Fleur CBD White Widow 14,4%
Fleur CBD White Widow 14,4%
Fleur CBD White Widow 14,4%
Fleur CBD White Widow 14,4% Fleur CBD White Widow 14,4%

The excellence of the CBD flower Amnesia Haze with 14.4% CBD

Flower CBD White Widow 14,4%.

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Discover the Flower CBD WHITE WIDOW available in about 5 g. It is rich in CBD at a rate of 14.4%. In addition, it contains THC at a level of less than 0.2%. Without any psychotropic effect, this flower is a summary of the various benefits of cannabidiol. It will seduce you with its unique and intoxicating scent reminiscent of forest, earth and pine. Also, with its fruity notes, it gives off a spicy and sweet scent.

How does the CBD WHITE WIDOW 14.4% flower look like?

The CBD WHITE WIDOW flower has an intriguing and attractive shape, with elegant dark green buds with trichromes that oscillate between orange and red. In the mouth, you will enjoy its amber flavour and its atypical taste of lemon, incense and exotic fruits.

WHITE WIDOW CBD is a famous variety that has been grown and stored under good temperature conditions. Entirely organicIt is made from a variety of high quality hemp. Moreover, without being harmful to your health, this flower has powerful effects that you can easily control. These effects, which appear quickly, can last several hours.

That said, the consumption of the WHITE WIDOW provides a feeling of relaxation and mental peace. It also relieves stress and anxiety, notably by calming muscle tension. This variety of flowers also has analgesic effects. So you can consume it to relieve chronic or occasional physical pain.

How to consume WHITE WIDOW?

You can consume the CBD WHITE WIDOW flower in infusion or by vaporization. Then, infuse a few grams of the flower in boiling water containing a fat, for several minutes. Note that you can use butter or coconut oil as the fat.

To consume the WHITE WIDOW by vaporization, make sure you use a quality vaporizer, in order to obtain very soft and totally healthy vapors. In addition, please note that it is strongly recommended not to smoke the CBD flowers.

How to dose the WHITE WIDOW? variety correctly?

The WHITE WIDOW is a legal CBD flower by European decree n° 639-2014. You can therefore consume it safely. In this regard, to benefit from its therapeutic virtues, you must control the dosage. To do this, start with low doses that you will gradually increase if the need arises.

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We have selected for you the best varieties of CBD flowers with a THC content of less than 0.2%. You will find different aromas and CBD levels depending on the properties of the flowering buds. It is possible to use them in infusion, vaporization or inhalation as a food supplement. These products are legal in the European Union countries and meet very strict controls and quality standards. Take advantage of it, delivery is currently free!

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