MoonRock CBD Flower 70%
MoonRock CBD Flower 70%

MoonRock CBD Flower 70%

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Theoriginal MoonRock CBD Flower 70%

MoonRock is an exceptional CBD flower whose effects are rare and highly valued in the cannabis community. This flower, called the moonstone of marijuana, is a rock star with nothing left to prove.

It offers a powerful experience of relaxation and well-being to consumers who love high-end and very intense products. The MoonRock is a sophisticated flower that becomes a small magic stone whose manufacturing method is original and creative. It offers a different way to consume CBD.

With an incredible 70% CBD content, MoonRock is a CBD concentrate that offers a real experience you won't get with any other cannabidiol flower.

This flower will not make you high, because it has only a very low level of THC, within the legal limit, which has no psychoactive effect. However, it has very concentrated active ingredients that offer beneficial therapeutic properties for your mind and body. This premium product is a CBD derivative not to be missed.

Soaked in CBD pollen, this powdery stone looks like a small white moon, hence its name moonstone in English (MoonRock). Add to your collection this rare and exceptional product, whose effects will surprise you from the first use!

What is CBD pollen?

MoonRock is soaked in CBD pollen, which is why it's so potent. Not only does it have its own level of CBD, but it also benefits from the CBD found in the pollen.

But what is CBD pollen? CBD pollen is a fine powder full of terpenes, obtained by the production of the trichomes of the CBD flower. These terpenes are obtained during its extraction from the hemp plant. CBD pollen is therefore more concentrated in cannabidiol than CBD flowers.

MoonRock: The most potent CBD flower

Hang on, because MoonRock CBD flower is reputed to be the most potent CBD-derived product in the cannabis universe, even more so than resin or cannabis seedscannabidiol isolates.

Indeed, its CBD level can go up to 80% and its effects are just incredible. MoonRock offers intense mental and physical relaxation effects in just a few minutes.

After consuming it, you will forget all your worries, you will be more serene and relaxed. The MoonRock relieves stress, pressure, moments of panic and anxiety in general.

At the physical level, get ready to discover new sensations. In addition to relaxing your muscles completely, this flower will relieve your physical spasms, cramps or involuntary contractions.

If you have pain due to intense physical activity or illness, the analgesic effect of this natural plant will relieve you immediately. Finally, MoonRock is ideal for soothing severe headaches that spoil daily life as well as sleep problems.

How to use MoonRock CBD Flower 70%?

Like all other CBD flowers, the ideal method of consumption of Moorock is inhalation. Simply crack the crust off the flower, and add the fragments to your bong, pipe or vaporizer.

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