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The Famous CBD team


On Famous CBD, we want to democratize among CBD epicureans this hemp, this cannabinoid and enable everyone to order legal CBD in France and Europe. To achieve this, our team, trained to respond to your requests for products and information, is helping to grow our community and offer legal products of the highest possible quality. Discover our team :

Maxime : Webmaster

Passion for CBD has driven me to put up content and update content for the site. I'm interested in all wellness products, especially those that relax and help you get to sleep. And CBD fits the bill perfectly. I'm careful to check the veracity of the content and the quality of the products before putting them online, and to offer the selected products to our community.

Julie: The product editor

Julie is our walking dictionary in our offices, so if we have a question about a technical term, she's the one we turn to. She writes the texts for the site and makes sure that all the information on a specific product or subject is as complete as possible. She's particularly interested in CBD, as she herself uses CBD oil to relax after a hard day's work.

Constance: The blog editor

Constance is our journalist, a true CBD detective, who writes high-quality content on current CBD topics. Her aim is to democratize information about the tense CBD market by providing all the information CBD epicureans need! She's also a big fan of CBD herbal tea, and we often see her at the 4 p.m. break offering us a little magic tea to end the day gently.

Elisabeth: Sales

It's thanks to Elisabeth that our CBD products are always of the highest quality and freshest, it's she who manages the orders and ensures that we always have sufficient stock to meet your requests and more particularly for the CBD flowers and their prices. You may not have noticed, but our prices haven't increased since 2021! And we continue to apply low prices thanks to careful inventory management. She loves finding new CBD products to meet a particular need. She loves to make herself a CBD infusion on Sunday evening before resuming a week's work to start things off "slowly".

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