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Hydroponics Or Soil, What Method For A Better CBD?

In agriculture, nothing is more important than the soil or the land. This natural element on which all operations are carried out. So when it comes to growing cannabis in soil it is important to create or choose an environment that fulfils all the criteria that favour its cultivation and thus give the best quality to your plants. So what is the best soil?

Les paramètres du sol à prendre en compte pour un meilleur CBD

De manière simple, le sol est perçu comme la couche supérieure de la terre sur laquelle poussent les plantes, un mélange composé de restes organiques de particules de roches et d’argile. Il est néanmoins nécessaire de surveiller certains facteurs lorsqu’il s’agit de confectionner un environnement pour du CBD de haute qualité.

Le sol varie suivant certains paramètres c’est le cas de :

  • La rétention d’eau
  • Les éléments nutritifs
  • La texture
  • Le niveau du PH
  • Le drainage

All of these parameters will therefore influence the living conditions of the plantations, but also their taste and quality, which is why it is essential to study them well before undertaking anything.

Soil types

We've all played with soil or sand as children, so you'll have noticed the differences in appearance between soils. It is very often described as a mixture of clay, sand and silt. According to this definition we can distinguish 4 types of soils, we have:

Clay soils

Clay soil consists of fine mineral particles. It is a type of soil that is heavy and is therefore difficult to work. Clay soil is also very rich in nutrients, but also in minerals, which makes it a good candidate for organic planting operations. Clay soil retains water well, but has a poor drainage capacity.

Sandy or sandy soil

Sandy soils are coarse, yet well drained. They have poor water retention, however. When a sandy soil is watered, nutrients such as nitrogen can be washed away resulting in significant nutrient losses in the soil. However, sandy soil is easy to work with and is an excellent solution for cannabis growers. However, nutrients will need to be replenished more often to compensate for the significant losses that occur during heavy rainfall or intensive watering.

Silty soil

Loamy soil is a combination of sand, but also silt and clay with added organic compounds. It is certainly the best type of soil for growing cannabis. Indeed, due to its physical properties, it allows for ideal water retention and drainage while remaining rich in nutrients and oxygen.

Silty soils

Silty soils are medium coarse soils that are rich in minerals, but also in organic particles. A silty soil offers good water retention and has a suitable drainage system. These soils prove to be very easy to work with. In addition, the many minerals and organic substances that are naturally present make it one of the most fertile soils available.

Making your own cannabis soil

At the beginning of your cultivation you may buy your soil in a shop for advice and convenience. However your wants and needs may change over time leading you to want to make your own CBD soil. This will save you money and may even give you a better quality soil.

In this case, it would be good for you to know how to create your own homemade cannabis soil. For this you will need certain ingredients it is:

  • 1 volume of coconut fibre
  • 1 volume of vermiculite
  • 2 volumes of compost
  • ½ OR 1 volume of worm castings or humus

Next, you'll need to first sift the compost to remove any large chunks and then soak the coir fibres in hot water while checking the product instructions to determine what volume you'll get. Use a bucket or tub to mix the coir and vermiculite and then add the compost. However, check the ph value of your homemade soil it should be between 5.8 and 6.3.

This recipe is a basic tip for your grow, you can improve your soil with organic fertilizers like bat guano which is an inexpensive organic fertilizer for cannabis flowering. Making your own soil will save you a lot of money and teach you more about how your plants work. You will be able to modify the composition of your fertilizer according to the properties and subtleties you wish to bring to your production in order to optimize it, or simply to add your personal touch.

What does a loamy soil look like?

To identify a loamy soil, you should first feel it. Sandy soil on the other hand should prove very difficult to compact, while clay should form a compact ball that does not deform. When squeezing loamy soils, a ball should form to support the weight momentarily before it all collapses into small pieces. Loamy soils do not stay under weight for long, but offer good resistance in the first few moments. It is this high density and friability that makes these soils so special and so rich in nutrients.

What is the best soil for growing CBD?

When you're looking for your land, you're bound to find yourself lost with all the options available. By now you know that most of these soils are loam soils by definition. The type of soil you choose should form the basic structure that will serve as your soil. All you have to do now is look for the right micronutrients so that your plants can develop in the best possible conditions.

To answer the question, it all depends on your needs. However, you should know that you will never be better served than by yourself if you are looking for a very precise composition. In addition to being simple to make, a quality potting soil can greatly influence the quality and quantity of your production so it is an essential element not to be neglected that you should not entrust to anyone other than yourself or your collaborators.

In conclusion, the quality of the soil is of paramount importance in CBD cultivation. It must meet certain criteria in order to promote the growth of a better quality CBD. It is therefore recommended that you provide yourself with a soil that will perfectly meet the needs of your plants and will allow them to grow in good conditions for a fruitful yield. In this way, you will be able to add something extra to your production by giving it a particular flavour for example, which will remain your trademark, the one that will set you apart from the competition and make your production and its quality totally unique.

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