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Can CBD improve your complexion?

CBD (cannabidiol) is a natural substance from the cannabis plant. Although it is known for its positive action against stress, anxiety and pain, it should be noted that CBD is increasingly present on the beauty and cosmetics market.

In fact, CBD has healing, soothing, anti-inflammatory and especially moisturising properties. In fact, CBD has become the new hot cosmetic ingredient and is even used by the biggest stars who want to preserve their youthful glow.

Whether in gel, oil or even cream form, CBD comes in a variety of skin textures and is also suitable for a number of uses thanks to its regenerative properties. So, can CBD really improve the appearance of your face and complexion? In this article, we explain how to enjoy the benefits of CBD for the skin.

How does CBD work on your complexion

CBD (cannabidiol) is a natural substance derived from hemp that has undergone several studies regarding its real effectiveness on improving skin texture.

With rather promising results, scientists are formal: CBD has concrete stress-reducing, analgesic and finally anti-inflammatory qualities that, at the same time, automatically affect the quality of your complexion.

In fact, you've probably seen hemp-based creams and beauty products multiplying in your favourite cosmetic shops in recent years. And for good reason, CBD is an exceptional ingredient for alleviating certain skin problems and restoring radiance.


Pimples are overwhelmingly present in teenagers, but also in adult people with oily skin. It would seem that CBD can help to soothe the skin in the long term and this, by gradually reducing the rate of sebum production which, let's remember, is the major cause of the appearance of pimples repeatedly.


The appearance of wrinkles is a natural phenomenon, usually related to the aging of the skin. Due to the aggressive activity of free radicals, the complexion becomes duller during this period and gives it a less healthy appearance.

This is where CBD comes in, as it significantly helps the skin to neutralise these aggressive molecules in order to keep a fresh complexion for as long as possible. The antioxidant properties of cannabidiol are therefore perfect for improving the appearance of an aged complexion, while gradually reducing wrinkle formation.


Hypersensitivity is a fairly common skin phenomenon. Manifesting as redness, excess sebum or even dry skin, the causes of hypersensitivity vary and differ according to each person, but are generally related to stress or even anxiety.

Thanks to its anti-stress and soothing actions, CBD can actually gradually reduce this hypersensitivity and do so by soothing the skin and preventing potential pain.

But that's not all, CBD would also be advised to relieve skin irritations, not to mention reducing potential unpleasant scabs on the face.

To note that CBD is finally, an excellent molecule regulator, for a much less dry face and consequently, a fresher, firmer and especially healthier complexion.

What are the effects of cannabidiol on bags and dark circles?

Who says pretty complexion necessarily says face without signs of fatigue and therefore, without dark circles or bags under the eyes. With very interesting and above all, very effective virtues on the face and on improving the appearance of the complexion, CBD is a particularly recommended beauty treatment. But is it really effective against dark circles?

The answer is rather positive, since professionals recommend using a CBD-based cream on a daily basis to fight against puffiness and dark circles. Indeed, thanks to its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and especially anti-ageing properties, CBD can considerably modify the appearance of the eye contour and complexion. For example:

  • It deflates and relieves dark circles little by little;
  • It blurs the various signs of aging and fatigue;
  • It promotes the proper passage of blood;
  • It prevents the oxidation and development of skin fats, especially in the face;
  • Note that CBD also has many effective properties against the various harmful signs on the face of smoking. Indeed, it boosts blood circulation and it helps to keep a harmonious, sparkling and above all fresh complexion!

    Applying cannabidiol to improve your complexion

    Using or consuming CBD in reasonable amounts is a great beauty treatment, especially when it comes to brightening and enhancing your complexion. But do you really know how to apply it? Check out our recommendations below.

    Use CBD topically

    As the name suggests, this type of application is particularly recommended for skin relief and treatment. The best solution is therefore to choose CBD-based products that you can apply directly to your skin, such as:

    • CBD-based face cream;
    • CBD-based moisturising and cooling gels;
    • CBD-based eye patches;
    • CBD oil (which you can add to your regular beauty products).

    As far as frequency is concerned, we advise you to opt for an application in the morning and evening for a few weeks as a cure. This way, you will achieve optimal results.

    For even better results, perform a massage during the local application to boost your blood circulation and reduce the risk of water retention.

    Other methods of consuming CBD

    CBD flowers, resins, crystals and oils can also be used to help keep your skin healthy. As this is not a direct application to the skin, the effects are likely to take longer to appear. However, if you make CBD part of your daily routine by choosing one of the following methods, you will certainly get amazing results in the long run. Here are some examples:

    • Infusion: To enjoy the benefits of CBD, you can use CBD flowers to make infusions. If you prefer to use CBD oil, you can pour a few drops into your tea.
    • Food: CBD flowers, resins, crystals and oils can be incorporated into all your culinary preparations. Always remember to add a fat to promote the action of cannabinoids.
    • Vaporization: Using a vaporizer is a healthy way to consume CBD flowers.

    The other benefits of CBD on the skin

    Given its numerous benefits on the appearance of the skin of the face, but also on the improvement of the complexion as well as the skin texture, CBD can be considered as a great beauty ally.

    In addition, it should be noted that CBD has other beneficial effects on the skin, the most important of which are:

    • optimising the healing process;
    • fighting and caring for burns as well as wounds;
    • relieving bites, especially insect bites;
    • the reduction of the appearance of blackheads on the face, but also on the back.
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