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CBD crystals. What are they? How to consume them?

You know the CBD, its reputation and its countless therapeutic properties. You know most of the products made from this precious molecule extracted from cannabis. You've even consumed it a few times. But you've recently heard about CBD crystals, and since then, you've been looking to learn more about this famous product. You want to know what process it is getting through, how it is consumed. You want to know the recommended dosage, the precautions to take when buying and during consumption. We will address these concerns in this CBD crystal issue.

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What are CBD crystals?

CBD crystals are the purest form of cannabidiol on the market. They are usually obtained by CO2 extraction of CBD, without using solvents and without the use of additional heat, which guarantees the final product a maximum level of purity.

Thanks to this extraction process, the resulting product contains more than 98% CBD. This level of purity justifies the crystalline structure that brings it somewhat closer to white sugar or white powder.

So, in terms of quality, it is obvious that CBD crystals have nothing to do with other CBD-based products, especially since they generally contain only a small amount of CBD.

While it is true that the appearance of CBD crystals makes them seem like synthetic products, it is absolutely not. They are 100% natural. One could even say, quite rightly, that they are solid plants since they come from the plant kingdom.

But if you like CBD crystals, it's also for their versatility. Very soluble and easily converted into powder, they can be administered in various forms and therefore offer many possibilities for use. And while we're at it, let's see how we consume CBD crystals.

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How to consume CBD crystals?

CBD crystals are sold in 500 mg or 1000 mg cans. Too insignificant, you say? Absolutely not. In fact, because of the product's purity level, it only takes a very small amount to feel the effects. And in terms of consumption methods, we can distinguish the top 4 here.

Sublingual consumption

If you don't mind, you can simply drop CBD crystals directly under your tongue and wait 60 seconds before swallowing them. It is the fastest and easiest method of consumption.

Indeed, when consumed sublingually, CBD crystals are very quickly absorbed by the sublingual lining and transported into the bloodstream. Their ingestion by the body is therefore accelerated, which promotes a very rapid action. This method of consumption is more suitable for those who already have experience with CBD, as beginners may not appreciate the experience. These should perhaps start with CBD oil which sells in stores and contains between 5 and 10% cannabidiol.

But if you prefer, you can also mix CBD crystals with edible oil, such as olive oil, coconut oil, flaxseed oil, etc., which you can consume sublingually. Over time, you can start by consuming the crystals directly.

Also, if you can't stand the smell of intense hemp that can exhale CBD crystals, here's another method of consumption that might suit you.

The use of CBD crystals in the kitchen

One of the advantages of CBD crystals is the ease with which they dissolve in fat. They mix very easily with oil, butter, etc. You can even mix them with your favourite drinks.

This way, you won't need a special utensil to use the product. If you're interested in the method, add a few CBD crystals to your dishes, as if it were a classic seasoning. The only difference is that they should not be mixed with oils at high temperatures. Otherwise, they could lose their properties.

Use for skincare

Because our endocannabinoid system has receptors located on skin cells, CBD crystals can also be used as topical products. Simply turn them into powder and then mix them with:

  •         A massage oil;

  •         A cream;

  •         A lotion;

  •         A balm;

  •         An ointment, etc.

In either form, your composition can be used to relieve inflammation, joint and bone pain, etc. It can also work against acne, psoriasis, etc.

Use with e-cigarettes and vaporization

If you don't like the drinking methods you're not present, how about smoking or spraying your CBD crystals? If you want to, take out your e-cigarette or vaporizer.

CBD crystals are perfectly soluble, so you just need to add a small dose to your e-liquid - at a rate of 200 mg per 10 ml of e-liquid - and stir until they are completely dissolved. For the crystals to melt well, they may need to be heated by placing the bottle over a pan containing boiling water.

The temperature should not be too high. The virtues of the product may not survive. But as soon as the crystals are dissolved, you can start smoking immediately because their effect starts rather quickly. Besides, no one will know that you are consuming the precious molecule.

The process is practically the same if you use a good-quality vaporizer. These suction consumption methods make it possible to better enjoy the aroma of cannabis without them producing any impact on your health. They are also recommended for former smokers looking to keep a feeling close to that provided by a joint.

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How much CBD crystals should I consume?

A clarification before starting. We do not speak about overdose when it comes to CBD crystals. And if we insist on the question of dosage, it is because an overabundant consumption can cause an intense feeling of fatigue. Then, for first use, we recommend you not to exceed a dose of 10 mg.

Ideally, you will start with very small doses that you will repeat 2 to 3 times during the day. Then, by observing how your body reacts to it, you will gradually increase the dose or decrease it, as the case may be. Don't forget to use a scale to ensure that the dosage is strictly respected.

That said, if you are already used to consuming CBD, you will find it easier to control and adjust the quantity. In any case, the classic daily dose must be included in the interval 5mg -25 mg. But in which cases can we consume CBD crystals?

When should I use CBD crystals?

Given the anxiogenic, antispasmodic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory and appetite suppressant properties that CBD possesses, CBD crystals - and all other products made with this molecule - can be consumed for relief in any of the following cases:

  •  Chronic pain (muscle, back pain, etc.)

  •  Insomnia and other sleep disorders;

  •  Appetite and digestive disorders;

  •  Nervousness, anxiety and social phobias;

  •  Memory and concentration disorders (Parkinson, Schizophrenia, etc.);

  •  Fibromyalgia and most of the associated ailments;

  •  Epilepsy;

  •  Diabetes, etc.

What to check before buying CBD crystals

Before buying CBD crystals, take the time to look at the label attached to the product. Also, pay attention to the possible certificates stuck to it and don't forget that an organically grown product will do you and the environment a favor. In other words, think green.

Read everything about the product to make sure you have purchased the type of product you were looking for. Of course, you should also have checked the reputation of your vendor.

Furthermore, to ensure the quality of what you are buying, you will think of consulting the certificate of analysis of the CBD crystals. You will know with precision the purity of the product, that is to say, the quantity of CBD present there.

It is also important to note that CBD crystals are not very cheap products. You will therefore take into account the quality-price ratio to make your purchase. However, if you can't afford CBD crystals, we suggest this.

What are the alternatives to CBD crystals?

Even if no other product can validly replace CBD crystals, it is possible to find alternative products. For example, instead of CBD crystals, you can buy CBD isolates. The difference between the two lies mainly in the quality.

Indeed, due to the extraction process of the isolate, its CBD composition is not as pure as that of the crystals. Moreover, after the extraction stage, CBD isolates go through a purification process that makes them more powdery than crystals. And that's not to mention that they can be produced synthetically.

That said, aside from CBD isolates, you can also buy:

  •         CBD oils;

  •         CBD capsules;

  •         CBD creams;

  •         CBD candy, tea or chocolate;

  •         And other popular foods that include CBD in their composition.

Where to buy CBD crystals in France?

If you have ever tried to buy CBD crystals in France, you will probably have noticed that they are rather rare to find. What is most often found are CBD isolates which, unfortunately, do not contain as many valuable substances as CBD crystals.

However, a few online stores offer them. If you search the internet, you will find one where you can get some. And for those who wonder if it is legal to consume CBD crystals in France, we will answer.

Is it legal to consume CBD crystals in France?

We already know that the European legislation authorizes the consumption of cannabis derivatives if they contain a proportion of THC lower or equal to 0.3%.  However, as we told you above, CBD crystals are composed of 98% CBD. They are totally devoid of THC, which is considered a psychotropic molecule responsible for the effects of "high" and addiction.

So, in your opinion, is it legal to consume CBD crystals in France? The answer is YES. But since one question often hides another, are there cases where CBD crystals' consumption is not recommended? Absolutely! We talk about it in the following.

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When are CBD crystals not recommended?

Even if CBD is absolutely non-toxic, the consumption of CBD crystals - and all other products based on the molecule - is not recommended for certain people, given their health profile. Thus, you should avoid CBD, in all its forms if:

  •         You are a pregnant woman;

  •         You are breastfeeding;

  •         You suffer from liver disease;

  •         You suffer from glaucoma, as regular use of CBD can increase intraocular pressure;

  •         You show symptoms of undernourishment or malnutrition because CBD, unlike TCH, inhibits the feeling of hunger.

So, that says it all. If you're not on this list, you're free to treat yourself to a dose of CBD crystals. But remember: check the quality before you buy and stick to the dosage when consuming the product.

Les articles et autres fiches produits en ligne sur notre site web ne représentent en aucun cas des conseils médicaux. Avant toute consommation d'un produit CBD nous vous conseillons de prendre contact avec votre médecin et de lui demander son avis.
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