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CBD Resin

Order the best resins CBD of our partner brand Plant Of Life at the best price. Our jelly and solid resins are available in various grammages and CBD rates. You can also find different flavours through fruity or natural tastes. All of our products comply with the regulations in force with a THC rate of less than 0.2%.

The use of cannabis for medicinal purposes is now a widespread practice. To access it, consumers can resort to products of all kinds: oil, e-liquid, vaporizer, resin, etc. Famous CBD provides you with good quality CBD resin, optimized to give you instant relief. Discover our offer of premium quality CBD resins.

Cannabidiol-enriched resin

CBD resin is derived from the extraction of cannabinoids and terpenes from the hemp leaf, specifically from the trichomes of the cannabis plant. Cannabis must be cultivated in accordance with health requirements. The trichome is usually recovered by separating the constituents of the cultivated hemp. But other types of techniques may be preferred to the latter in order to obtain a better end product.

Among these techniques is that used in cannabis production, i.e. dry ice extraction. By applying hot pressure, we make sure to offer you a resin of optimal quality that has retained all the flavour of dried hemp.

Note, however, that there are two types of resins: THC resin (a powerful psychoactive also present in Indian hemp), forbidden for consumption by legislation in France, and resin without THC or CBD resin. Logically, Famous CBD offers you this second one, which is no less effective, without devastating side effects and more respectful of the legalization of cannabis.

CBD resin for intense and effective effects

CBD Pollen extracted from hemp is very well known in Morocco. It is called "?Kief?". To consume it, several choices are available to you. Use it in cooking or put a small amount in tobacco to multiply the effects of medicinal cannabis. Free of hemp leaf or bud residues, the pollen concentrate is a relaxing and mood-enhancing product. A small ounce of resin is enough to brighten up an unpleasant day.

The way the resin is prepared influences its final quality. Unlike other products available on the market, Famous CBD offers resin produced according to a specific preparation method. Our jelly and solid resins, derived from carefully and rigorously selected hemp flowers, are the best CBD resins on the market. They also comply with the regulations relating to the authorised THC content of 0.2%. This rule is based on the protection of consumers from the risks of addiction linked to the improper cultivation of hemp, since cannabis contains heroin and dopamine which can make the user addicted.

The legality of CBD resin on French soil

Because they are extracted from the marijuana flower, both CBD resin and cannabis are considered narcotic products and subject to the same texts. France applies zero tolerance to the circulation of resins produced with chemicals. The planting of cannabis plants must be strictly controlled.

Your CBD-enriched product supplier, Famous CBD, guarantees you grown and controlled resin.

How can you use CBD resin?

The best way to use CBD resin is incense. By doing so, you ensure that you discover the benefits of this product in a healthy and legal way. You don't have to worry about the plant origin of our resins. They are rigorously controlled by accredited laboratories.

How to consume CBD resin: what are the means?

Of course, CBD resin can be consumed in different ways. You can consume it by inhalation, infusion or prepare gourmet dishes (the enzymes and essential fatty acids are present in the cannabis leaf). Buffering, which is, however, more used in the consumption of hemp oil, is also a reliable alternative. Its use requires a vaporizer, a blowtorch or a ring. However, choose the method that best suits your lifestyle and habits. If you wish, it is also possible to put it in your bath. It will not be your body that will benefit from these relaxing effects, but rather your body.

Why choose Famous CBD?

Quite simply, because we offer the best value for money. With all the poor quality resins on the market, our products offer real relief to the consumer that you are. Find in combination all the great properties of cannabidiol: sedative effects, anti-inflammatory effects, anxiolytic effects, therapeutic effects, etc. Our catalogue of CBD resins contains products with different doses of CBD. For beginners, always try a regular consumption and a progressive dosage.

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