Pastilles de CBD pour chiens
Pastilles de CBD pour chiens

From the brand Cibapet

Relieves pain and relaxes your dog. THC-free

CBD pellets for dogs

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Your dog deserves 100% care every day. Introducing Cibapet CBD Pastilles for Dogs, the solution for the physical and emotional problems of your four-legged friend.

Cibapet CBD: how does it work?

Cibapet lozenges provide a powerful dose of the best CBDs to support your dog's health and well-being. Dogs have a natural endocannabinoid system or ECS which can be positively influenced by cannabinoids such as CBD. The ECS is responsible for the transmission of a variety of important functions and is essential for the internal self-regulation of humans and dogs.

Studies to date have shown that CBD has great potential to relieve stress, anxiety, pain, gastrointestinal problems and much more! Moreover, CBD does not cause a high, but a pleasant feeling of relief and relaxation. You know better than anyone how sensitive your dog can be to certain stimuli, so CBD lozenges are a great way to minimize your dog's anxiety and stress.

In addition to CBD, Cibapet lozenges contain vitamins, protein, calcium, folic acid, iron, potassium and magnesium to provide a healthy dose of supportive ingredients to help your dog feel good through and through.

CBD dog pellets take advantage of the groundbreaking research behind CBD and optimize it for your dog's unique physiology.

Each pack contains 55 tablets of 3.2 mg CBD that you can give your dog every day.

What are you waiting for? Try Cibapet today and your dog will thank you tomorrow!

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