Fleur CBD Royal Cheese 17.4%
Fleur CBD Royal Cheese 17.4%

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The Greenhouse version that doesn't go unnoticed...

Fleur CBD Royal Cheese 17.4%

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A true rebel to travel anywhere with

Original CHEESE was developed in the UK during the 1980s by a team of geneticists. Often imitated but never equaled, it is the one that later gave birth to ROYAL CHEESE, which is a feminized variation of it, resulting from a cross of Old School Skunk and Afghani seeds. This last one allows a faster growth for flavors always as rich!

Stemming from the legendary Skunk, ROYAL CHEESE is far from being a pale copy of its elder, which it prefers to match and for some even exceed... After winning a Cannabis Cup, this CBD flower has remained a legendary variety in the eyes of all consumers. Its characteristic scent and powerful cheese-like flavors make it impossible to get enough of it.

Cannabis Cup

Rich in cannabidiol, it will reduce your stress and anxiety, while helping you sleep as well as promoting a state of full serenity.

Has a CBD content of 17.4% and a THC content of 0.18%.

Mythical aromas for a flower with character

This hybrid CBD flower is slightly Indica dominant (up to 60%), known for its soothing effects and 40% Sativa. Thus, it will know perfect to relax you and will not fail to make you forget all your worries (or almost).

While its name reminds us of its cheesy aromas, ROYAL CHEESE's terpene profile is much broader. In fact, in addition to its pungent, earthy, skunk-like quality, this creamy-sweet tasting strain reveals citrus and even peppery spice notes to please and surprise no matter how much you know.

Grown in greenhouses with the utmost care and without pesticides, ROYAL CHEESE comes in dense, semi-compact heads of dark green color. Its pistils are orange and can be distinguished very easily. This method of cultivation guarantees the preservation of the balance of its delicate hybridization made on Swiss soil.

A variety that owes its wonderful taste only to nature and the know-how of producers. To be enjoyed as a vaporization or infusion for a prolonged and diffused soothing effect.

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