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    CBD rate
    • Fleur CBD Purple Haze 20,7%

      Flower CBD Purple Haze 20,7%.

      (48 reviews)
      Stress & anxiety, Concentration, Pain, Inflammation
      33,00 €
      From 5,90 € /g
    • Sold out
      CBD flower Freeze Kush 15 %

      CBD flower Freeze Kush 15 %

      (2 reviews)
      Stress & Anxiety, Relaxation, Sleep
      27,00 €
      From 3,07 € /g
    • Fleur CBD Gorilla Queen

      Flower CBD Gorilla Queen 21.7%

      (38 reviews)
      Stress, Schmerzen, Arthrose, Schlaf
      31,50 €
      From 3,62 € /g
    • Fleur CBD Budda Zen 19.5%

      Flower CBD Budda Zen 19.5%

      (23 reviews)
      Pain, Stress & Anxiety, Sleep
      31,50 €
      From 3,62 € /g
    • Orange Bud Indoor CBD Flower 25%

      CBD Flower Orange Bud Indoor 25%

      (42 reviews)
      Relaxation, Stress & Anxiety, Sleep, Inflammation
      39,04 €
      From 4,95 € /g
    • CBD Flower Tangie 13,1 %

      CBD Flower Tangie 13,1 %

      Productivity, concentration, sleep, stress and pain
      31,50 €
      From 3,53 € /g
    • Fleur CBD Blue Dream 17,5%

      Flower CBD Blue Dream 17,5%.

      (37 reviews)
      Relaxation, Pain, Sleep, Stress & Anxiety, Productivity
      30,00 €
      From 3,82 € /g
    • CBD Flower Ringo gift 24.7%

      CBD Flower Ringo gift 24.7%

      (9 reviews)
      Relaxation, Pain, Stress & Anxiety
      31,50 €
      From 3,53 € /g
    • Fleur CBD OG Kush 15,4%

      Flower CBD OG Kush 15,4%.

      (13 reviews)
      Relaxation, Inflammation, Pain, Stress and anxiety, Sleep
      30,00 €
      From 3,82 € /g
    • MoonRock CBD Flower 70%

      CBD Flower MoonRock 70%

      (9 reviews)
      Relaxation, Pain, Stress & Anxiety, Sleep
      45,00 €
      From 8,11 € /g
    • Asteroid CBD 85%

      Asteroid CBD 85%

      (6 reviews)
      Relaxation and Pain
      49,00 €
      From 9,80 € /g
    • Fleur CBD Cannabomb 23%

      CBD flower Cannabomb 23%

      (130 reviews)
      Stress & anxiety, Sleep, Pain, Inflammation, Osteoarthritis
      31,50 €
      From 3,62 € /g
    • CBD Flower Gorilla Glue Indoor 19%

      CBD Flower Gorilla Glue Indoor 19%

      Relaxation, Pain, Inflammation, Osteoarthritis, Stress & Anxiety, Sleep
      44,28 €
      From 5,13 € /g
    • Harlequin CBD Flower 15.9%

      CBD Flower Harlequin 15.9%

      Stress & anxiety, sleep, pain, inflammation
      31,50 €
      From 3,53 € /g
    • CBD Flower Amnesia Kush 23.8 %

      CBD Flower Amnesia Kush 23.8 %

      (8 reviews)
      Stress & anxiety, pain, osteoarthritis, digestion
      31,50 €
      From 3,53 € /g
    • Fleur CBD Jack Herrer 17,3%

      Flower CBD Jack Herrer 17,3%.

      (30 reviews)
      Vegetal Relaxation, inflammation, pain, productivity
      32,50 €
      From 4,19 € /g
    • CBD Herbe Apple Punch 13,5%

      Flower CBD Apple Punch 13,5%.

      (3 reviews)
      Concentration, stress & anxiety, sleep and pain
      32,50 €
      From 4,19 € /g
    • Fleur CBD Black Diesel 15,4%

      Flower CBD Black Diesel 15.4%.

      (6 reviews)
      Pain, stress and inflammation
      32,50 €
      From 4,19 € /g
    • Fleur CBD Amnesia Haze 21,4%

      Flower CBD Amnesia Haze 21.4%

      (156 reviews)
      Relaxation, pain, stress and anxiety, sleep
      35,00 €
      From 4,90 € /g
    • Fleur CBD Skunk XL 19,3%

      Flower CBD Skunk XL 19,3%.

      (34 reviews)
      Relaxation, Stress & Anxiety, Concentration, Inflammation, Sleep, Digestion
      35,00 €
      From 4,90 € /g
    • Fleur CBD Royal Gorilla 16,1%

      Flower CBD Royal Gorilla 16,1% CBD

      (2 reviews)
      Pain, inflammation, relaxation, antioxidant, osteoarthritis
      32,50 €
      From 4,19 € /g
    • Fleur CBD Critical 17,2%

      Flower CBD Critical 17.2%.

      (14 reviews)
      Stress & anxiety, Inflammation pain, digestion
      32,50 €
      From 4,19 € /g
    • Fleur CBD Royal Cookies 16,9%

      Flower CBD Royal Cookies 16.9%

      Pain, Inflammation, Antioxidant, Stress & anxiety, Sleep
      32,50 €
      From 4,19 € /g
    • CBD Afghan kush flower 18,4 %

      CBD Flower Afghan kush 18,4 %

      (21 reviews)
      Stress & anxiety, pain
      22,10 €
      From 2,57 € /g

    Cultivated with the greatest care and under artificial lighting, CBD Indoor flowers offer you exceptional quality. As its name suggests, Indoor culture refers to theindoor cultivation. In contrast to the Outdoor culture, the Indoor culture allows you to have more control over the environment of the culture which is not subject to random weather conditions. With indoor culture, everything is under control and nothing is left to chance. This is what makes it possible to obtainthe best of CBD flowers !

    Indoor culture, what is it?

    Indoor cultivation is when CBD flowers are grown indoors using artificial lighting such as sodium lamps (HPS) to mimic natural sunlight. The Indoor method makes it possible tokeep control over all grow parameters : the duration and intensity of the lighting, the temperature, the humidity, the presence of parasites or insects, etc. Thanks to this precise control, the CBD flowers obtained have a superior quality and unique flavors.

    Today, the cultivation of CBD Indoor is the most appreciated by cannabis producers because it allows to obtain yields close to perfection. However, indoor culture is both complex and expensive. This method requires a lot of material and patience, but also a lot of know-how on the part of the producers. To achieve this total control over the whole culture,producers must artificially recreate the wild environment in which cannabis plants naturally grow. A complex challenge to take up, but not impossible for indoor culture professionals.

    Every detail counts and a slight variation in temperature, humidity or pH of the water can be enough to disrupt the entire ecosystem and spoil an entire harvest. This is the reason why producers must be attentive to each change and this, for several months depending on the varieties of cannabis. Indoor culture ismeticulous work that requires daily maintenance.

    The advantage of Indoor culture is that it avoids the phenomenon of wild pollination. In outdoor cultivation, this phenomenon is out of control because the male cannabis plants release microscopic pollen that travels to the female plants through the wind or insects. The problem with this pollination is that it causes plants to produce seeds that make them unfit for consumption. In addition, when plants focus their energy on seed production, they reduce their production of cannabinoids such as CBD, which induces a drop in their therapeutic potential.

    A controlled Indoor culture thus makes it possible tooptimize the CBD level, while keeping the THC level as low as possible. To be legal and comply with European standards, CBD flowers must contain a THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) level of less than 0.2%.

    What are the benefits of indoor CBD flowers?

    A high level of CBD

    Indoor culture allows to obtainpowerful flowers with a high CBD content. When all the conditions are met to promote the growth and flowering of CBD plants, the absorption of nutrients is optimal and the production of cannabinoids is only better. Indoor cultivation makes it possible to reach very high CBD levels, with a THC level always below 0.2%. The higher the CBD content, the more intense the relaxing effects of hemp.

    Fragrances developed

    Indoor cultivation makes it possible to obtain much more developed perfumes and aromas than with Outdoor cultivation. Since growing conditions are optimal, cannabis flowers areresinous and rich in aromatic terpenes. Outdoors, terpenes oxidize easily, which degrades the quality of the fragrance and flavors. In addition, the buds tend to absorb surrounding smells when they are located outdoors. Thus, they usually take on the scent of the surrounding earth and flowers.

    Thanks to indoor cultivation, the aromatic and taste properties of each variety are at their maximum. Protected from terpene oxidation through a controlled environment, Indoor CBD flowers express a high concentration of terpenes, with no off-flavours.

    Premium quality CBD flowers

    Because they are treated with the greatest care and attention, CBD Indoor flowers have a superior quality. Just from the look, you will notice thatthe flowers are verdant, dense and shiny. This shine is due to the density of the trichomes which cover the buds and which sparkle like crystals. Trichomes store cannabinoids and terpenes. The more your flowers sparkle, the better they are.

    Why choose Indoor CBD flowers?

    If you are looking forquality CBD flowers with strong flavors and powerful effects, you should choose Indoor cultivation mode. When grown indoors, the flowers have a higher CBD concentration and a more pronounced fragrance than flowers grown outdoors or in Greenhouses.

    Visually, CBD Indoor flowers are also more generous in resin and trichomes. Depending on the variety, the colors are vibrant and attractive. At the time of tasting, an explosion of flavors awaits you.

    Are indoor CBD flowers legal?

    Although CBD is legal in France and in the majority of European countries, a legal vagueness has long persisted around CBD flowers. Today we can say thatCBD flowers are authorized for sale and consumption. The government decree which prohibited the sale and consumption of CBD flowers was definitively canceled on December 29, 2022 by the Council of State. At the European level, the authorization was established on January 24, 2022.

    All CBD flowers presented for sale have a THC level of less than 0.2%, which makes them100% legal and compliant with current European standards. There is no possible confusion between CBD flowers bought in a store and cannabis containing THC bought on the street. You can therefore consume your CBD flowers with complete peace of mind.

    As a precaution, all CBD flower sachets are sealed and certified. In the event of a police check, the bag and the invoice constitute proof of purchase which certifies the legality of the product.

    How to consume Indoor CBD flowers?


    To consume your Indoor CBD flowers in a healthy and legal way, you can inhale them using a vaporizer. Vaporizers are quality devices that allow you to smoke CBD without tobacco or combustion. With a temperature regulator, the vaporizers heat the flowers without burning them, maximizing their therapeutic and aromatic potential.

    Pipe or bang

    The pipe and the bong are accessories that are used to consume CBD flowers in a simple and effective way. Presented in glass or plastic, these devices allow CBD flowers to be smoked with or without tobacco. To do this, simply fill the bowl or tank with CBD flowers, turn it on and inhale.


    For non-smokers, know that it is possible to consume your Indoor CBD flowers in the form of an infusion or herbal tea. To make an infusion based on CBD flowers, simply crumble them finely and put them in a tea ball or in a stainless steel infuser, as you would with a classic tea.

    Leave to infuse in boiling water for a few minutes and proceed to tasting. Do not forget to add a fat such as milk or honey to activate the active ingredients of CBD.

    En cuisine

    If you like to cook, you can also integrate your CBD flowers into all your culinary preparations. Before making a CBD recipe, remember to heat your flowers in the oven at 100 degrees for about 30 minutes. This step is essential to activate the active ingredients of CBD. Finally, simply incorporate the crumbled flowers into your favorite dishes and drinks.

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