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Essential oils and irritable bowel syndrome: how to soothe it?

Natural care for your irritable bowel to do good where you need it, without having to compromise…

Irritable bowel syndrome – abbreviated as IBS – is a pathology with various intestinal symptoms that are more or less difficult to bear on a daily basis. Called "functional bowel disease" in medical parlance, the commonly used term is "irritable bowel syndrome". It is characterized by an intestine and/or a colon that is as irritable as it is fragile and is accompanied by abdominal pain, bloating as well as hypersensitivity to certain foods. People who suffer from it must be attentive to what they consume because although the multiple causes are not necessarily serious, they can be sources of significant discomfort on a daily basis. Fortunately, there are now natural treatments to act on the discomfort caused, the pain but also the state of the microbiota in order to regain good digestion and better assimilation, for a regulated transit . And yes, efficiency is also found in nature...

Functional colonopathy (or irritable bowel syndrome): definition, causes and symptoms

The problem with irritable bowel syndrome is, on the one hand, that it is still poorly understood today and, on the other hand, that it takes different forms depending on the person affected. Treating it and relieving the resulting inconvenience is therefore not easy. In most cases, it does not manifest abdominal pain, spasms, burning or even feelings of heaviness and discomfort but above all a disturbance of transit which can be either accelerated or slowed down, or both as the case may be. There is then an alternation between constipation and false diarrhea. It also almost always causes fatigue and sleep disturbances. Very often, people who suffer from it have become accustomed to their symptoms and do not suspect the existence of this pathology which is actually the cause of their problem. They then consult never or late.

The real causes of this digestive disorder are currently poorly determined. All we know is that it mainly affects women and sometimes children or young adults. Hormonal factors could be one of the causes, just as a proven intolerance to gluten or other allergenic foods could be triggers for seizures. Also, the emotional component is also to be taken into account because stress, whether or not it is partly responsible for this syndrome, actively participates in it. Finally, despite its benign character, it requires serious care in order not to let it settle permanently.

Relieving symptoms of irritable bowel or colon: lifestyle and dietary protocol

People suffering from irritable bowel syndrome are recommended to take certain measures in order to reduce their symptoms. These new habits will make their lives more pleasant and may even allow them to return to normal.

In terms of food, you need:

  • Check for specific food intolerances and proceed as appropriate appropriate, to the total eviction of the food in question;
  • Limit at all costs foods responsible for intestinal fermentation such as cabbage, broccoli, gluten , legumes etc. ;
  • Reduce intake of high fiber foods, dairy products, alcohol, tobacco, coffee;
  • Avoid processed junk food and cooked high fat dishes;
  • Using and abusing aromatic herbs that aid digestion such as coriander, mint , tarragon and basil;
  • Make sure you are well hydrated by drinking plenty of quality non-carbonated water, at room temperature.

Regarding food supplements, you can bet on:

· Pre-biotics and probiotics

You should know that the human digestive tract is colonized by hundreds of billions of good bacteria as well as yeasts beneficial to our health. Belonging to the family of lactic ferments, their role is to protect our body from possible pathogens and preserve the efficiency of digestionn. And it is within our intestinal microbiota that all these living microorganisms, called probiotics, are concentrated.

However, when the transit is accelerated, the contractions of the intestine are too rapid and the water does not have time to be assimilated, which leads to very frequent bowel movements, even diarrhea. Conversely, when the transit is too slow, the food bolus becomes dehydrated and this causes constipation. It is therefore essential to maintain the balance of your intestinal flora to soothe digestive disorders linked to IBS (irritable bowel syndrome).

gut probiotics

· Glutamine

Glutamine is an amino acid whose fundamental role is to maintain the integrity of the intestinal wall and prevent it from becoming porous. Glutamine can help fight IBS since it is used by intestinal tissue as a fuel source to function properly.

Aromatherapy for the treatment of irritable colon: which essential oils to choose?

Essential oils effective against spasms, pain, abdominal cramps and burns

  • Essential oil of tarragon: relieves neuromuscular spasms of colitis conditions and facilitates digestion;
  • Tropical basil essential oil: (not to be confused with sweet linalool basil ) is a powerful gastrointestinal antispasmodic, capable of stimulating digestion and relieving bloating and flatulence. Its soothing action fights against stress, especially that of the digestive sphere.
  • Essential oil of lavender: acts against gastric acidity and is a powerful analgesic and antispasmodic with relaxing properties.


Essential oils that act on inflammation

Lemongrass essential oil: is rich in molecules that are not only anti-inflammatory but also antifungal and regulate the autonomic nervous system. Thus it participates in the reduction of inflammation of the digestive mucosa;

Roman chamomile essential oil: is particularly indicated in the inflammatory states of irritable bowel syndrome because of its anti-inflammatory, painkiller, analgesic, intestinal antiparasitic, antispasmodic and anti-stress properties.

Essential oils that stop intestinal fermentation and regenerate the microbiota

Laurel essential oil: supports the autonomic nervous system, while oxygenating the tissues and cleaning the digestive tract of germs responsible for fermentation or putrefaction. It participates in the restoration of the healthy microbiota;

Essential oil of oregano kaliteri: very rare, it has purifying and regenerating properties for the intestinal flora.

Essential oils against disturbed transit (alternating between episodes of diarrhea and constipation)

Ginger essential oil: relieves colic and diarrhea.


How is CBD helpful for people with irritable bowel syndrome?

Even if the potential causes of irritable bowel syndrome remain unknown, the main trigger would seem to be the disruption of the internal balance of the digestive tract between digestion, assimilation, immune defenses and excretions.

According to clinical studies and tests, CBD can help solve these kinds of problems since it is able to balance various parts of the body. Indeed, it improves intercellular communication thanks to its action on the endocannabinoid system (the ECS).

As part of a treatment for IBS (or IBS), CBD can:

  • Alleviate Anandamide Deficiency;
  • Suppress nausea and stimulate appetite;
  • Reduce inflammation without the risk of psychoactive effects;
  • Reduce appetite;
  • Acts as a reliable painkiller due to its analgesic properties;
  • Inhibit hyperactivity of the digestive muscles, reduce cramps and decrease the intensity of contractions.

Which CBD products can I use for fast and long-lasting symptom relief?

CBD essential oil, rich, concentrated and of good quality, is the best alternative to combat the symptoms of irritable bowel. It is easy to take and dose accurately. In addition, it keeps for a long time.

The doses vary according to the person, their weight and the disorder on which one wishes to act. In any case, it will take a good two to three weeks after the start of regular use to see and feel the first positive effects on IBS. Start with a low starting dose and then increase to as you get used to it and according to your feelings.

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