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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CBD ?

CBD is cannabidiol, a molecule derived from the hemp plant. The latter, also called cannabis, contains some of the number of cannabinoids, the best known of which is THC. THC is the famous molecule of cannabis, known for its psychoactive effects. On the contrary, CBD has no psychotropic effects; it shows tangible effects on certain common indispositions and relaxing sensations in the human body.

In addition, CBD is known for its lack of habituation and is reported to help smokers wean themselves off their addiction. In addition, it is antagonistic to THC and manages to block certain influences of THC on the nervous system.


What are the effects of CBD?

CBD shows relaxing effects on the human body and has many other impacts on the human body.

Indeed, the active ingredients of this plant, sometimes called therapeutic cannabis, are recognized by some scientific studies to have the following effects:

  • Immune system stimulation.

  • Relief of certain symptoms of epilepsy.

  • An anti-inflammatory effect

  • Appetite stimulation

  • Improved sleep

Unlike THC, which is a psychoactive molecule whose consumption is recreational, which gives a well-known high effect, CBD is consumed to improve well-being.


How to consume CBD?

CBD can be consumed in many forms:

But first of all, we insist that smoking CBD is formally discouraged! Indeed, the harmful substances to which you would expose yourself are not worth it.

We strongly recommend cannabis use in the following ways:

  • Taking hemp oil

  • In the form of cosmetics: balm, essential oil, lotion, etc.

  • In the form of vaporization (e.g., CBD flowers) using a vaporizer

  • In the form of liquids to vape with an electronic cigarette

  • By ingestion of cannabis resin or CBD concentrates in your diet

All of these uses have the advantage of facilitating dosing.


Is CBD legal ?

The legal THC level is 0.20%! This means that the plant from which the products are extracted must have a THC level below this value. If CBD flowers contain more than this rate, they are considered narcotics and expose you to legal action. You can order our flowers and other CBD-based products with peace of mind because everything is totally legal!

Despite numerous serious studies suggesting the possibility of therapeutic uses of CBD, the Minister of Health persists in the path of some repression of the medical use of cannabis. The term therapeutic use is even banned on the cannabis market in France.


What varieties and species of CBD do you sell?

We offer the three major species of CBD cannabis on our website, namely hybrid, Cannabis Sativa, and Cannabis Indica.

As for the most popular varieties we offer: Amnesia Haze, Purple Haze, Jack Herer, White Widow, and many other true varieties of cannabis sales online or in physical stores!


How are our hemp varieties grown?

Cultivating cannabis is an ancestral art that is constantly renewed according to legislation. The cannabis growers with whom we collaborate adopt processes outdoors and indoors to grow marijuana with a low THC content which is a psychotropic substance prohibited in France.

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By ordering your products on Famous CBD, you can be sure to get the best quality. Our products are controlled, both in terms of legality (THC content < 0.2%) and quality, and we only buy from passionate professionals. The plants that produce our CBD flowers are grown without pesticides or GMOs. They are only fed with rainwater and sunlight. If a product does not meet our quality criteria, it is simply not put on sale (and believe us, with our team of vegans, vegans and organic enthusiasts, we will never test products grown with chemicals).

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What are the differences with our colleagues?

We only sell the best quality. So you won't have flowers that are too dry, tasteless, poorly manicured or with seeds. We're sure you'll be delighted with your purchase.

How is delivery and payment going?

Delivery is free in discreet and solid packaging to not damage the content while retaining its flavor. Payment is 100% secure by credit card. On your bank statement, the word "CBD" will not appear.

Do you have any questions?

Our attentive customer service is reachable directly by phone or contact form for a quick response.

So convinced?

We are not looking to be the cheapest CBD shop on the web. In order to meet our commitments and meet your needs in the best way possible, we apply a fair price that allows farmers to be properly compensated and to pay our expenses.

We have strong demand from people of all social backgrounds looking for natural products for more well-being or help soothe certain ailments.