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Orange Bud Indoor CBD Flower 25%
Orange Bud Indoor CBD Flower 25%
When buying CBD products, it is important to take into account the differences between CBD and THC levels, as both levels affect the effects. All our CBD products are legal and contain less than 0.3% THC. For an optimal therapeutic experience, we invite you to choose products with a higher concentration of cannabidiol. In fact, the higher the CBD content, the more powerful the benefits of hemp. By ordering your CBD products from Famous CBD, you get the best therapeutic effects of CBD without worrying about the legal aspects and consequences.

CBD Flower Orange Bud Indoor 25%

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Aromatic power
Anti-anxiety effect
Relaxing effect
Muscle recovery

Description of Orange Bud CBD Flower 25%

The Orange Bud CBD flower is a hemp plant with pure genetics and essential in the world of cannabidiol. The success of this 100% Skunk flower is huge and well deserved!

In addition to incredible fruity and sweet flavors in the mouth, Orange Bud provides sensations of phenomenal power. With an exceptionally high level of active cannabidiol, this flower has very rare therapeutic properties, which is why it is so coveted.

Grown in ideal greenhouse conditions, in a balanced and controlled environment, this flower has many beneficial nutrients that you will benefit from when consumed.

Indeed, this organic flower, whose formula dates back to the 1980s, provides you with omega-3s, fatty acids, precious minerals and vitamins.

A health combo that you don't suspect at first sight! Discover this variety of CBD flower from the sativa family very rich in CBD, and enjoy pleasant benefits.

Be more energetic, more focused and more creative, while calming your nervous system as well as the disorders that prevent you from moving forward in your day and in your life. Be less stressed, less anxious and much more positive in general.

Thanks to Orange Bud, gain in sociability and finally have great self-confidence! The Orange Bud is a bestseller not to be missed if you like exotic plants!

The Powerful Therapeutic Effects of CBG Orange Bud Indoor Flower 25%

While a classic CBD flower offers between 10 and 12% concentration of CBD, Orange Bud offers an exceptional rate of 25% CBD. This concentration is therefore very rare and propels this flower into the top of the most powerful flowers in the world of cannabidiol.

Without psychotropic effect because without THC, the Orange Bud flower transports you to the world of intense and deep relaxation with completely natural and harmless products.

After consuming it, you will immediately feel relaxation in mind and body. This flower is known to relax you on the social level of the term. You will be happy and can chat with everyone without stress.

Your brain activity will be more vivid and precise. You will be aware of your surroundings, and enjoy every moment.

Do not hesitate to consume this flower to give a boost to your days or to give you more energy at times when you lack it. Finally, this flower is recommended to relieve the symptoms of depression or insomnia.

The exotic aromas of the flower CBG Orange Bud Indoor 25%

The Orange Bud CBD flower has a very descriptive name, which means Orange Bud in English. Indeed, its buds are a bright orange color, decorated with beautiful orange pistils as well.

It is these pistils that help in the production of the valuable cannabidiol. The strong taste of citrus, orange and sandalwood is not overwhelming, even very pleasant. Immediately test this flower with its good taste, exquisite smell, and super powerful effects!

Famous CBD
Orange Bud
CBD rate
Type de culture
Type of flowers
Compact flowers
Very strong
Citrus, orange, woody
Relaxation, Stress & Anxiety, Sleep, Inflammation
For sprays, infusions and cooking
Storage life
6 months after opening
Conservation tip
In a cool, dry place, protected from light
Hermetically sealed bags from 5g to 100g

Reviews of CBD Flower Orange Bud Indoor 25%

Customer reviews

Reviews about this product

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  • 5

    Very good (Translated review)

  • 5

    top j adore une valeur sur

  • 5

    top j'adore une valeur sur (Translated review)

  • 5

    the best CBD if you look at the CDD content per gram. My favourite. (Translated review)

  • 5

    le meilleur CBD si l'on regarde le taux de CDD par gramme. Ma préférée.

  • 5

    Simply the strongest CBD ever! At a reasonable price. (Translated review)

  • 5

    Simplement le plus fort des CBD ! À prix raisonnable.

  • 4

    This flower has a very pleasant fruity taste when sprayed. I recommend it? (Translated review)

  • 4

    Cette fleur a un très bon goût fruité agréable quand l'ont le vaporise .. Je le recommande ??

  • 4

    ...................... (Translated review)

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