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    CBD rate
    • CBD Flower Wedding Cake 13

      CBD Flower Wedding Cake 13%

      Inflammation, Doleurs, Stress & Anxiety
      25,18 €
      From 2,93 € /g
    • Cannalope Haze CBD flower 9.3%

      CBD flower Cannalope Haze 9.3%

      Relaxation, Concentration, Sleep
      22,10 €
      From 2,57 € /g
    • CBD Lemon Haze Flower 9.7%

      CBD Flower Lemon Haze 9.7%

      (3 reviews)
      Pain, productivity, relaxation, stress & anxiety, sleep
      22,10 €
      From 2,57 € /g
    • CBD flower Mango Kush 17,4 %

      CBD Flower Mango Kush 17,4 %

      Stress & Angst, Entspannung, Schlaf, Entzündungen und Schmerzen
      27,23 €
      From 3,40 € /g
    • Flower of CBD Berry White 12%

      CBD Flower Berry White 12%

      (4 reviews)
      Energy, Productivity, Stress & anxiety, Pain
      31,50 €
      From 3,62 € /g

    As its name suggests, the Outdoor culture designatesoutdoor cultivation. The growth and flowering of cannabis plants in synergy with sun, water and earth gives CBD flowers an exceptionally authentic taste. Unlike the Indoor culture, that is to say the indoor culture, the Outdoor culture is more complex because not all the parameters are controllable. Even if the weather conditions are uncontrollable, outdoor cultivation experts manage to grow CBD flowers with raw flavors and satisfactory CBD levels.

    Besides being natural,Outdoor cultivation is the most traditional method. Cultivated in the open air, CBD flowers come from organic farming and respectful of the European standards in force. In geographical areas where the climate allows it, and this is the case in certain regions of France, the outdoor culture is the most widespread. Moreover, the sale and consumption of CBD flowers being officially legal, the production tends to gain ground in the coming years. Be careful, this method of culture at risk is reserved for professionals!

    100% organic and harvested by hand, all CBD Outdoor flowers presented on this site have a certification that attests to a THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) level of less than 0.02%. THC is the molecule responsible for the psychoactive effects of hemp. When cannabis contains more than 0.02% THC, it is illegal, whether for sale or consumption. You can therefore consume these CBD Outdoor flowers with complete peace of mind in order to discover the many benefits of hemp.

    What is outdoor culture?

    Originally, hemp grew naturally outdoors. In fact, cannabis is a plant that is particularly resistant to outdoor climatic conditions. In addition, the first farmers chose outdoor cultivation because it was an easy and economical solution. Without equipment and without special maintenance, the plants simply grew where the conditions were favorable.

    Today, modern technology makes it possible to grow cannabis indoors with optimal conditions, but that was not the case in the past. If the Outdoor culture is still topical, it is because it is aboutan inexpensive and environmentally friendly method of obtaining CBD flowers with a natural hemp flavor.

    Why choose CBD Outdoor flowers?

    The authentic scent of hemp

    Despite the difficulties encountered in the sometimes unpredictable external environment, CBD flowers grown outdoors have the advantage of having a natural and authentic taste. If you like slightly earthy, woody and herbal hemp, with an intense fragrance and intoxicating aromas, you'll love CBD Outdoor flowers.

    Respect for traditions

    Cultivated in the open air under the rays of the sun, the flowers of CBD Outdoor bloom in the respect of traditions. However, Outdoor crops remain under the supervision of producers in order to preserve crops and get the most out of them. Visually, flowers grown outdoors are less appealing because they are not perfect, but they are more natural. The buds are light and loose, and their scent is reminiscent of wood, pine and pepper.

    Affordable prices accessible to all

    Since outdoor cultivation is inexpensive because it requires few resources, outdoor CBD flowers are generally cheaper. Not only farmers can save on their production, but consumers too. In other words, CBD flowers are perfect for discovering the therapeutic virtues of hemp at a low price.

    A natural culture that respects the environment

    Unlike indoor cultivation, outdoor cultivation does not require any additional installation or artificial lighting. The ecological impact of an outdoor culture is therefore minimal. In addition, our CBD flowers come from organic farming, without chemicals or pesticides.

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