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Fleur CBD Gorilla Queen
Fleur CBD Gorilla Queen
Fleur CBD Gorilla Queen
Fleur CBD Gorilla Queen Fleur CBD Gorilla Queen

The queen of relaxation...

Flower CBD Gorilla Queen 21.7%

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The CBD flower that everyone is raving about

Coming from a variety of the cannabis plant endowed with sweet coffee notes, GORILLA QUEEN is a CBD flower looks royal! The version offered by Famous CBD is an indoor variety, rich in cannabidiol and provided with very interesting physical characteristics and properties. Because of this, it is appreciated as much for the abundance of its trichomes as for its fresh aroma of pine, which makes it unique.

It must be said that GORILLA QUEEN CBD flower is a big hit with consumers because of its atypical profile, making it capable of offering both potency and flavor, all in one product.

Trip with a force of nature

It is in GORILLA QUEEN, more than in other kinds of CBD flowers, that we find all the power of nature. In terms of its aromas, it first asserts its character by revealing woody flavors of pine then evolves on delicately earthy flavors. In addition, it also offers a touch of citrus to bring the final sweet note that everyone expects and that largely makes the difference!

It's impossible not to fall under the spell of such a success story...

it CBD content is 21.7% and its THC content is 0.19%.

An original flower to hold on to

Delightfully fragrant and fearsomely effective, GORILLA QUEEN is a CBD flower with strong, intense and fresh aromas. It is widely recognized as having similar characteristics to THC-rich strains but without the psychotropic effect. Its taste is at the same time rich, soft and enveloping. Moreover, it is one of those which leave you an aftertaste in mouth, to be sure not to be forgotten. In this case, you will keep notes of wood combined with pine, with a strong presence of citrus and ripe fruit.

It effects are not less confusing because its high concentration of CBD makes it very effective in terms of relaxation. Intense and immediate, like the flower it is, its benefits will not leave you indifferent. Prized for its anti-pain and soothing effect, it makes it easy to fight insomnia and muscle recovery after a big sports session.

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