Cannalope Haze CBD flower 9.3%
Cannalope Haze CBD flower 9.3%

Cannalope Haze CBD flower 9.3%

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Zoom on the lemon flower Cannalope Haze with 9.3% CBD

With a name reminiscent of tropical citrus fruits, Cannalope Haze is a sweet CBD flower that takes its consumers on a journey to a world free from all disorders psychological and physical.

Cannalope Haze is a lemon flower ideal for relieving anxiety, sleep disorders and chronic muscle pain. This flower is a great classic of CBD flowers, intended for all types of users, from the most novice to the most experienced.

It will make you spend soothing evenings thanks to its very mild rate of 9.3% CBD. That's just enough cannabidiol to make the product effective but not overwhelming.

You can therefore consume Cannalope Haze throughout the day, accompanied or alone, and enjoy its therapeutic benefits, the merits of which are confirmed by all followers.

Grown outdoors, this flower is a sativa variety that will stimulate and energize you at the same time. It's meant to help you have better days at work and at home. Overall, you'll be happier, more motivated, fitter, and more productive.

You will smile and forget all the stress and anxiety of everyday life. The premium quality Cannalope Haze CBD flower is definitely a flower to have in your collection.

It meets all standards by not containing THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, the psychoactive element of the hemp plant. With this light flower, enjoy the incredible benefits of CBD, without interrupting your day.

Cannalope Haze, a stimulating CBD flower!

The concentration level of this CBD flower speaks for itself. A concentration of 9.3% CBD means that you have a light but effective flower. By consuming it, you will discover subtle tingling sensations in the muscles.

This tingling quickly escapes to give way to a pleasant but light relaxation of your tense muscles. At the psychological level, this flower brings positivity and concentration to your days. You will be less depressed, less grumpy and happier overall.

At work, you will have more self-confidence, accomplish more tasks and forget the surrounding stress. If you consume this flower in the evening, it will help prepare you for a soft and restful sleep.

Enjoy moments of serenity, while continuing the important activities of your daily life!

The sour scent of CBD Cannalope Haze flower

CBD Cannalope Haze flower is a beautiful and elegant flower with a reasonably sour citrus taste.

The most powerful flavor that this flower carries is that of lemon. You will appreciate this original perfume from the first puff and will be able to discover the woody Skunk after-notes.

The bouquet remains discreet and very soft, but pleasantly sweet on the palate. This blend of flavors is ideal for relaxing, enjoying the moment and staying positive!

THC rate
Less than 0.2%.
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