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Top 10 tips to relieve back pain quickly

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Eight out of ten French people regularly suffer from low back pain or simply back pain, which are respectively pain in the lower back and back. They can appear after a sports session or a bad posture kept too long. Especially in this period, during which we tend to stay more confined to our homes, working from home or in chill mode on the sofa, postures are neglected and undermined, which causes the resurgence of back pain. In any case, our backs are stressed on a daily basis and the spine can have to defend itself by creating an inflammatory reaction which is painful, if it feels attacked or if you make inappropriate movements of repetitive way. Some suffer from chronic back pain, lumbago or even osteoarthritis and we will help you get better!

Massages that relieve back pain

Hot stone massages

Hot stone massages – a technique of Native American origin – promote relaxation, well-being and relax all the muscles of the back, in addition to detoxifying the body. To do this, you must take care to not start the massage cold. Raise the room temperature to 25 degrees and heat the massage oil in hot water. At the beginning of the session, the back must be prepared with effleurages.

Massages with essential oils

As for massages with essential oils, the application recommendations remain the same. Consult an aromatherapy specialist or concoct your own formulas according to your needs and problems. Provide a measuring bottle with pipette and vegetable oils to which you will add your essential oils.

Synergy example:

  • 1 drop of Wintergreen essential oil (it contains methyl salicylate which is a natural anti-inflammatory with properties similar to aspirin).
  • 4 drops of sweet almond or argan carrier oil

Gently massage up to four times a day. Beware of children and pregnant women. Please consult your doctor before using essential oils.

Massages with hemp vegetable oil enriched with CBD

There are also CBD massage oils that not only prevent aches and muscle cramps but also treat rheumatic diseases and relieve contractions as well as fibromyalgia. Based on hemp seed vegetable oil and CBD extract, such a product has potent analgesic, analgesic, relaxing and anti-inflammatory properties.

cbd back pain

Count on the harpagophytum

Alternatively known as "devil's claw", this beneficial herb has high-performing anti-inflammatory properties. The World Health Organization has recognized its effectiveness in terms of relieving muscle and joint pain. It can be used in gel, cream, ampoules or tablets.

Perform daily stretches

Stretching is an excellent practice for back problems since it is based on a series of deep stretches. This promotes flexibility and strengthens the muscle complex. Do not hesitate to stretch several times a day.

Stretches for the back and shoulders

Slowly bring your shoulders back. The rib cage is open and the shoulder blades move closer together. Then turn your palms outwards and arch your back slightly. Tuck your chin and keep your gaze straight ahead. Hold this position for three seconds before releasing. To be repeated several times.

Lumbar stretches

This exercise effectively relieves lower back pain and sciatica. Lie on the floor on a mat and put your head down, releasing it. You can add a cushion if you wish for more comfort. Then pull one of your legs with both hands towards your chest until you feel the stretch in the buttock of the resting leg. Hold for 30 seconds and release. Repeat two more times.

Alternatively, as a variation, you can stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, raising your hands above your head, as if to touch the sky or ceiling. Then lean forward, letting your arms hang down, hands relaxed and legs straight. To get up slowly, bend your knees and rest your hands on them, then gently come back up. To be done every morning.

Relieve back pain with heat

Place a hot pack or a hot water bottle directly where you have pain to relieve your back and relax your muscles. Leave it warm for fifteen to twenty minutes and repeat the operation up to five times a day if necessary.

As formidable as an anti-inflammatory against back pain, heat dilates blood vessels and reduces tension.

back pain hot water bottle

Prepare a warm poultice

Be aware that heat is the number one ally against pain. Simply bring a scarf or neck brace in cherry tails, which you will only need to put in the microwave. If you don't have one on hand, you can make a poultice of green clay that you apply warm to the painful area. And as a last resort, there is always the possibility of making an infusion of blackcurrant leaves to apply with a damp towel, soaked in the preparation.

This radical clay home remedy has proven itself more than once! Moreover, it is very easy and quick to set up. You will need to mix superfine green clay (about three tablespoons) with water (the equivalent of two tablespoons) to form a paste. Then heat the dough in the oven for a few minutes and soak a cloth with it. Apply the hot but not hot poultice to the area that is causing you pain and let it act for a good hour. To renew as many times as necessary.

Sit on a Swiss Ball

Although sudden movements should be avoided when you have back pain, it is advisable to avoid immobilization and the swiss ball is perfect for this.

It actually makes it possible to impart a slight rotational movement on the ground thanks to the feet, while immobilizing the pelvis and relaxing the paravertebral muscles. This is because it acts as an unstable surface that will require you to use your body to balance and stabilize the ball. The body then activates its natural balance reactions, which activates your muscles and your stabilization. Perfect!

Take an Epsom salt bath

Highly mineral, Epsom salt is rich in magnesium and sulphate. It is a natural anti-inflammatory that helps reduce back pain but also muscle tension! To take advantage of its benefits, add four tablespoons to your hot bath and relax...

Bonus: Getting into yoga

80% of French people are affected by this disease of the century, back pain. Daily stress, bad positions and unsuitable tension are all factors that cause pain. Yoga, an Indian technique, helps boost lymphatic and blood circulation by promoting body relaxation and muscle relaxation, in part thanks to the sequences of postures and worked breathing. Your ailments will easily dissipate with this discipline (provided you follow the teacher's instructions!).

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