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All about the Indica variety

Hemp is used in many industries such as textiles, construction or even food. For each of its uses, it is not the same variety that is used. Indeed, some species have different properties and we adapt the plantations according to what we plan to do with the plants later. In the case of the CBD, it is the varieties Indica and Sativa which are used. Although we recover the same molecule, the effects of these two plants are different. In this article, find out everything you need to know about the Indica variety of hemp.

How is CBD produced from the Indica variety?

There are several methods of production of CBD, but they remain the same for Indica and Sativa. The major difference will be at the level of the plantation which will be more or less expensive and profitable as well as easy to control. The result is the same for these two varieties since they grow in the same way.

Hemp production methods

To get CBD, you need to set up a hemp plantation first and foremost. Whether you want to grow Indica or Sativa, there are 3 methods to choose from: indoor, greenhouse and outdoor. All three techniques have advantages and disadvantages.

Indoor and greenhouse plantings help protect the hemp from outside aggressors like pests, but they also prevent them from taking advantage of the climate. In the case of greenhouses, there is always the sun that will impact the plants which is not the case indoors where it must be artificially reproduced. The advantage of these two methods is that it is easier to have a production in large quantities and adapted to the objectives of the supplier even if they are more expensive.

Outdoors planting will be less consistent, but it will be more natural and less expensive. It is also more difficult to control THC levels outdoors because not every plant receives the same nutrients or the same amount of light and water. As a result, they will not grow at the same rate or develop in the same way!

The different Indica subspecies

Indica plantings are generally bushier with broad leaves. It's important to know that there are several subspecies within the hemp varieties, and while they may look similar, they also have differences. These differences are subtle, but still distinguishable. Moreover, today a great part of the varieties of CBD is resulting from a crossing of an Indica and a Sativa. We will therefore speak of a dominance towards one or the other.

In the case of Indica, the two most well-known sub-varieties are Kush and Skunk. From them and a sub-variety of Sativa, hydrides will be obtained that you will then find on sale in a raw form, such as flowers, or in derived products. According to the crosses, there will be a dominance for the Sativa or Indica what will influence the effects which you will feel when you use it.

What are the characteristics of the Indica variety?

The Indica variety is nicknamed Indian hemp since it is native to the Himalayan regions of northern India. Therefore, it usually grows at higher altitudes in colder temperatures than what Sativa is used to. Moreover, it tends to bloom more quickly what makes an excellent choice for the producers wishing to use only the flowers, in particular to extract CBD. It is therefore easily differentiated from the Sativa variety thanks to this, but also by its aromas and effects.

The taste and smell of Indica

The taste and smell of Indica is usually very intense. This is caused by the presence of terpenes in large quantities on the hemp plants of this variety. You can see them directly on the flowers when they are harvested in the form of powder. Thus, when we extract CBD, it is interesting to recover the terpenes to keep the aromas. Conversely, to obtain neutral concentrates, it is possible to eliminate them.

Depending on the crosses and sub-varieties, we then find acidulous notes of citrus, but also mentholated, both in its effluvium and in the mouth. To go further, we can distinguish characteristic aromas for each of the sub-varieties of Indica. For example, the Kush strains are more fruity and sweet while the Skunk will be more woody and spicy. When they are going to be crossed with a Sativa strain, it is possible to get milder mixtures since the latter is less strong.

The effects of Indica on the body and mind

Indica varieties have very relaxing effects both physically and mentally. They are recommended for those who want to eliminate stress, fall asleep more easily and reduce muscle tension. Since CBD does not have a targeted action in the body, you will feel a general feeling of relaxation. As it spreads through your system, you will feel less and less tense and more light.

Your mental well-being will also be improved. Indica is ideal for the anxious, those who can't stop thinking or even those who have difficulty concentrating. To consume some just before you lie down will allow you to reduce the risks of sleep disorders. It is not at all exciting, on the contrary it will help you to keep your calm and to remain serene. The more the dominance will tend towards Indica, the more you will be soothed.

The difference with the Sativa variety

Now that you know everything about the Indica variety, let's see what differentiates it from the Sativa. The latter has a smell and a taste softer, more varied and more floral. One often smells exotic and fresh fruits with lightly woody undertones. This variety is therefore recommended for those who are not yet familiar with CBD or who do not like the natural taste of hemp.

As far as plantations are concerned, they are found in equatorial areas and are less dense despite being larger. Generally, the Sativa plants have to be a little more controlled because they contain more THC. It is thus necessary to make precise crossings to obtain more easily a legal rate according to the countries. By combining an Indica with a Sativa, it is possible to obtain a new variety with new flavors and which will have balanced properties.

By opting for Indica, you are sure to have in your hands a fragrant and relaxing variety. It is not necessarily better or worse than the Sativa, but simply different. Thus, each one of them has advantages which will be able to answer your needs, with you to determine the variety which you prefer.

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