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CBD for small animals

For some years now, we have known that CBD offers powerful therapeutic benefits to both humans and animals. Indeed, while it is still unclear whether CBD is as suitable for humans as it is for other mammals, some CBD-based products have been developed specifically for purely veterinary purposes.

Pets too can therefore enjoy the relaxing properties of hemp in complete peace of mind. Dogs and cats are obviously the first to be concerned. However, we should not forget the smaller mammals for whom such a prescription can only be beneficial. In this article, we talk about the use of CBD in small animals such as mice, hamsters and rabbits.

The value of CBD in the veterinary setting

As with humans, CBD products for small animals must comply with French law. In order to meet its legal remit, a CBD product is derived from 100% organic products. In order for its natural effects not to be altered, CBD must be sold without any additives. For this reason, and also thanks to its natural properties, CBD is less dangerous than any generic drug available without a prescription.

As such, CBD is suitable for all potential audiences, including small animals. There is a large range of CBD products specifically suited to small animals. Due to its many medicinal and other characteristics, CBD has innumerable beneficial applications, which can even include the smallest of rodents.

It should be noted that this form of natural therapy is by no means marginal. It is entirely possible, after your pets have been subjected to an examination, that the vet in question will choose to prescribe a CBD-based remedy. Unlike many chemical medicines, CBD is guaranteed no side effects. Many conditions can then be easily treated through this without resorting to means that could damage the health of your small animals.

Because of their morphology, small animals are potentially more fragile when it comes to medical treatment. You will then no longer have to worry about this fragility as soon as you give your small mammals a natural treatment that is intended to be absolutely harmless for both humans and them.

What's more, CBD fits in with the dietary and medical habits of small animals and has a number of additional features. Indeed, its natural provenance and multiple flavours allow CBD to be more easily ingested by small animals and especially rodents. CBD veterinary products, when intended for small animals, have been specifically designed to adapt to their preferences as well as their diet. So your little companions won't have to strain to try them and enjoy their benefits.

Who are the small animals affected by the use of CBD?

Small animals refer to any variety of mammals being generally smaller than a cat. Indeed, pets are not just limited to cats and dogs. Recently, NACs will have become popular in many households. More exotic to some, NACs refer to the category of New Pets.

Small animals may consist of a hamster as well as a household rat or rabbits among other such rodents. These animals respond to a similar metabolism which, with regard to certain pathologies that may arise, may then find a remedy of choice in small animal CBD.

The notion of "small animals" is not to be understood in a broad sense. Birds and reptiles, also part of the NAC, are not necessarily concerned by CBD products. Not because these would be dangerous, but because it is a method of ingestion that would not be suitable for them.

As a precautionary measure, always take care to consult a veterinarian before determining whether or not your small pet can ingest a CBD product. While CBD is not necessarily administered as a medical treatment, it is best to refer to a medical professional before any potentially curative application.

What are the benefits of CBD on small animals?

In its natural attributions, CBD works the same way on the body of small animals as it does on that of humans. However, due to certain biological characteristics incumbent on rodents, the application of CBD is sometimes more recommended for them than it would be in other cases.

Rodents are often quite stressed and hyperactive in their behaviour. This is all the more evident with a hamster that continuously runs in its wheel. Even if they don't express it ostensibly, small animals are capable of feeling anxiety. Like humans, these are equally prone to stress and depression.

It will then be easy to observe that after administering a CBD product to one of your small animals, it will be changed for the better. The most tired and stressed animals will regain a certain joie de vivre and show more energy than usual. They will then be more eager to play and will thrive better than ever. In addition, the anti-anxiety properties of CBD products will alleviate the stress and anxiety that your little ones experience. They are more prone to epileptic seizures than other mammals and will be cured of their ailments with a treatment that is both natural and very enjoyable for them to enjoy.

How much CBD to prescribe to small animals

Inquiring information from a veterinarian will also be an opportunity to determine how to prescribe CBD for your small animals. As a general rule, veterinary CBD products specifically adapted for small animals will not fail to inform their purchaser of this particular point.

Because rodents are quite small and weigh very little, doses of CBD must be tailored for each individual rodent. To effectively establish the exact dosage of CBD product to allocate to your pet, a simple calculation will need to be made.

Take your pet's weight and multiply it by 0.75, this will give you the daily dosage to administer. Then multiply the previously obtained figure by 1.75 to determine the number of drops to be applied within the previous dosage. A decimal number will then need to be rounded up.

As with cats and dogs, small pets can also thrive on CBD products dedicated to them. These natural products are perfectly harmless to them and are sure to reinvigorate them and effectively take care of their health in the long run.

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