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Since the legalization of the use of non-psychoactive cannabis, there are more and more people who are charmed by these medicinal herbs used in phytotherapy and aromatherapy. If you are accustomed to smoking non-psychoactive cannabinoids, it is strongly recommended that you prefer vaporization to inhalation and combustion. If non-toxic weed relieves you, the best way to enjoy it is to use a vaporizer. This portable device allows the extraction of concentrated active ingredients without THC stimulants and terpenes from the hemp for a better consumption experience.

Discover below the latest models of CBD resin vaporizers that we put at your disposal.

The usefulness of vaporization

According to many experts, vaporization is the safest way to consume medicinal cannabis in a healthy way. Vaporizers are devices designed to transform the active ingredients in cannabis seeds into vapour. However, the consumer no longer inhales tobacco smoke or carbon monoxide, which are harmful to the lungs and human health.

CBD vaporizers are therefore devices that allow smoking dry grass from medicinal plants with a guarantee of considerable risk reduction, unlike chicha. By vaporizing, you do not risk catching an irritating cough or cold.

In addition, the carcinogenic risks associated with the electronic cigarette (e-cigarette) and nicotine are not associated with CBD vaporizers. Moreover, therapeutic cannabis, by itself, does not have harmful effects. If you wish to protect your health, you should prefer vaporization instead of vaporization.

According to several scientific studies, cannabis herbs are a good alternative for quitting smoking or vaporizing cigarettes or tobacco. They are also a way out of addiction. If you smoke a cigarette or a pack of cigarettes often enough, recreational cannabis is a withdrawal aid.

Finally, it should be noted that portable vaporizers do not contain chemicals or chemical substances. They make it possible to take advantage of the immense virtues (anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, analgesics, antioxidants, anti-depressants, anxiolytics...) of cannabis without exposing oneself to the consequences of combustion or smoke.

The typology of CBD vaporizers

CBD vaporizers are divided into two main categories. We have conduction vaporizers and convection vaporizers. Of course, each type of portable vaporizer has advantages and disadvantages.

Conduction vaporizers

The operation of vaporizing devices that operate a conduction device follows a simple principle. The dry hemp grass, of a vegetable nature, is introduced directly into the heated surface of the device. Generally, this type of vaporizer heats up very quickly and is sold at a low cost.

Conduction vaporizers are not without disadvantages. Indeed, these types of vaporizers are difficult to use for beginners or the uninitiated. In addition, to ensure their proper operation, users are forced to mix the mix regularly.

Convection Vaporizers

Convection vaporizers work in a different way. In contrast to conduction vaporizers, it is the action of hot air that ensures that the cannabis plant is evenly heated by passing it through deep inside the plant. The user has the possibility to use the temperature controller to set the temperature of the device as desired. The quantity and quality of the steam released by the convection vaporizers is extremely good.

The only disadvantage that should be pointed out is that convection vaporizers are much more expensive than conduction vaporizers. However, given the difference in performance between these two types of vaporizers, the question really does not arise.

The use of CBD vaporizers

Portable vaporizers are compact and very practical devices. They allow you to vaporize cannabis discreetly in public places. Wearing a CBD vaporizer without psychotropic drugs is quite discreet. Users can slip these tiny devices into their pockets.

There's nothing easier than using a vaporizer. The majority of these devices have buttons that make them easy to use. You'll see the button on the device that turns it on and the button that allows you to choose the temperature. Flagship and smart vaporizers are equipped with an LCD screen. On this screen, you can control the temperature and choose the molecules you want to prioritize when vaporizing. The temperature-controlled vaporizers have a rechargeable lithium battery that gives them a certain autonomy. Note that the recharging of the devices is fast and durable.

In addition to being able to choose the ideal temperature easily, it is possible to add a flavour or aromas such as peppermint for example. The icing on the cake is that the use of CBD sprays does not lead to harmful consequences or serious side effects. Aesthetic, the vaporizer is the antipode of processes that produce a lot of smoke and toxins. There is no risk of sore throat, nausea, bronchitis, lung cancer, irritation and respiratory diseases associated with conventional cigarettes.

If you wish to leave cigarettes, vaporizers and their heaps of toxic substances and chemical compounds that are of a harmful nature, CBD vaporizers are the alternative for you. CBD vaporizers are healthy and will allow you to enjoy herbs without additives and without danger to the respiratory tract.

Since the legalization of cannabis and the regulation of cannabis cultivation, its use has been approved as safe for the body and respiratory system. The use of cannabis is advisable, given the absence of pulmonary risk that the consumption of tobacco and conventional cigarettes containing nicotine cannot guarantee. It is an immense bulwark against smoking and tobacco products thanks to its smoking cessation function.

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