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Can you buy CBD in a tobacco shop?

In France, there are more than 25,000 tobacco shops. These shops sell cigarettes, rolling tobacco, vaporizers, rolling papers and many other things. Since the rise of CBD in France, it is normal to wonder if we will soon be able to buy it in a tobacconist's shop. In reality, it is already possible to buy CBD-enriched products in some tobacconists, but the offer is still much more limited than in a specialised shop.

What CBD products can you find in a tobacco shop?

In a tobacco shop, it is already possible to buy everything you need to smoke tobacco. As far as CBD is concerned, since the legislation is different and tougher, it is not possible to find it in all shops. And when you do, there is less choice. It is also because of this legislation, which is still a little too vague in the eyes of professionals, that some do not dare to offer it for the moment.

CBD-enriched e-liquid

One CBD product already available in tobacco shops is e-liquid. They were already sold there as soon as the electronic cigarette appeared in France and you can buy them alone or with a vaporiser. Therefore, with the arrival of CBD, e-liquid professionals have been looking into the subject to make new products. Initially reserved for specialist electronic cigarette shops and CBD shops, CBD e-liquids have now arrived in tobacco shops.

To vape CBD, you have two options: buy a CBD e-liquid or make your own blend. Electronic cigarettes have the advantage of being able to be used with ready-made products as well as offering you the choice to create a customised vaping liquid yourself. There are therefore ingredients to make your own personalised e-liquid. Still using a neutral base, you can combine flavours, nicotine and CBD concentrates. With this technique, you can create e-liquids according to your needs.

CBD-based derivatives

To make up for their declining revenues, tobacconists are selling more than just tobacco. Magazines, toys, sweets and scratch-off tickets are also often on sale in these shops. By diversifying their goods, they can increase their turnover and compete with other tobacconists by trying to offer more products. So when they started to look at selling CBD, in addition to e-liquids that are appropriate for their signs, they also turned to CBD-based products.

Effectively, CBD can be consumed in ways other than smoking. CBD brands and producers have decided to find a way to bring the effects of CBD to more people, especially non-smokers, with fortified products. So you can find sweets, oils, infusions or even cosmetics that contain CBD. Not all of these products are suitable for sale in tobacconists' shops, but you can still find some of them.

CBD raw products

Another type of CBD products are the flowers and leaves as well as the wax and pollen that can be extracted directly from hemp plants. Legislation is much stricter with these raw products, and for good reason, they are often misused. For comparison, in this form CBD is mainly consumed in the same way as THC: by smoking. However, these products become harmful when burnt, partly because they are combined with tobacco, and so it is strongly discouraged to use them in this way. So even though CBD does not have psychotic effects like THC, it is advisable to consume it in derived products.

As a result, in France it is forbidden to smoke CBD flowers and leaves as well as any other product directly created from them. This ban is imposed by a European Commission order which requires that CBD must be used in the form of extracts and not directly from hemp flowers or leaves. In France, you will therefore not find CBD flowers in an infusion, but only CBD extract. The aim of this regulation is to limit illegal trafficking and to ask CBD users to consume it wisely and in a healthy way.

So, if you want to use CBD flowers or other raw product, you can cook them, infuse them and especially vaporise them. The principle is the same as for e-liquids, just vaporise your CBD flowers with a vaporiser as if you were using an electronic cigarette. This technique is less harmful than smoking CBD with tobacco. This is why, even if most tobacconists are reluctant, it is still possible to find them for sale. They will simply be sold to you for the purpose of vaping, cooking or infusing and definitely not smoking.

What are the benefits of selling or buying CBD in a tobacco shop?

Between people who stop or reduce smoking, those who supply themselves elsewhere, those who turn to electronic cigarettes or because of the increase in the price of tobacco, tobacconists are struggling to stabilize their sales. This is why it is now possible to find products other than cigarettes in a tobacconist's shop. This is also why CBD is a great opportunity to attract more customers.

Selling CBD in one's tobacconist's shop allows one to offer new products to both smokers and non-smokers. They can be easily found at specialised suppliers and whose traceability and legality will be assured. For customers, this offers them the possibility of buying everything they need to discover the effects of CBD in one place. Even if the regulations currently in force are unclear, it is perfectly legal to sell and buy CBD products in a tobacconist's shop. Offering them in these outlets will make it accessible to more people and popularise it more easily.

Thus, democratising the sale of CBD in tobacconists' shops is equally beneficial for tobacconists and customers. Derivatives are currently the most sought after and easily available, while the sale of raw product is more regulated and therefore rare in tobacconists.

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