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CBD oil 20%

Since its legalization, the use of CBD has become more democratic in France. CBD oil is a popular product for consumers thanks to its many uses. Focus on 20% CBD oil and all its benefits.

A little reminder about CBD

If CBD has become very popular, it remains subject to received ideas that it is important to clarify before going any further. CBD, by its full name cannabidiol, is one of the many cannabinoids found in hemp. It is these different chemical compounds that give cannabis its properties. The best known of these is THC.

In France and Europe, it is strictly prohibited, because of its recreational use and the risk of addiction it causes. Thus, for CBD to be legal, it must have a THC level of less than 0.3%. Devoid of this cannabinoid, CBD does not lead to reality altering or psychotropic effects: a person therefore remains in full control of his body and mind when consuming CBD.

CBD oil, what is it?

Hemp makes it possible to obtain many CBD products such as flowers, capsules, e-liquids or candies. CBD oil is a big favorite thanks to its many benefits. Indeed, it is very easy to use since it is sold in a bottle with a pipette. This makes it possible to obtain a precise dosage, to the nearest drop.

Did you know ? CBD products have been specially designed for animals. They provide relief to your pets from stress and other pains.

The different CBD oils

During the extraction process of legal cannabis, Cannabidiol can be more or less filtered to obtain different CBD oils. THE CBD can then no longer undergo any modification to obtain CBD isolate or it can be combined with other cannabinoids to obtain full spectrum (full spectrum) or broad spectrum (broad spectrum) CBD. The CBD extract is then diluted with a carrier oil which will give it a higher or lower potency.

  • CBD isolate is considered the purest form of CBD since it contains no other cannabinoids. Full spectrum CBD a wide range of cannabis compounds and terpenes to take advantage of the potting effect. This combines all the elements present in the hemp plant to get the most out of it. To be legal, full-spectrum CBD must contain less than 0.3% THC. CBD broad spectrum is based on the same principle as CBD full spectrum, except that it does not contain THC.

Why turn to 20% CBD oil?

CBD oils are available with a higher or lower cannabidiol dosage, ranging between 5 and 40%. The percentage of cannabidiol influences the intensity of the effects on the body. A 20% CBD oil is considered a high dosage. It should therefore be taken with caution, ideally after trying a lower percentage of cannabidiol.

CBD oil at 20% thus allows you to deeply feel the full power of cannabidiol to relieve many ailments:

  • An analgesic effect: scientific studies have established the action of cannabidiol on the endocannabinoid system. This interacts with the central nervous system, so that it helps relieve muscle and chronic pain. A powerful anti-inflammatory: still thanks to the interaction of cannabidiol on the nervous system, cannabidiol is able to soothe inflammation in the context of certain pathologies such as osteoarthritis. Anxiolytic effect: 20% CBD oil has the power to relieve stress and anxiety. Thanks to its relaxing and soothing effect, cannabidiol helps reduce anxiety attacks, panic attacks and symptoms of depression. Help to get back to sleep: the relaxation and relaxation offered by 20% CBD oil are also particularly effective in reducing the time it takes to fall asleep and getting back to deep sleep. Cannabidiol thus reduces insomnia and various sleep disorders. Antioxidant properties: CBD oil helps reduce the formation of fine lines and wrinkles while effectively moisturizing the skin.

A CBD oil with a 20% concentration is thus able to effectively relieve a wide variety of moderate to severe pain. This percentage also helps relieve migraines, nausea and many everyday ailments by acting quickly and effectively thanks to its power. CBD oil at 20% is therefore the product of choice to soothe high-intensity discomfort.

However, while CBD oil has many therapeutic benefits, it cannot replace drug treatment recognized and validated by the scientific community. It is therefore recommended to seek the advice of a doctor if you wish to consume CBD for any of the problems mentioned above.

How to consume CBD oil?

Thanks to its pipette, CBD oil is very practical since it can be taken anywhere. To consume it, nothing could be simpler, a few drops are enough to feel all its effects. CBD oil can thus be taken a few tens of minutes before bedtime to promote deep sleep or when pain occurs.

It is thus possible to consume CBD oil by placing a few drops under the tongue, but also by adding it to culinary preparations or hot drinks. The oil can be applied directly to the skin and added to massage oil to soothe a sore area. Consuming CBD oil sublingually allows you to feel the therapeutic benefits of cannabidiol immediately. Conversely, by ingesting it, you have to wait for digestion to benefit from its effects.

If there is no set dosage, it is recommended to start by taking a small amount of CBD oil before increasing the dose, to seek more pronounced effects. The right dosage requires some adjustment before you can find the ideal dosage for the intended consumption. It is estimated that the recommended daily dose of 20% CBD is between 10 to 40 mg depending on the need and the intensity of the pain.

The effects can be more or less marked in a person depending on their weight, age or accommodation to CBD. In addition, it is strongly recommended to turn to a quality CBD oil to take advantage of all its therapeutic benefits.

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