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Is it possible to buy CBD in pharmacies?

In France and throughout Europe, CBD (cannabidiol) is becoming so popular that it has become a must-have product. If to date, it has not been trivialised in the mores to the point of becoming a common consumer good, CBD is making new adepts every day.

CBD's popularity is due not only to its effects, but also to the lack of dependency resulting from its consumption. And for good reason, CBD provides countless physical and mental benefits, such as relaxing, pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory, and anti-stress properties.

Because of these medicinal properties recognised by various WHO bodies, it could be legitimate to consider CBD as a therapeutic product in its own right. It is therefore worth considering whether this particular product can be sold in pharmacies. In this article, we invite you to find out more about CBD in pharmacies and explain how to get it.

What does French legislation say about CBD?

Although its consumption is still relatively controlled, CBD has been marketed in specialised CBD shops for several years now. Its consumption and sale are then regulated by the decree of 22 August 1990 reported in article R. 5132-86 of the public health code. This prohibits the marketing of hemp flowers while allowing, however, the sale of products derived from its seeds and fibres, provided that the THC content is less than 0.2%.

Although a court case in France ruled against the legalisation of CBD in a 2018 court decision, European Union law nonetheless decided the dispute in the final instance. The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU), following the Kanavape ruling, indeed determined on 19 November 2020 that CBD could then be consumed and marketed legally within certain imposed limits.

France, as a country of the European Union, was then forced to respect this decision of the CJEU. It was then not only hemp seeds and fibres that were concerned by the sale and consumption, but also flowers. This was always on the condition that the THC content in these was less than 0.2%.

As is known, CBD has anti-inflammatory and anxiolytic properties. Moreover, because of these medicinal virtues, it was conceivable to consider that it could be obtained from pharmacies. However, while CBD is considered legal for consumption, this does not mean that its therapeutic potential has been recognised by the CJEU or any other judicial body.

A therapeutic product does indeed need to meet certain qualifications to be recognised as such. One of these qualifications involves, in particular, being recognised by the National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products. Without accreditation from this official agency, any product claiming therapeutic virtues would do so fraudulently and expose its seller to criminal prosecution.

As such, as long as a CBD product has not been validated by this national agency or a European Union agency with equivalent prerogatives, it cannot be dispensed in pharmacies on a medical basis. However, pharmacies in France are authorised to market paramedical products. This, therefore, authorises them to sell CBD to their customers.

Is a prescription required to obtain CBD from a pharmacy?

While a CBD product can be consumed strictly for recreational purposes, the varieties dispensed in pharmacies have been selected to meet specific medical criteria. There are in fact many CBD products, which can be attributed to a particular pathology.

As a paramedical product, CBD, in the same way as certain homeopathic products, does not require a specific prescription from a health professional. As a result, a prescription is not required to acquire cannabidiol-based products. For this reason, they can be sold in specialised shops.

However, if a prescription is not compulsory, it is not indispensable for all that. Self-medication is never worth the expertise of a doctor. Before turning to CBD products in the pharmacy to treat a particular condition, even if it is benign, it is best to seek advice from a health professional. They will then be better able to determine whether cannabidiol is suitable for your condition or not.

It should be noted that some specialist doctors may, on their own initiative, prescribe CBD to you with or without a prescription depending on the product concerned. In some US states, CBD is often used in a medical setting. Due to its multiple benefits, CBD can fulfill certain therapeutic attributions. Some health professionals even recommend its use for certain chronic diseases. For example, cannabidiol can be used as a painkiller or to alleviate the symptoms of multiple sclerosis among other conditions.

Thanks to his or her expertise, a doctor will be better able to recommend the type of CBD capable of suiting a given pathology. Indeed, CBD has many benefits for the body. Depending on the variety of CBD involved, some will then be more likely to treat muscle pain, while others exert their influence to soothe the nerves, curing many anxiety-related conditions.

To get back to sleep, soothe muscle pain, treat depression or prevent epileptic episodes, CBD will then be a therapy of choice. It is then up to your doctor to determine the form of cannabidiol that corresponds specifically to your pathology in order to better treat it accordingly.

How much does CBD cost in pharmacies?

The price of a CBD product depends on various criteria. Firstly, its price will be determined by its effects, but also by the variety of CBD flowers from which it is derived, not to mention the form of the product itself.

However, the most dispensed CBD products in pharmacies usually stick to oils or possibly crystals.

A CBD oil may then cost between 30 and 70 euros depending on its content and the quality of the cannabidiol concerned in its composition. These oils are generally sold in 10 mL bottles. You may eventually prefer them to CBD crystals whose purity is equivalent but whose price is lower, varying between 20 and 40 euros.

These are paramedical products whose effects are known to be effective on certain conditions in particular. Their price is higher in the sense that pharmacies rely on excellent quality CBD products to ensure their benefits are applied.

What are the precautions to take with CBD?

Because of their countless benefits, CBD products are constantly finding new consumers. As they learn more about this hemp-derived molecule, they discover its infinite virtues. Although these virtues are not yet recognised by the Agence du Médicament in France, they are nevertheless valued by a good number of health professionals.

While it is possible to buy CBD products in pharmacies, there are also many shops - and in particular online shops - specifically dedicated to the sale of CBD products. On our CBD shop, you will find a wide range of CBB products to suit everyone's needs. Whether you choose CBD in a shop or in a pharmacy, you can be reassured, because thanks to the absence of THC, the risks of side effects are almost non-existent. With CBD, only the soothing effects of hemp are offered to you.

Les articles et autres fiches produits en ligne sur notre site web ne représentent en aucun cas des conseils médicaux. Avant toute consommation d'un produit CBD nous vous conseillons de prendre contact avec votre médecin et de lui demander son avis.
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