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Why consume cannabis without THC?

Originally from Asia, hemp seeds are grown all over the world. With the legalization of weed in some countries around the world, interest in weed without THC is growing. Discover in this article some essential information on hemp without THC.

What does cannabis without THC mean?

Among the more than 100 different chemical compounds present in the plant, the molecules of cannabidiol and THC are the best known. But what does 'THC-free' really mean?

The term 'THC-free' technically means that there is not a 'quantifiable' or 'detectable' level of THC in the product - it does not mean not that there is 0% THC. This is true for any broad-spectrum cannabidiol product on the market, since cannabidiol is derived from plants along with many other plant constituents, including other cannabinoids like THC.

Chemistry and the quality of lab equipment can help give a more precise meaning to the term "THC-free" while justifying why it is a fair term to use for certain products.

When looking at other cannabidiol products that advertise "THC-free", it's very important to dig into the Certificate of Analysis and make sure it sets the actual limit for THC.

If a Certificate of Analysis says "N/D", which means "Not Detected", instead of an actual number (e.g. 0.02% level), it should state the actual minimum threshold that it considered undetectable. If the limit of quantification is not disclosed, you don't really know at what level the THC is being tested.

Weed with THC VS weed without THC

The products derived from weed without THC and weed with THC have some differences. Cannabidiol is a non-intoxicating plant molecule. It is the second most common active ingredient after THC.

However, unlike THC, cannabidiol does not produce psychoactive effects. It does not alter the mind, emotions or behavior of the user. This means you won't get high from cannabidiol like you would from THC.

Cannabidiol and THC both affect the human brain, but in different ways. When you take the substance, it goes to the part of the brain known as cannabinoid 2 (CB2) receptors. It will then bind to CB2.

However, the action does not release dopamine as it normally would if it were THC. This is why taking cannabidiol does not trigger a high or euphoria in users.

Cannabidiol can also bind to cannabinoid 1 (CB1) receptors, but it will not not as potent as THC and CB1. For this, cannabidiol must be combined with THC so that it can bind correctly to CB1 receptors. This can help minimize the psychoactive effects of THC such as sedation or euphoria.

Another fairly well-known form of the weed is CBD resin. It has anxiolytic and healing properties. The resin attenuates the psychoactive effects of THC by providing relaxation. People with health problems such as anxiety, pain or nausea will greatly benefit from it.

Why consume hemp without THC?

Scientists have been exploring for years the possibility of using hemp without THC in the medical setting.

Cannabis without THC to slow Alzheimer's disease

Research has found memory improvements with the herb without THC which helps to curb the production of amyloid plaques in patients with Alzheimer's disease.

Cannabis without THC for inflammatory diseases

Another study has shown that cannabidiol can also help manage pain and inflammation. The researchers applied the cannabinoid to the skin of animals. This has helped reduce pain and inflammation due to arthritis.

Another study also looked at the potential of cannabidiol to inhibit inflammatory and neuropathic pain.

These are two of the most difficult types of chronic pain for patients to treat. Although these initial results are promising, more studies are needed to prove the link between cannabidiol and pain control.

Cannabis without THC for sleep disorders

THC-free weed has become an increasingly popular sleep aid, hailed by users as helping to get a restful night's sleep without the drowsiness and other side effects that come with traditional sleeping pills.

THC-free cannabis for childhood epilepsy

Cannabidiol may also hold the key to treating people with epilepsy. Research is ongoing to determine to what extent the cannabinoid may help reduce the number of seizures in epileptic patients. They are also trying to determine how safe it is to use.

In a 2016 study, researchers gave oral doses of 2–5 mg of cannabidiol daily to 214 people with epilepsy. They added the cannabinoid to the patients' already existing anti-epileptic drugs.

The researchers then followed the participants for 12 weeks, taking note of any negative side effects from the cannabidiol doses. They also noted the frequency of seizures among participants.

At the end of the program, participants had experienced 36.5% fewer seizures per month. However, 12% of patients suffered from serious adverse effects.

What effect does the herb without THC have?

The herb without THC (cannabidiol) has an anti- inflammatory and antioxidant, which may be effective against types of pain associated with oxidative stress and greater inflammation.

CBD may be non-psychotropic, but it can still cause some noticeable side effects in users. However, the compound is considered more tolerable by the body than THC, even when taken in high doses. Here are some of the most common side effects of consuming cannabidiol:

  • Dizziness;
  • Fatigue;
  • Changes in appetite;< /li>
  • Weight loss;
  • Diarrhea.

Is THC legal in France?

L grass containing THC, is illegal in France and is classified as a narcotic. However, cannabidiol products (oils etc.) are not considered a narcotic and can be used provided certain restrictions have been followed in their production.

It is worth noting that the France is the only Western country that has not banned the cultivation of hemp seeds. Growers are therefore free to experiment with their own production of cannabidiol oils.

Indeed, the popularity of cannabidiol has exploded in France and around the world, as has the number of people who use hemp seeds to produce their own CBD oils. However, as you might expect, there are certain restrictions on the production of CBD oils in France:

  • The hemp used must come from one of the few seeds or varieties approved by the government;
  • The use, possession and sale of cannabidiol is only legal if the product contains 0% THC. If the product contains THC, it may be considered a narcotic;
  • Cannabidiol consumers in France should choose products made from cannabidiol isolates to avoid falling foul of the limit of 0% THC.

The best cannabis flowers without THC on Famous CBD

We have selected for you 3 quality flowers of cannabidiol without THC in our flowers category:

This is a perfectly balanced hybrid strain in every respect. Its particular resinous consistency makes it very pleasant to consume. Its large flowers have a beautiful color, like light green with beautiful shades of orange. With its indoor cultivation, its unique richness in terpenes and its sweet citrus aroma, this cannabidiol flower will delight the taste buds of young and old! With a rate of 23% in cannabidiol and 0.18 in THC, you can get it for 4.27 € / g.

C is a flowering CBD plant with sweet and coffee notes that looks like royalty. Famous CBD strains are quality, cannabidiol-rich indoor strains that have very interesting physical properties and characteristics. As such, it is prized for its rich trichomes and fresh pine aroma, which makes it unique. Get this flower with 21.7% cannabidiol and 0.19% THC delivered from €4.27/g.

  • The Amnesia Haze flower

It is a flower that can be used not only in infusion but also in vaporization. It is one of the quality, legal and widespread indoor varieties of hemp. It has a level of 24.4% cannabidiol and 0.2% THC.

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