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Beneficial to humans, the products in the CBD are also effective in pets. To ensure animal welfare and avoid repeated detours to the veterinarian, CBD products should be prioritized for your pet. Thus, we offer you ranges of CBD tablets and CBD oils to care for animals (dogs and cats).

CBD pellets for animals

To take care of animals (cats or dogs), it is essential to know how to equip yourself. The effects of CBD on animals are extremely effective. Nutritional supplements, dietary supplements, antiparasitic agents, CBD resins greatly improve the quality of life of dogs and cats.

CBD dog pellets

Full physical and emotional health is of great importance for dogs.

Our lozenges, which contain no trace of THC, are perfectly suited for this purpose. They treat the physical and mental problems of your four-legged pet. Thanks to these enormous virtues, CBD keeps pets healthy.

CBD dog pellets are suitable for all breeds of dogs. Moreover, whether it is a puppy, a large dog or a bitch, the lozenges are very effective. CBD dog pellets are also compatible with all breeds of dogs. They will be useful whether you have a shepherd, German Shepherd or terrier.

The lozenges act as an analgesic. All dogs can benefit from them. Indeed, the extraordinary properties of the CBD annihilate stress, anxiety and relieve your dog's pain.

However, CBD pellets are not a substitute for dog food, let alone veterinary care. Our pets need regular care, and CBD pellets can't do that. As pet owners, you need to provide your pets with a healthy food and impeccable hygiene. Unsanitary cages and unclean bowls often lead to cases of illness. In addition, a poorly maintained coat or stray animals cause fleas and other parasites.

Therefore, opt for regular brushing to avoid fleas and ticks. If you're too busy, you can take your dog to a grooming salon. For your dog's health, he will need to be given the recommended dose regularly and assiduously.

CBD Cat Cards

What natural product should I use to treat my cat on a daily basis? If you're struggling to find the answer to this question, our CBD Cat Lozenges are what your pet needs to thrive.

The CBD pellets are enriched with vitamins and thus offer a pleasant feeling to your cat when taken. These marvellous little candy-shaped pills help your cat to develop to its full potential. Indeed, by giving your cat CBD lozenges, he will be more soothed and filled with nutrients and energy. Pain, emotional problems and digestive problems are also a thing of the past.

What makes CBD lozenges even more interesting is that they do not cause harmful side effects in animals that consume them. The absence of THC also provides information about the non-psychoactive nature of the pellets.

CBD oil for animals

Food plays an important role in the growth of our pets. We offer you CBD oil-based food supplements for your pets.

4% CBD oil for dogs

CBD Oil 4% for dogs and puppies is a food supplement made from pure CBD oil for the good of your pet. As the name of the product indicates, it has been dosed with 4% CBD. As the THC level is completely nil, the oil is safe for your dog. This food supplement provides your dog with all the nutrients he needs for total growth.

4% CBD Cat Oil

CBD 4% Cat Oil is a dietary oil for cats, kittens and kittens. All breeds of cats can enjoy the extraordinary benefits of this effective dietary supplement. Whether you feed your pet with kibbles, treats or cereals, you can acquire this nutritious product to enrich your pet's diet. This animal product also fights digestion problems, overweight and obesity in animals.

CBD Oil 2% for cats

CBD Oil 2% is a food supplement made with CBD vegetable oil. The CBD content is around 2%. The product provides additional nutrients, vitamins and calories for adult cats and kittens.

CBD Oil 2% for dogs

This 2% CBD oil is a gentle and effective food supplement for dogs. Useful in canine care, this product is the guarantee of a complete and rich food for your pet. This oil is the ideal solution to keep your dog fit and free from any nutritional deficiency. Digestive problems that bother dogs are also treated with CBD oil.

In conclusion, the use of natural products for pets (dogs and cats) is a serious alternative to save you trips to the vets. When your cats and dogs are in good health, it is a good way to save a lot of money on veterinary fees or health costs. Taking care of an animal is the best way to save on health expenses.

The maintenance of the animals must be done in a rigorous manner. First, you must feed the animals regularly. In addition, rabies vaccination must be regular for pets. Regardless of the type of animal, you must ensure that the bowl and pet food is clean. In addition, animal protection is mandatory in order to ensure good health. Stray dogs are more likely to develop allergies and infections.

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