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CBD Oil or CBD Flower, what is the difference?

The benefits of CBD are no longer to be proven. However, it is not always easy to choose a suitable consumption solution. Find out the main differences between CBD oil and flower.

While THC has been considered the only ingredient in marijuana since its discovery, more and more scientific research is turning to the plant's other components, specifically CBD. Also known as cannabidiol, this cannabinoid is attracting a great deal of research due to its many virtues. The first is that it has no psychoactive effects, so it is perfectly possible to consume it without getting high. CBD is particularly recommended as a food supplement, but also as a medicine to treat seizures, chronic acute pain, Crohn's disease, Parkinson's disease and is even very useful for anxiety and depression. In addition, it has no undesirable side effects, which makes it safe to use. But how do you choose between the flower itself and CBD oil? In this article, we will compare the two solutions to help you make your choice.

CBD oil or CBD flower, which to choose?

Cannabidiol is now available in many forms to meet all types of needs. However, it is important to know the advantages and disadvantages of each form before making a choice.

CBD flowers what are they?

Also known as CBD buds, hemp flowers are cultivated and modified to contain as little THC as possible while retaining very interesting CBD levels. Growers have already managed to develop plans capable of naturally providing CBD-rich flowers that naturally have less than 1% THC, bearing in mind that the legal limit is set at 2%.

CBD is used for therapeutic purposes, not psychoactive. Its use is therefore particularly indicated in the treatment and care of painful or inflammatory pathologies, as the main effects of CBD act directly on these two parameters. CBD flowers contain flavonoids, but also terpenes and are very similar to marijuana flowers. Only the CBD and THC content differs greatly between the two plants. Moreover, it is possible to extract resin from the flowers to obtain a product with a high CBD concentration that maximises the benefits of the substance.

What about CBD oil in all this?

CBD oil is mainly extracted from sativa that is grown. Through a precise extraction process, it is possible to extract the cannabinoids from the plant, including CBD. The oil can then be cleaned of all traces of THC or not, depending on the desired end product. Each oil has different levels of CBD concentration, so it is important to read the information on each bottle. It is possible to find concentrated oils with more than 60% CBD, and other almost pure products that are close to 99% CBD, the price will obviously not be the same. The advantage of CBD oil is that it can be consumed directly orally, which makes it much easier to take. You can either take it directly into your diet or take it sublingually to maximise the benefits. The oil is seen as a psychotropic drug as it has no unwanted side effects and does not harm your health in any way.

CBD flowers for almost immediate action

The best way to consume your CBD flowers is still to vape them. You can therefore administer the treatment to yourself via the lungs through inhalation or vaporisation. A use that has many advantages in terms of positive effects compared to an oral administration.

In fact, it will not take you more than 10 minutes to feel the first effects of consumption. These will be more intense, as the large surface area of your lungs will allow you to assimilate a large amount of the substance simultaneously. You will therefore get effects faster and more intensely compared to CBD oil, even if you are looking to smoke or vaporise the oil itself.

CBD oil gives a better image

In sativa, it is mainly CBD that consumers are interested in. That's why producers have sought to isolate this substance through an extraction process from marijuana plants like hemp. This way you get an excellent quality of ingredients with a higher dosage of CBD through the concentration of the oil.

In fact, it takes about 500g of hemp to make 60g of CBD oil. The concentration of CBD is therefore higher than in a conventional CBD flower. Furthermore, the oil is in most cases described as hemp extract, as it is difficult to identify all the cannabinoids that are present in CBD oil.

A move that is not problematic, as numerous studies have shown that cannabidiol is most effective in the presence of the other cannabinoids naturally present with it in the plant. An oil concentrated with 70% CBD and 30% other cannabinoids and other substances will therefore be more effective at the equivalent CBD dose than a more expensive 99% concentrated CBD isolate.

Benefit from an entourage effect with CBD flower

Hemp is indeed composed of many other cannabinoids such as THC, CBN or even CBC. Although research is not yet thorough enough to understand how each component works, we do know that apart from THC, the cannabinoids do not have a psychoactive effect and that they work best when they are all together.

The extraction process of CBD oil results in some cannabinoids being lost in some cases, so the effects will be less intense, as the various components needed for good synergy will not be present in the product.

In the case of CBD flower, you are certain to get this synergistic effect with each consumption. The different substances will interact with each other to create an entourage effect that will amplify the effects and benefits of the CBD.

If you use CBD flower, you can be sure that you will get this synergistic effect with each consumption.

Is dosing easier with CBD oil?

CBD oil often comes in a bottle with all the main ingredients listed on it. Instructions related to its consumption are often provided in order to adjust consumption according to the concentration of the product and to help introduce new consumers. The bottle is usually equipped with a dropper to accurately measure the amount of CBD taken, an ideal solution for novices and perfectionists alike.

In the case of CBD flowers, dosing is much more difficult, as each flower has its own size and CBD content. Two identical shots in terms of grammage can therefore provide quite different amounts of CBD, which is not the case for CBD oil.

You now have all the information to weigh up the pros and cons between CBD flowers and CBD oil. The oil will be better suited to follow a precise treatment and dosage while the flower allows for more intense effects, but with more random dosages.

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