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Of all the products used to consume CBD, oil is the most common.CBD is one of the most flexible ways to enjoy the many benefits of cannabidiol. It is easily consumed sublingually or orally. Famous CBD invites you to discover its range of high quality CBD oils.

The composition of CBD oil

CBD oil is, along with CBD e-liquid for electronic cigarette, one of the most common ways of consuming cannabidiol. Extracted from the cultivation of the cannabis sativa plant, CBD oil is composed of CBD crystals and vegetable oil. In order to enhance the taste of your CBD oil, a certain amount of terpenes is added to the production process.

The initial composition of CBD oil is not the only determinant of its quality. There is also the extraction process of this mixture of oil and crystals. It is important to know that Famous CBD oils are produced under optimal conditions to guarantee a final product of irreproachable purity.

If you consider the taste of your oil a little too strong, you can reduce it by favouring oral consumption. This involves introducing CBD oil into your diet. Hemp oil is, in fact, rich in essential fatty acids, nutrients and vitamins (vitamin E, vitamin A, linoleic acid, cholesterol, omega and gamma fats, etc.) necessary to serve as a dietary supplement. A second option is to swallow a few drops of this oil under your tongue.

Finally, CBD oil, like all vegetable oils, is intended for various uses in cosmetics as a massage oil. It can also facilitate the hydration of dry skin (in case of dehydration, coconut oil or castor oil can be used to hydrate the epidermis). Aloe vera as well as the essential amines present in argan oil are beneficial against eczema, stretch marks, acne and itching. This oil is used as hair care and also as a scalp treatment.

As a reminder, cannabidiol belongs to the cannabinoid family (CBD, CBG, TCH, etc.). It is one of the only types of cannabinoids that are not psychoactive. THC, on the other hand, is a highly psychoactive substance, i.e. it has a psychotropic effect that has a lasting effect on the human nervous system. Medical cannabis retains the positive effect of THC and rejects its negative effect. This is why THC is banned in France, but CBD is still legal and so well exploited. Our teams make sure to produce CBD oil that complies with cannabis legislation.

Benefits of CBD oil

Contrary to a widespread and unscrupulous idea, CBD is not light cannabis, a solution that allows you to get high legally. It is a substance, certainly derived from the hemp plant, but which stands out because of its many medicinal virtues. CBD is renowned in forensic medicine for its many properties. For example, it is known for its antioxidant effects and for the soothing function it can provide to its user.

In general, cannabis oil will help you reduce your stress, relieve chronic pain, fight your addiction to tobacco or cannabis, produce anti-inflammatory reactions and improve the quality of your sleep. These are just some of the main benefits associated with consuming CBD oil. Regular consumption of cold-pressed CBD oil effectively defends your immune system (by incapacitating your body's cancer cells) and boosts your metabolism, etc.

The essential oil with CBD has the advantage, among all the forms of consumption of cannabidiol, of producing the most instantaneous effects (in ten minutes maximum). It is also known to have no devastating side effects or potential health hazards for the consumer.

The legality of CBD oil

As noted above, CBD is a cannabinoid like THC. There are strict regulations on the level of CBD allowed in products intended for sale. This level is 0.2%. This low level forces manufacturers to ensure that they produce CBD oils that are 100% pure and free of THC. The regulation on the exploitation of CBD also prohibits any oil produced from hemp flowers.

Our CBD oils are produced exclusively from Indian hemp seeds and stems with an optimal therapeutic cannabis concentration and are free of THC.

Famous CBD: the best choice for buying CBD oil?

Choosing Famous CBD oils means opting for top-of-the-range and legality. So, consume our CBD oils without any problems. They will help you to become familiar with the unique taste of cannabidiol oil and its relaxing effects. We only trust the strictest, legally compliant producers. However, if you have not consulted a pharmacist, use a progressive dosage. After their production, CBD oils are controlled by professionals in order to validate the product.

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