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Can we give CBD to children?

CBD is often presented as a natural solution that can be used by anyone. It can be found in many formats which suggests that this is true. Yet there are several categories of people who are questioned as to whether it is reasonable to give it, including children. It is true that CBD in the form of candy seems to be aimed at younger people, when in reality this is not necessarily the case. In this article, we answer your questions about the use of CBD in children.

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What is CBD

CBD is a cannabinoid molecule derived from hemp. Like THC, it is found specifically in hemp flowers. To extract it, you have to go through several steps to separate each molecule and recover only the CBD. To be legal, CBD must not contain more than 0.2% THC. This is therefore the case for products marketed in France.

The effects of CBD

CBD is known to relieve everyday ailments such as migraines, muscle tension, sleep and mood disorders, lack of concentration or stress. All these benefits are made possible by the binding of CBD to receptors spread throughout our body. CBD does not therefore have a targeted action, but is beneficial for both the body and the mind.

When you use CBD, you will naturally improve your well-being. You can either consume it to prevent a stressful event or before bed if you know in advance that you won't be able to sleep for example. You can also choose a method that allows you to feel the effects throughout the day. The diversity in uses and formats of CBD is a powerful advantage. It is also what allows it to be consumed by different people with different habits.

CBD is not a narcotic

Many times CBD is associated with THC which is another cannabinoid. The difference is that THC is considered a narcotic, whereas CBD is not. By using the latter, you will not be able to get the same sensations as smoking "a joint" as you might think. The reason is that they are two different molecules that act differently in our body. When you consume them, they will not activate the same receptors and therefore have the same effects.

There is no risk in using CBD if you follow the indications for use, choose the right products and have no contraindications from your doctor. It is a natural product and the majority of its uses are healthy for the body. When this is not the case, be aware that this means that it is prohibited by law.

For example, you should not smoke CBD flowers because when they go into combustion, the smoke that is released is toxic. Thus, it is recommended to make infusions, use them in cooking or vaporize them which is much more suitable for health.

CBD products

On the market, you can find both raw products and derived products. In the former category, you can find flowers, wax, pollen, oil and resin. In this form, you can be sure that the CBD will be natural as no other ingredients are added. Then there are the CBD derivatives. Most of these are foodstuffs such as sweets and cakes, and cosmetics such as skin creams and gels. Another popular derivative is CBD-enriched e-liquid.


All these products have the same effects, only the assimilation will be different. When you ingest CBD directly, you will have to digest them first before you can feel the effects. However, when you smoke or vaporise CBD, the benefits are instantaneous. As for cosmetics, it allows you to target a part of the body with more precision.

Who can use CBD?

Since CBD is natural, the majority of consumers seem to think that anyone can use them. With so many products available on the market, everyone will find a suitable method to consume it effectively. However, it is possible to compare it to dietary supplements, which are also the subject of debate. Indeed, they can be used without a doctor's recommendation and can be bought easily, but they are not necessarily suitable for everyone. For CBD, it's the same thing!

Contraindications to using CBD

CBD may be contraindicated in several situations. First of all, we don't have enough experience with this molecule and therefore we can't yet set a fixed limit to the amount to be consumed per day. It is possible to determine how much CBD is needed to feel the effects according to our weight, but this is not a safe technique as everyone has a different sensitivity. Some people are used to it and may consume a lot of it before they feel the effects, while others are much more receptive to it. It is best to start with small doses and then increase according to your feelings. Be careful, too much can have the opposite effect.

In addition, in case you have health problems, you surely have the reflex to ask your doctor's advice regularly when you change your habits in order to preserve your health. This is essential to ensure that you make the right decisions and know in advance whether the change is compatible with your illness, treatment or disorder. This habit is essential and is also necessary before consuming CBD. If you have any doubts, consulting your doctor is the first thing to do before using CBD for the first time.

In some situations, brands directly advise against the consumption of their CBD products. Obviously, pregnant and breastfeeding people always have to take more precautions than usual and therefore it is not recommended for them to use CBD. For people with arterial or heart problems, it is better for them too to avoid using it, and if they really want to, then they should talk to their doctors first.

The case of children

With regard to the use of CBD by children, opinions differ. Some see no disadvantage in it since it is a natural active like many others. Others consider that it is too dangerous to consume it at a young age because there is always some THC associated with CBD. Indeed, it is difficult to separate each cannabinoid molecule and therefore to have CBD without any THC. On the legislative side, there is no prohibition specific to children.

Therefore, if your child has no contraindications, it is possible to give them CBD to help them feel better naturally. Keep in mind though that at the moment it is difficult to know in advance how they will react to CBD use, and if there are any effects that will remain over time. However, it can be a good solution from time to time to help him calm down, regain his appetite, reduce stress or even sleep better. Be careful with dosages, as they are smaller than us, you will need to use products with a low CBD concentration.

You therefore have the choice to give CBD to your children or not. Find out beforehand about dosages, possible uses and effects in order to best support your child. We still advise you to wait until they are a certain age before giving them CBD to avoid any risk of bad reaction.

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