Fleur CBD Royal Cookies 16,9%
Fleur CBD Royal Cookies 16,9%

The excellence of the CBD Royal Cookies flower with 16.9% CBD

Flower CBD Royal Cookies 16.9%

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We invite you to discover the ROYAL COOKIESa flower rich in CBD at a rate of 16.9%. Available in 5 g, it contains THC at a rate of less than 0.2%. Also, it is a legal product by European decree No. 639-2014 which is full of the many benefits of cannabidiol. Moreover, with its powerful aromas, this Flower CBD is highly appreciated by its consumers.

Flower description CBD ROYAL COOKIES 16.9

The CBD ROYAL COOKIES flower that we offer you has been grown and preserved in excellent conditions. It comes from different varieties of cookies. Also, it is a high-end flower which has delicious sweet heads. In fact, it is considered the sweetest of the CBD flowers.

Furthermore, ROYAL COOKIES is a hemp flower that can quickly soothe you. It also provides an exquisite and very intense body relaxation. Moreover, its consumption can relieve you of your physical pains. The CBD ROYAL COOKIES flower also causes a slight brain stimulation. This promotes concentration and can make you social, euphoric and joyful.

To consume the ROYAL COOKIES well

It is important to consume ROYAL COOKIES in a healthy way. That being said, especially avoid smoking. This world of consumerism is not only illegal, but also harmful to your health. So, instead, choose to drink by vaporization or by infusion. By the way, to make your infusion, let a few grams of the ROYAL COOKIES flower infuse in hot water for a while. Be sure to add to this water a fat substance such as coconut oil for example. This way, you will obtain a sweet and well scented herbal tea.

To consume the ROYAL COOKIES by vaporization, choose a quality vaporizer, for a totally healthy consumption. Also, start by vaporizing the flower at low doses, in order to obtain a soft vapor, while controlling your dosage.

The aromas of the ROYAL COOKIES

The ROYAL COOKIES CBD is a true delight a must try. It gives off a sweet and warm smell that is very much appreciated by consumers, whether they are occasional or regular customers. Moreover, its intoxicating scent will seduce you no matter what time of day you consume it.

In the mouth, it has a surprising taste of...earthy aromas...pungent and very sweet. In fact, the ROYAL COOKIES flower has been designed to delight the taste buds while providing the benefits of cannabidiol.

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We have selected for you the best varieties of CBD flowers with a THC content of less than 0.2%. You will find different aromas and CBD levels depending on the properties of the flowering buds. It is possible to use them in infusion, vaporization or inhalation as a food supplement. These products are legal in the European Union countries and meet very strict controls and quality standards. Take advantage of it, delivery is currently free!

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