CBD Flower Super Amnesia 13,2 %
CBD Flower Super Amnesia 13,2 %

CBD Flower Super Amnesia 13,2 %

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The most powerful CBD flower: Super Amnesia Kush 13.2%

Straight from California, the essential Super Amnesia flower is the most popular CBD flower in the cannabis world. This hybrid resulting from a crossing of Asian and Jamaican varieties is of greenhouse culture.

It is the flower that made the benefits of CBD known to the whole world and that it is now essential to have in your collection. Predominantly Sativa, the Super Amnesia flower has all the particularities of this family: it is sweet, stimulating, stable and rich in effective CBD.

Very often mentioned for its powerful properties by all American rappers, this Super Amnesia is a THC-free flower, which therefore has no psychoactive properties.

However, it has soothing effects on many physical and psychological discomforts of the human body. Indeed, Amnesia is recognized for its effects on anxiety and physical pain.

Discover a high quality flower that you will soon not be able to do without. The best-known CBD flower on the market will free you from your worries and pains, while improving your daily well-being as well as your mental alertness.

Super Amnesia is grown in a greenhouse by professionals, in a healthy and controlled environment, in order to bring you all the best therapeutic properties of cannabidiol.

This flower has an incredible power that energizes you while making you put life into perspective. It is consumed throughout the day, especially during your moments of lack of self-confidence or low energy.

Thanks to Amnesia, you will be more awake, more focused and much more productive than usual! So here is an essential flower that you absolutely must have without its drawers.

The stability of the 13.2% CBD Super Amnesia flower

The Super Amnesia flower is the flower that accompanies you in your difficult emotional moments. It is perfect to calm your panics, your stress and your peaks of emotion.

It gives you the energy to get through a tough day and focus on the important things. With it, you are psychologically more stable and rested. Physically, it makes you feel new sensations.

You are in full control of your movements and can enjoy a moment of respite by relieving your chronic pain. A few puffs of this plant and you'll feel like you're high, without getting high!

The unique scent of the 13.2% Super Amnesia CBD flower

This fresh, sweet and spicy flower offers you original flavors, specific to its variety. Discover a bouquet that contains subtle flavors of pepper, lemon, honey and diesel.

It is complemented by an earthy aftertaste classic in CBD flowers. The Super Amnesia CBD flower is a delicate and delicious flower on the palate.

Inhaled or in your food, take advantage of this inevitable cannabidiol plant, with multiple tastes, which will seduce you from the first use!

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