. Since the health crisis, many people have turned to it to find a natural solution and relieve themselves of their stress and tension. Indeed, CBD has several benefits such as feeling calmer, more relaxed and more calm both physically and mentally. As wellness is also a very fashionable subject, CBD has every chance of being popular and of making a good name for itself on the market. Indeed, this is what is happening, even if European and French legislation struggled to keep up at first.

As a result, brands and industries have seen this natural asset as a real opportunity. Whether it is large companies that have started to integrate it into their products or start-ups that have decided to make it their trademark, there are now a multitude of CBD or hemp-based products. By banking on it, the Gik brand behind winabis has very well identified the potential of CBD.

In fact, as the company is already used to looking at how to make unusual wines, it makes perfect sense for them to use CBD to capitalise on this trend too. Finally, this infused wine has been around since 2018, and thus has been on the market almost since the beginning of the CBD boom. It has therefore been able to become famous at the same time as the use of CBD has become more democratic.

As for the real point of including CBD in wine, one suspects it's more to make an original product that fits with what she's used to producing. In this case, she does it very well! Whether out of curiosity or to check if it is possible to feel any effect, many consumers have been seduced.

The effects of CBD-infused wine

Winabis is made from wine and therefore has the same effects as a regular wine. You can very well consume it at the table, as an aperitif or to accompany you during an evening with your loved ones. Its green tint often makes a very nice effect as it is a surprising colour for wine!

As far as its hemp leaf infusion is concerned, this allows it to have a CBD content of about 0.2%, which is very little compared to other derivatives. This is still something to consider, as you may still experience some effects if you drink a lot of it. The problem is that it is combined with alcohol, so you are more likely to experience the effects of alcohol than CBD. We remind you that alcohol should be consumed in moderation!

On the other hand, even though hemp is used in the making of this wine, it does not contain THC. So you can be sure to consume it legally and without experiencing any side effects.

So, winabis was surely dreamed up thanks to the boom that CBD has experienced, but if it is still marketed today, it is because of its originality. You can try it and make your own opinion, it remains a good wine that will make a sensation with your friends and family!

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