Fleur de CBD G13 Haze 19,3 %
Fleur de CBD G13 Haze 19,3 %

CBD Flower G13 Haze 19.3%

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The variety of CBD Flower G13 Haze 19.3%

The famous CBD Flower G13 Haze 19.3% is a flower with a delicious sweet taste, possessing the potency of a sativa variety and the elegant appearance of a Greenhouse flower.

This flower is a combination of G13 and Hawaiian Haze genetics, which CBD enthusiasts are very fond of because they know that it offers very powerful daily relaxing effects.

Indeed, with its high level of 19.3% CBD, this strain is ideal for stimulating the senses while relaxing the muscles in a matter of minutes.

This Greenhouse flower, cultivated by the best hemp professionals, has received all the attention necessary to obtain the minerals and nutrients necessary for the good growth of its buds.

Thanks to this particular care, the G13 Haze 19.3% grows in ideal conditions for the development of trichomes full of resin very loaded with quality CBD. The G13 Haze 19.3% flower also attracts with the originality of its bouquet. Indeed, it has a pleasant pungent and sweet smell at the same time.

This flower is ideal for spending pleasant peaceful evenings, without psychotropic effects. It does not have THC, but only powerful therapeutic elements such as cannabidiol or CBD. In terms of its effects, G13 Haze is known to soothe pain, increase good mood and make its consumers very creative.

The Profound Effects of CBD G13 Haze Flower 19.3%

Like all sativa strains, CBD G13 Haze Flower has powerful soothing therapeutic properties. It is widely used to fight against stress, anxiety, anxiety and even panic attacks.

But his contribution does not stop there. This flower is also very loaded with active ingredients that act deep in the body to reduce the discomfort associated with inflammation and intestinal problems.

Highly recommended if you have nausea, stomach aches or digestive problems, G13 Haze can relieve you of a wide variety of physical discomforts.

After having tested it, you will be conquered by its softness and the effectiveness of its action on you. You'll be healthier, have less trouble sleeping, and be able to get more done than usual.

By relieving yourself of your physical and mental discomfort, you will have the opportunity to give way to overflowing creativity. You will be stimulated, productive and relaxed at the same time!

The original fragrance of CBD G13 Haze 19.3%

CBD Haze 19.3% flower is an original variety, whose fragrance is very particular. Indeed, it combines pungent and sweet scents, offering a charming combo.

You will notice citrus flavors as well as a very present orange taste, all enhanced by subtle hints of spicy sandalwood. You will be surprised by its sweetness because despite this original mixture, the flower is not at all heady! Enjoy these delicious flavors any time of the day.

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