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What is the CBD flower?

The use of the CBD flower is becoming more and more widespread and is proving its worth, not least because of its position in the classification of medicinal plants. Discover this misunderstood and mysterious flower that is hemp!

The CBD flower and its characteristics

The CBD flower is one of the varieties of cannabinaceous plants that benefit from legalization thanks to its many virtues. This is the time to learn more about the hemp flower...

What is the CBD flower?

The CBD flower comes from the Cannabis Sativa L plant, better known as hemp. This cannabis CBD flower is included in the list of new substances allowed under European regulations. Often confused with the THC cannabis flower, it does not contain the same level of psychotropic drugs, therefore it does not "get high" and is only soothing. Hemp is a cannabinoid plant well known to industries, even more so nowadays with the energy transition, as it is ecological and economical.

The different varieties CBD of cannabis flowers

As with all plants, there are several varieties of CBD cannabis flowers. You will find two types of flowers:

  • The CBD sativa flower: this is a variety native to Africa or Asia, as it thrives in tropical climates. It has a wide range of aromas and is suitable for people who wish to have a stimulating effect as sativa offers more energy;
  • The CBD indica flower: unlike its neighbour, the indica grows on the mountains of India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. This hemp produces more flowers since it grows as a bush. Its flowers are stronger than sativa and has a high CBD content. The CBD indica flower, on the contrary, has a soothing effect.

Cultivation of the CBD cannabis flower

Hemp is a plant with certain characteristics... First of all, there are male and female plants, only a female hemp plant can produce the CBD cannabis flower which contains a nectar of molecules beneficial to health.

Cultivation starts with hemp seeds... The hemp seed is grown as seed to be fully utilized. When they reach maturity, the plants are harvested, cleaned, sometimes dried and marketed.

The CBD cannabis flower is a low-maintenance crop, it sanitizes the soil with little need for water and fertilizer. This is why it is a hope for industrialists looking for robust and environmentally friendly materials. We then speak of industrial hemp or Indian hemp, it has several types of production: outdoor, indoor and under glass.

As far as controls are concerned, the cultivated hemp is regularly checked to comply with article R.5132-86 of the Public Health Code. During these tests, the delta-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content is checked and must be below 0.2% to avoid a psychotropic effect or substance.

The effects and use of the CBD cannabis flower

The CBD flower has a wide range of uses... It serves as a component for sustainable materials in the construction world. It allows the creation of solid fabrics in the nautical world and seduces by its ability to create decorative or practical objects with less plastic. The CBD cannabis flower is even present in the food industry thanks to its many nutrients such as omegas, vitamins, minerals with beneficial fatty acids, we talk about hemp seed. It accompanies salads, sauces, integrates into the meal and helps to obtain a good level of essential fatty acids.

But it is mainly found in the form of oils, serums, creams or hydrolats in the cosmetics industry. Indeed, the CBD flower has a high content of vitamin E, linoleic fatty acid such as omega-6 and this without psychoactive. The composition of the CBD flower is composed of polyunsaturates capable of reducing the development of free radicals, which promotes the development of cells and reduces aging. You can mix it with linseed oil, argan oil, coconut oil or essential oil to compose an oil to slow down the appearance of wrinkles. Hemp is therefore an antioxidant!

The interesting ratio between the acids, oils and different nutrients of organic hemp oil helps to make herbal cosmetics pleasant for dry or sensitive skin. CBD flower oil is terpene free and is used in the composition of a recreational product such as the health care balm. In addition, it is an organic and vegan product that can reduce acne, fatigue, and even cholesterol.

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