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CBD flowers

  • Fleur CBD Jack Herrer 17,3%

    Flower CBD Jack Herrer 17,3%.

    (30 reviews)
    Vegetal Relaxation, inflammation, pain, productivity
    32,50 €
    From 4,19 € /g
  • Fleur CBD Gelato 17,2%

    Flower CBD Gelato 17,2%

    (35 reviews)
    Relaxation, concentration
    30,00 €
    From 3,82 € /g
  • CBD Herbe Apple Punch 13,5%

    Flower CBD Apple Punch 13,5%.

    (3 reviews)
    Concentration, stress & anxiety, sleep and pain
    32,50 €
    From 4,19 € /g
  • Fleur CBD Black Diesel 15,4%

    Flower CBD Black Diesel 15.4%.

    (6 reviews)
    Pain, stress and inflammation
    32,50 €
    From 4,19 € /g
  • Fleur CBD OG Kush 15,4%

    Flower CBD OG Kush 15,4%.

    (13 reviews)
    Relaxation, Inflammation, Pain, Stress and anxiety, Sleep
    30,00 €
    From 3,82 € /g
  • Fleur CBD Amnesia Haze 21,4%

    Flower CBD Amnesia Haze 21.4%

    (156 reviews)
    Relaxation, pain, stress and anxiety, sleep
    35,00 €
    From 4,90 € /g

CBD resins

  • Hash Super Afghan CBD 40%

    Hash Super Afghan CBD 40%

    (12 reviews)
    Inflammation, Pain and Sleep
    42,50 €
  • Pollen CBD 15%

    Pollen CBD 15%

    Pain, Inflammation, Relaxation, Stress & Anxiety
    41,00 €
  • Résine Pakistano CBD 6%

    Pakistano CBD 6% resin

    Relaxation, Pain, Inflammation and Osteoarthritis
    34,50 €
  • Hash Charas CBD 10%

    Hash Charas CBD 10%

    (1 review)
    Relaxation, Inflammation and Sleep
    39,50 €
  • Black Hash CBD 18%

    Black Hash CBD 18%

    (4 reviews)
    Pain, Inflammation, Relaxation, Stress & Anxiety
    39,50 €
  • Hash Amnesia CBD 20%

    Hash Amnesia CBD 20%

    (5 reviews)
    Relaxation, Inflammation and Pain
    45,00 €

CBD oils

  • Huile CBD 5% Full Spectrum - NEROBI - 10ml

    CBD 5% Full Spectrum Oil - NEROBI - 10ml

    (8 reviews)
    Pain, Relaxation, Stress & anxiety, Sleep
    19,90 €
  • Sold out
    Huile CBD 10% Full Spectrum - NEROBI - 10ml

    CBD Oil 10% Full Spectrum - NEROBI - 10ml

    (4 reviews)
    Pain, Relaxation, Stress & anxiety, Sleep
    29,90 €
  • Sold out
    Huile CBD 15% Full Spectrum - NEROBI - 10ml

    CBD 15% Full Spectrum Oil - NEROBI - 10ml

    (2 reviews)
    Pain, Stress & Anxiety, Relaxation, Sleep
    44,90 €
  • Sold out
    Huile CBD 20% Full Spectrum - NEROBI - 10ml

    CBD 20% Full Spectrum Oil - NEROBI - 10ml

    (12 reviews)
    Pain, Stress & Anxiety, Relaxation, Sleep
    59,90 €
  • Huile de CBD 5 % Broad Spectrum Chanvréo - 10ml

    CBD Oil 5% Broad Spectrum Chanvréo - 10ml

    Sleep, Concentration, Productivity
    14,90 €
  • Huile de CBD 5 % Hydrosoluble Chanvréo – 10 ml

    CBD Oil 5% Water Soluble Chanvréo - 10 ml

    Stress & Anxiety, Relaxation
    14,90 €

CBD infusions

  • Infusion au CBD Rooibos Vanille

    Rooibos Vanilla CBD Infusion 35g - Pop CBD

    (1 review)
    Vanilla Rooibos Digestion, Antioxidant, Relaxation, Inflammation and pain
    12,90 €
  • Organic Infusion with CBD 70% and sweet mint 25g

    Organic CBD infusion with sweet mint 22g - Pop CBD

    Hemp and Mint Concentration, Relaxation, Stress & Anxiety, Sleep and Digestion
    7,90 €
  • Organic Sleep Infusion 60g - Pop CBD - Pop CBD - Famous CBD

    Organic Sleep brew 60g - Pop CBD

    (6 reviews)
    Hemp, lemon balm, mint and chamomile Relaxation, Sleep and Digestion
    19,90 €
  • Infusion BIO CBD I Am Zen 60g - Pop CBD

    Infusion BIO CBD I'm Zen 60g - Pop CBD

    (2 reviews)
    Hemp, Lemon, Linden and Cinnamon Relaxation, Digestion, Stress & Anxiety, Inflammation and Sleep
    19,90 €
  • Infusion BIO CBD in bag with chamomile Good night - Pop CBD

    Organic CBD infusion in bag with chamomile Good night - Pop CBD

    (1 review)
    Hemp, chamomile, verbena and lemon Relaxation, Sleep and Depression
    12,90 €
  • Organic hemp tea bag Sweet Mint - Pop CBD

    Sweet Mint hemp infusion tea bag - Pop CBD

    Hemp and Mint Digestion, Relaxation, Sleep, Stress & Anxiety
    9,90 €

Feel Famous CBD with the best of French legal cannabis

The entire FAMOUS CBD team thanks you for choosing our CBD shop: a CBD shop born with the intention of popularising CBD products and its various methods of consumption in France

Our story with Legal CBD (cannabidiol from the cannabinoid family) is first and foremost a story of love for CBD that takes shape in Strasbourg, Alsace, a love for the hemp plant and its many properties of course, but also and above all, a love for the environment that we protect through 100% organic and natural CBD crops.

We make the most of every step in the production and distribution chain, with the highest quality end products that alone will make you understand the commitment we put into it. But also from the farmers who handle the cultivation with meticulous selection of natural CBD flowers in outdoor (outdoor), indoor (indoor) and under greenhouse (greenhouse).

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100% Natural CBD Products

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In a context where everyone claims to be the number one legal CBD, one can rightly ask why choose FAMOUS CBD. At our online shop, you are guaranteed to buy safe, perfectly legal CBD of the highest quality and carefully selected products! Legitimate, we already have over 4 years of experience in CBD sales. And we are always looking for the best CBD products to add to our catalogues. Choosing Famous CBD to buy CBD is choosing a reliable site that allows you to test and compare many CBD products. We take care of our customers and guide them in their purchases.


First of all, CBD is the molecule cannabidiol. And it is one of the many cannabinoids found in the hemp (cannabis) plant. This molecule is known for its clinically proven anti-epileptic, anti-inflammatory and anxiolytic effects. Several studies have also demonstrated anti-psychotic effects. The advantage of CBD? Its relaxing effects, without the euphoria and addiction of THC (stoned effect). 100% legal in France, CBD is not a drug and can be consumed by vaping, ingestion and vaping.


Appearing 8000 years BC, hemp is a plant rich in cannabinoids such as CBD (cannabidiol), a plant that offers many health and relaxation benefits. The molecules are not harmful to your health and do not cause any euphoric, addictive or anxiety-inducing reactions. Your FAMOUS-CBD.co.uk E-shop offers you a variety of CBD products such as CBD infusions, CBD oils, CBD flowers, CBD e-cigarettes and CBD crystals. We have selected the best CBD products for you! You will surely find the CBD product that suits you on our online shop !


Buy only natural CBD products from 100% legal certified seeds. All our CBD products comply with French regulations and have a THC content of less than 0.3%.


Offer yourself CBD without the hassle of shopping! You benefit fromultra-discreet orders and permanent discounts in your cart on a large quantity of CBD items!


Order your CBD legally and in complete security! In addition to the ultra-fast payback time, payment management is directly managed by the 100% secure online payment platform: Viva Wallet.


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