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    CBD rate
    • Fleur CBD Amnesia Haze 21,4%

      Flower CBD Amnesia Haze 21.4%

      (155 reviews)
      Relaxation, pain, stress and anxiety, sleep
      35,00 €
      From 4,90 € /g
    • Fleur CBD Gorilla Queen

      Flower CBD Gorilla Queen 21.7%

      (37 reviews)
      Stress, Schmerzen, Arthrose, Schlaf
      31,50 €
      From 3,62 € /g
    • Fleur CBD Cannabomb 23%

      CBD flower Cannabomb 23%

      (127 reviews)
      Stress & anxiety, Sleep, Pain, Inflammation, Osteoarthritis
      31,50 €
      From 3,62 € /g
    • Fleur CBD Purple Haze 20,7%

      Flower CBD Purple Haze 20,7%.

      (48 reviews)
      Stress & anxiety, Concentration, Pain, Inflammation
      33,00 €
      From 5,90 € /g
    • Orange Bud Indoor CBD Flower 25%

      CBD Flower Orange Bud Indoor 25%

      (42 reviews)
      Relaxation, Stress & Anxiety, Sleep, Inflammation
      39,04 €
      From 4,95 € /g
    • CBD Flower Ringo gift 24.7%

      CBD Flower Ringo gift 24.7%

      (8 reviews)
      Relaxation, Pain, Stress & Anxiety
      31,50 €
      From 3,53 € /g
    • CBD Flower Amnesia Kush 23.8 %

      CBD Flower Amnesia Kush 23.8 %

      (8 reviews)
      Stress & anxiety, pain, osteoarthritis, digestion
      31,50 €
      From 3,53 € /g
    • Fleur CBD Black Diesel 15,4%

      Flower CBD Black Diesel 15.4%.

      (6 reviews)
      Pain, stress and inflammation
      32,50 €
      From 4,19 € /g
    • Fleur CBD OG Kush 15,4%

      Flower CBD OG Kush 15,4%.

      (13 reviews)
      Relaxation, Inflammation, Pain, Stress and anxiety, Sleep
      30,00 €
      From 3,82 € /g
    • Fleur CBD Sour Diesel 15,3%

      Flower CBD Sour Diesel 15,3%.

      (12 reviews)
      Sleep, Inflammation, Pain, Digestion, Productivity
      30,00 €
      From 3,82 € /g
    • Sold out
      CBD flower Freeze Kush 15 %

      CBD flower Freeze Kush 15 %

      (2 reviews)
      Stress & Anxiety, Relaxation, Sleep
      27,00 €
      From 3,07 € /g
    • CBD Flower Sour Cookies 15.4

      CBD Flower Sour Cookies 15.4%

      Sleep and Pain
      31,50 €
      From 3,53 € /g
    • Harlequin CBD Flower 15.9%

      CBD Flower Harlequin 15.9%

      Stress & anxiety, sleep, pain, inflammation
      31,50 €
      From 3,53 € /g
    • Fleur CBD Royal Gorilla 16,1%

      Flower CBD Royal Gorilla 16,1% CBD

      (2 reviews)
      Pain, inflammation, relaxation, antioxidant, osteoarthritis
      32,50 €
      From 4,19 € /g
    • Fleur CBD Royal Cookies 16,9%

      Flower CBD Royal Cookies 16.9%

      Pain, Inflammation, Antioxidant, Stress & anxiety, Sleep
      32,50 €
      From 4,19 € /g
    • CBD Flower Mango Haze 16,9 %

      CBD Flower Mango Haze 16,9 %

      (2 reviews)
      Stress & anxiety, sleep, relaxation, pain
      27,23 €
      From 3,40 € /g
    • Fleur CBD Jack Herrer 17,3%

      Flower CBD Jack Herrer 17,3%.

      (30 reviews)
      Vegetal Relaxation, inflammation, pain, productivity
      32,50 €
      From 4,19 € /g
    • Fleur CBD Gelato 17,2%

      Flower CBD Gelato 17,2%

      (35 reviews)
      Relaxation, concentration
      30,00 €
      From 3,82 € /g
    • Fleur CBD Critical 17,2%

      Flower CBD Critical 17.2%.

      (14 reviews)
      Stress & anxiety, Inflammation pain, digestion
      32,50 €
      From 4,19 € /g
    • Fleur CBD Blue Dream 17,5%

      Flower CBD Blue Dream 17,5%.

      (37 reviews)
      Relaxation, Pain, Sleep, Stress & Anxiety, Productivity
      30,00 €
      From 3,82 € /g
    • Fleur CBD Royal Cheese 17.4%

      Flower CBD Royal Cheese 17.4%

      (12 reviews)
      Relaxation, Stress & Anxiety, Arthritis, Pain, Inflammation, Sleep
      28,34 €
      From 3,14 € /g
    • CBD flower Mango Kush 17,4 %

      CBD Flower Mango Kush 17,4 %

      Stress & Angst, Entspannung, Schlaf, Entzündungen und Schmerzen
      27,23 €
      From 3,40 € /g
    • CBD Flower Granddaddy Purple 17,9 %

      CBD Flower Granddaddy Purple 17,9 %

      (10 reviews)
      Sleep, inflammation, pain
      31,50 €
      From 3,62 € /g
    • Fleur CBD Silver Haze 18,3%

      Flower CBD Silver Haze 18,3%.

      (7 reviews)
      Relaxation, Stress & Anxiety, Sleep, Pain, Osteoarthritis, Digestion
      30,00 €
      From 3,82 € /g
    • CBD Afghan kush flower 18,4 %

      CBD Flower Afghan kush 18,4 %

      (19 reviews)
      Stress & anxiety, pain
      22,10 €
      From 2,57 € /g
    • Fleur CBD Skunk XL 19,3%

      Flower CBD Skunk XL 19,3%.

      (34 reviews)
      Relaxation, Stress & Anxiety, Concentration, Inflammation, Sleep, Digestion
      35,00 €
      From 4,90 € /g
    • Fleur CBD Budda Zen 19.5%

      Flower CBD Budda Zen 19.5%

      (23 reviews)
      Pain, Stress & Anxiety, Sleep
      31,50 €
      From 3,62 € /g
    • Fleur de CBD G13 Haze 19,3 %

      CBD Flower G13 Haze 19.3%

      (4 reviews)
      Stress & Anxiety, Pain, Productivity
      28,08 €
      From 3,13 € /g
    • CBD Flower Gorilla Glue Indoor 19%

      CBD Flower Gorilla Glue Indoor 19%

      Relaxation, Pain, Inflammation, Osteoarthritis, Stress & Anxiety, Sleep
      44,28 €
      From 5,13 € /g
    • MoonRock CBD Flower 70%

      CBD Flower MoonRock 70%

      (8 reviews)
      Relaxation, Pain, Stress & Anxiety, Sleep
      45,00 €
      From 8,11 € /g
    • Asteroid CBD 85%

      Asteroid CBD 85%

      (5 reviews)
      Relaxation and Pain
      49,00 €
      From 9,80 € /g

    Potent CBD flowers designateCBD (cannabidiol) levels greater than 15% and up to more than 80%. Reserved for informed consumers, the powerful CBD flowers are perfect for rediscovering the therapeutic virtues of hemp in a more intense version. An ideal solution to overcome stress, anxiety and chronic pain in a natural way!

    What is a powerful CBD flower?

    From 15% CBD, the flowers are considered potent. And for good reason, the average CBD rate available on the market is around 12%. Although the CBD content of potent flowers starts at 15%, it can go up to over 85% with certain processed varieties such as asteroids, icerocks and moonrocks.

    A powerful CBD flower is simplya flower that offers you the usual effects of CBD, namely relaxing and pain-relieving effects, but in a more intense way. If you are looking for a feeling of well-being and extreme relaxation, both physically and mentally, powerful CBD flowers are for you.

    Who are powerful CBD flowers for?

    Potent CBD flowers are particularly recommended for people who have already consumed CBD at a lower rate and who wish to optimize the effects of this cannabinoid on their organism.

    If you have never used CBD, starting with such a powerful product is not the best thing to do. Although there is no risk of overdose or side effects, starting with too large a dose can diminish the therapeutic potential of CBD on your body.

    To optimize the benefits of CBD on your body, you must start with the lowest possible level and increase it gradually. When you have found the perfect rate, that is, the one that gives you the level of relaxation or relief you want, you can stick with it. Over time, your body may get used to this rate. It is only in this specific case that it may be useful to switch to the higher rate.

    In addition, consuming powerful CBD is also interesting from the point of view of quantity. With products highly concentrated in CBD, a small amount is enough to feel powerful effects. This is an effective solution for those who wishdouble the effects of CBD without increasing the doses.

    Why choose a powerful CBD flower?

    Relieve physical pain

    Well known for its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, CBD helps relieve most pain. Powerful CBD flowers are very effective in soothing severe pain, whether of muscle, joint or bone origin.

    Most people with chronic pain such as back problems or painful periods turn to high concentrations of CBD to soothe their ailments. With a powerful CBD flower, even the most persistent pains dissipate.

    Reduce stress and anxiety

    CBD is the well-being molecule of relaxation. Very often used to reduce stress and anxiety and to drive away parasitic thoughts, CBD is perfect for regaining serenity, joy of living and good humor.

    Presented in a more potent form, it can bring real relief to people suffering from anxiety and panic attacks. Thanks to their intense relaxing virtues, the powerful CBD flowers promote calm and comfort from the first uses.

    Finding quality sleep

    People with insomnia and sleep disorders may also be interested in potent CBD flowers. Indeed, CBD acts as a regulator on the human endocannabinoid system, which makes it possible to correct imbalances related to appetite, mood and sleep.

    Thus, the powerful CBD flowers do not act as a sleeping pill that could put you to sleep in a few moments. They act in depth to regulate your sleep over the long term. As a result, your sleep is of better quality, your nights are peaceful and your days are dynamic.

    What are the most potent CBD flowers?

    Natural CBD flowers

    The so-called natural flowers, that is to say which have not undergone any transformation, have CBD levels that oscillate between 15 and 30%. From a genetic point of view, it is difficult to do more. Flowers with a CBD level above 20% offer already very intense relaxing effects.

    Transformed CBD flowers

    For even more intense effects, you have to turn to transformed or “artificial” CBD flowers. In reality, these are natural CBD flowers combined with CBD-rich pollen, oil or wax. Complementing the flowers with other cannabinoid-rich products can achieve CBD levels of 50, 60, 70, or even over 80% for some varieties. This is particularly the case with asteroids and moonrocks, which are the most powerful products currently available on the market.

    Do potent CBD flowers cause side effects?

    Rest assured, just because CBD flowers are potent doesn't mean they cause any adverse effects or can get you high. To fully understand, you have to differentiate between CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the molecule responsible for the psychoactive effects of hemp. To be authorized for sale, all CBD products must contain less than 0.2% THC. A tiny amount that does not induce any form of psychotropic effect potentially harmful to health.

    As potent as they are, CBD flowers only induce soothing and relaxing effects. Of course, this strong relaxation can lead to a decrease in attention and a slight drowsiness, especially during a first consumption.

    How to consume powerful CBD flowers?


    For smokers, vaping is a healthy option that allows you to smoke CBD flower without tobacco or combustion. The vaporizer is a device with a temperature regulator to heat the CBD flowers without burning them. An ideal process to maximize the benefits of CBD, but also its flavors.


    For non-smokers, it is possible to integrate CBD flowers into your hot drinks, especially in your herbal teas. To make an infusion with CBD flowers, simply crumble them using a grinder and place them in a tea ball or in a stainless steel infuser.

    As for a classic tea, let your flowers infuse for a few minutes and proceed to tasting. Do not forget to add a fat such as honey to your cup of infusion in order to activate the active ingredients of CBD.

    En cuisine

    In the kitchen, everything is possible with CBD flowers. To incorporate them into your sweet or savory recipes, you must start by crumble them and heat them in the oven for about 30 minutes at 100 degrees. This step activates the cannabinoids and maximizes the benefits of your flowers. Then, just incorporate them into any culinary preparation: cake, crepes, pancakes, soup, pie, milkshake, etc.

    For more convenience, you can even make CBD oil or butter. This way, you can more easily incorporate your CBD fat into your dishes, even at the last minute.

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