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Flower CBD Greenhouse


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    • Fleur CBD Royal Cheese 17.4%

      Flower CBD Royal Cheese 17.4%

      (12 reviews)
      Relaxation, Stress & Anxiety, Arthritis, Pain, Inflammation, Sleep
      28,34 €
      From 3,14 € /g
    • Fleur CBD White Widow 14,4%

      Flower CBD White Widow 14,4%.

      (31 reviews)
      Stress & anxiety, Sleep, Inflammation, Pain, Antioxidant
      30,00 €
      From 3,82 € /g
    • Fleur CBD Sour Diesel 15,3%

      Flower CBD Sour Diesel 15,3%.

      (12 reviews)
      Sleep, Inflammation, Pain, Digestion, Productivity
      30,00 €
      From 3,82 € /g
    • Fleur CBD Silver Haze 18,3%

      Flower CBD Silver Haze 18,3%.

      (7 reviews)
      Relaxation, Stress & Anxiety, Sleep, Pain, Osteoarthritis, Digestion
      30,00 €
      From 3,82 € /g
    • CBD Flower Pineapple Express 14.9%

      CBD Flower Pineapple Express 14.9%

      (2 reviews)
      Stress & anxiety, Pain, Inflammation, Antioxidant, Sleep
      31,50 €
      From 3,62 € /g
    • CBD Flower Granddaddy Purple 17,9 %

      CBD Flower Granddaddy Purple 17,9 %

      (10 reviews)
      Sleep, inflammation, pain
      31,50 €
      From 3,62 € /g
    • Flower of CBD Cannatonic Interior 9%

      CBD Flower Cannatonic Interior 9%

      Stress & anxiety, concentration, sleep, pain, digestion
      31,50 €
      From 3,62 € /g
    • Big Bud CBD Flower 16.4%

      CBD Flower Big Bud 16.4%

      (1 review)
      Sommeil, Stress & anxiété, douleurs
      31,50 €
      From 3,62 € /g
    • CBD Flower Biscotti 13% CBD

      CBD Flower Biscotti 13% CBD

      27,64 €
      From 3,11 € /g
    • Fleur de CBD G13 Haze 19,3 %

      CBD Flower G13 Haze 19.3%

      (4 reviews)
      Stress & Anxiety, Pain, Productivity
      28,08 €
      From 3,13 € /g
    • CBD Flower Sour Cookies 15.4

      CBD Flower Sour Cookies 15.4%

      Sleep and Pain
      31,50 €
      From 3,53 € /g
    • CBD Flower Mango Haze 16,9 %

      CBD Flower Mango Haze 16,9 %

      (3 reviews)
      Stress & anxiety, sleep, relaxation, pain
      27,23 €
      From 3,40 € /g
    • Fleur CBD Gelato 17,2%

      Flower CBD Gelato 17,2%

      (35 reviews)
      Relaxation, concentration
      30,00 €
      From 3,82 € /g

    The CBD Greenhouse: a new method of flowering

    Greenhouse CBD flowers are an alternative to the two historical hemp flowering methods of Indoor and Outdoor growing. The cannabis seeds are grown in a greenhouse, which allows the plants to be protected from the weather, and to enjoy the benefits of growing in the ground. The CBD produced thus has pronounced aromatic hemp notes, as well as a consistent quality. When ordering your CBD flowers from Famous CBD, you will receive delivery within 48 hours.

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    Hemp, otherwise known as cannabis sativa, can be grown in 3 different ways: Indoor, Outdoor, or the Greenhouse method. The latter is actually a mix between Indoor and Outdoor growing methods, allowing the CBD flower to benefit from the advantages of each. The cannabis plant is actually grown in a greenhouse placed outdoors, allowing it to benefit from the beneficial effects of sunlight and natural soil. CBD has many medicinal and cosmetic benefits, dispensing you from the psychoactive effects of cannabis, thanks to a very low THC content. Consuming it in the form of essential oil or resin can help cure many ailments. For example, it allows you to fight stress, soothe your aches and pains, or find softer skin.

    By ordering your Greenhouse CBD flowers from Famous CBD, you get. high quality products sold at attractive prices. To please your taste buds, some of our hemp oils feature fruity notes, or natural vanilla, caramel or mint flavors. The delivery in 48 hours is free, regardless of the amount of your purchases. Our packages will be delivered to you with the utmost discretion.

    At the heart of the Greenhouse growing method

    This method of growing hemp is motivated by respect for nature and the desire to produce better quality flowers. It allows for the benefits of both historical growing methods:

    • Indoor growing: the Greenhouse CBD flowers are preserved from the weather and the influence of climate change. This gives growers more control over the profitability of their plants;
    • Outdoors growing: the CBD flower benefits from the nutrient richness of natural soil, which allows it to offer stronger aromas and flavors. It also benefits from natural sunlight.

    Greenhouse cultivation creates a microclimate around the cannabis plants, allowing them to flower in optimal conditions. Compared to Indoor production, one of the advantages of growing cannabis in a greenhouse is that Greenhouse CBD flowers are more environmentally friendly. Indeed, their growth requires less use of artificial lighting, which is very energy consuming when growing industrial hemp indoors. Moreover, one of the advantages of this method of growing marijuana, compared to outdoor growing, consists of better productivity. Indeed, the Subscribe to DeepL Pro to translate larger documents. Visit www.DeepL.com/pro for more information. plantations do not suffer losses in case of bad weather or adverse conditions. For the same reasons, it is now possible to grow hemp plants anywhere in Europe.

    Greenhouse CBD flower: a hybrid CBD flower with an authentic taste

    The CBD flower from Greenhouse cultivation has many advantages for the consumer. It is more compact and voluminous than flowers generated by conventional growing methods. In addition, it has strong flavors, aromas and terpenes, and is richer in cannabidiol than flowers grown outdoors. This type of production is easier for growers to control, allowing them to consistently harvest good quality flowers. In addition, the flowers have better efficacy of the active ingredients in the CBD molecule. This cannabinoid molecule is the one that brings you soothing and relaxation, without you experiencing any psychoactive effects. The flowers of CBD Greenhouse receive less fertilizer than those cultivated outside, they are healthier and purer. In addition, thanks to lower production costs, they are offered at very attractive rates in our online shop. This means that they have a very good value for money.

    Why is Greenhouse CBD flower grown?

    Optimized growth

    Greenhouse cultivation makes possible the use of technologies (greenhouse controllers, automated lighting systems, robots, etc.) that effectively control the climate faced by the plantations. By also automating the lighting and irrigation of the stems, the grower has better control over the growing conditions of his cannabis plants. This allows him to control and optimize their growth, to achieve rapid flowering.

    Longer harvests

    Hemp grown outdoors must adapt to the seasons. Cannabis is a plant that must be planted in early spring and is harvested in early fall. During the winter months, outdoor crops are therefore not productive at all. Thanks to the Greenhouse, it is possible to prolong the flowering period of the cannabis plant, through better control of its flowering conditions. As a result, growers get better yields at harvest time, thanks to more compact, larger buds and more loaded plants.

    The absence of pests

    Cannabis seeds planted in the field face many pests that pose threats to their development and profitability. Worms, caterpillars and various rodents can come and ravage them. Thanks to the greenhouse, CBD plants are protected from attack by most of these pests, which cannot get into them.

    Weather protection

    One of the main advantages of greenhouse farming is the protection provided by the greenhouse, against bad weather and climatic disasters. This becomes paramount then that the weather is becoming increasingly violent and devastating to crops. The cannabis plant is thus protected from the effect of hail, snow and wind, and it does not suffer from waterlogged soil. Finally, this method of growing preserves the products from the effect of pollution.

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