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    Huile CBD Broad Spectrum 10ml Chanvréo 40 %

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Buy CBD for sleep

Heavy workloads, sustained pace of life, overexposure to screens, poor diet… All these elements are sources of stress and anxiety on a daily basis. Of course, this stress affects the quality of sleep. You can't sleep at night because your brain keeps ruminating, you sleep little, you wake up tired and you have little energy to face your day. When this vicious cycle sets in, it is sometimes difficult to stay productive and motivated.

To regain quality sleep and regain control of your life, there are natural solutions such as CBD (cannabidiol). Indeed, this cannabinoid present in hemp plants is known for itsrelaxing and regulating action on sleep. Consumed wisely, it can help you spend peaceful and restorative nights, without any side effects.

Whether presented in the form of flowers, resin, oil, infusion or food supplements such as capsules, CBD is an excellent natural ingredient to reconcile you with your pillow. You will inevitably find what you are looking for among the many CBD-based products presented in our catalog. CBD specialists, we guarantee you superior quality products and noticeable effects from the first uses.

What are sleep disorders?

Les causes

Closely linked to stress, sleep disorders are considered the new evils of the century. Increasingly frequent, sleep disorders such as insomnia are part of the daily life of several million people. If the new generations are particularly affected by this phenomenon, it is partly because of stress, a hectic pace of life and high exposure to screens.

When we think of sleep disorders, insomnia comes to mind right away. However, sleep disorders are also manifested by sleep apnea, hypersomnia, sleep paralysis, nightmares, sleepwalking, nocturnal anxiety, etc. All these phenomena disturb sleep and impact the quality of life of those affected.

The consequences

Sleep disorders that occur at night have repercussions on the day: drowsiness, memory and concentration problems, reduced alertness, motivation and productivity, etc. In the long term, these sleep disorders can even increase the risk of developing degenerative and cardiovascular diseases.

That's why it's important not to let these sleep issues linger or ignore them. We must act as soon as possible and find suitable solutions to find a deep and restorative sleep.

These solutions

The first thing to do to regain quality sleep is to adopt a healthy lifestyle through a healthy diet and regular physical activity. To make it easier to fall asleep, it is advisable to set a fixed schedule and avoid screens at least 2 hours before going to bed.

Indeed, the blue light emitted by screens would be one of the greatest disruptors for the brain. This blue light disrupts the production of melatonin, i.e. the hormone that provides temporary cues and activates the circadian regulation of sleep. When melatonin is disrupted, the brain doesn't realize it's time to sleep and stays awake, causing insomnia and other sleep disturbances.

In addition to adopting a healthier lifestyle,CBD can help you get quality sleep. To do this, CBD:

  • promotes relaxation and well-being; reduces stress and anxiety; releases physical tension; relieves muscle and joint pain; regulates sleep disorders by acting on the endocannabinoid system.

Thanks to its many therapeutic virtues, CBD is a great ally to help you spend peaceful nights.

How does CBD work on the body?

CBD is a cannabinoid naturally present in the cannabis plant, just like THC or CBN. On the other hand, CBD does not cause any psychoactive effect unlike THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). Unlike THC, CBD is a completely legal ingredient without any health hazard.

Studied for therapeutic and medicinal purposes for decades, CBD is attracting the attention of scientists around the world. These have focused on the many benefits of CBD, especially on stress, anxiety and sleep disorders. All of these benefits are linked to the regulatory action of CBD on the human endocannabinoid system.

The role of the endocannabinoid system is to regulate the essential vital functions of the body, namely: weight, heat, heart rate, digestion, appetite, mood or even sleep. In addition, this system is responsible for the production and circulation of endogenous molecules and hormones produced by the body.

The endocannabinoid system is made up of two types of receptors: CB1 and CB2 receptors. CB1 receptors are concerned with the management and regulation of the nervous system, while CB2 receptors act on the immune system. This is why CBD works both physically and mentally.

When it comes to sleep, CBD stimulates CB1 receptors and regulates the area called “sleep wakefulness”.This area helps regulate the level of fatigue and the ability to recover during sleep. In addition, the soothing properties of CBD allow you to calm down and relax before going to bed, which naturally improves the quality of sleep.

The consumption of CBD also inducesphysical relaxation that facilitates rest and preparation for sleep. The relaxation of muscles and the release of physical tension greatly contribute to rest and recovery.

The advantage of CBD is that it works over the long term. Consuming CBD for several weeks or months can train your brain to deal with sleep better. Unlike some drug treatments, CBD is not habit-forming and can be stopped even after several months of treatment. As it acts in depth on the regulation of your sleep, the beneficial effects persist even after stopping.

What are the effects of CBD on sleep

Reduces stress and anxiety

Stress and anxiety are the main factors responsible for sleep disorders. By acting directly on stress and anxiety, CBD allows you to find the calm and serenity necessary to fall asleep peacefully. CBD is the molecule of relaxation and well-being par excellence. If you tend to have insomnia because you feel overwhelmed by parasitic thoughts and negative ruminations, you can count on CBD to calm your mind.

People with generalized anxiety and panic attacks may also find relief through CBD. Quite often, anxiety causes sleep disturbances which only exacerbate the problem. Eradicating the problem at the root is the best way to say goodbye to sleep disorders.

Facilitates falling asleep

CBD prepares the brain for sleep and makes it easier to fall asleep. Unlike a classic sleeping pill, CBD is not intended to knock you out of fatigue and fall asleep quickly. CBD works deeply on the endocannabinoid system to regulate your circadian rhythm. Thus, the brain understands that it is time to sleep and agrees to switch to sleep mode more easily.

The other factor that makes it easier to fall asleep is the physical and mental relaxation caused by CBD. Nothing like a moment of relaxation and well-being before going to bed. With CBD, physical and mental tensions dissipate in a gentle and natural way.

Improves sleep quality

To treat sleep disorders, it is not enough to fall asleep quickly. It is necessary that the sleep is of quality throughout the night, that is to say without nightmare and without interruption. When sleep is deep and restorative, its quality is optimal. With quality sleep, you wake up feeling truly rested and energized during the day.

CBD not only helps you fall asleep, it also accompanies you throughout the night to optimize the quality of your sleep. Here again, its action on the endocannabinoid system naturally regulates imbalances in the body and improves the quality of sleep in the long term.

Favorise the recovery

People who suffer from sleep disorders find it very difficult to recover and feel constantly exhausted. This is normal, because only quality sleep can give you good physical and mental recovery. To recharge and be at its maximum capacity, your body needs real rest. A good night's sleep of 8 hours without interruption is the best thing you can give your body to help it recover.

As soon as you wake up, you will feel the difference. Thanks to CBD, you will be energetic, motivated and productive. Your energy will be increased tenfold, your days will be dynamic and your state of mind will be much more positive.

What are the different forms of CBD for sleep?

CBD flowers and resins

Flowers and resins are the most popular forms of CBD. They can be consumed through a vaporizer or tea, with a pipe or bong, or in a recipe. Very versatile, flowers and resins can be suitable for all consumers, even non-smokers. The advantage is that it is a raw product that retains the authentic flavor and flavor of hemp.

The huiles of CBD

CBD oils are very practical because they can be used directly sublingually, or integrated into your drinks and culinary preparations. Accessible to everyone, the CBD oil format is highly appreciated for its effectiveness on stress, anxiety and sleep disorders. No need for special preparation because CBD oil is ready to use.

CBD dietary supplements

CBD dietary supplements come in the form of capsules or gummies. This format of CBD is very popular with new consumers because there is no preparation or dosage to be expected. To consume CBD food supplements, simply follow the dosage indicated on the box or bottle. In addition, some CBD food supplements are combined with other plants to act in synergy and optimize the benefits on sleep.

CBD infusions

Finally, CBD infusions are perfect for combining the pleasure of a hot drink and the therapeutic virtues of hemp. About 1 hour before bedtime, simply drink a cup of CBD herbal tea and enjoy a moment of absolute relaxation at the end of the day. Like oils, there are CBD infusions combined with other plants to target the action on sleep.

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