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Cannabis oil : complete guide

Regularly at the heart of current affairs in France, the consumption of cannabis-based products continues to be debated, to the point of no longer knowing how to consume this type of natural product with many benefits for the body and the mind (to knowing how to determine its ideal dosage). This is what we will discuss in this article: the properties of cannabis, and more specifically the favorite product of consumers in France: CBD oil.

What is cannabis oil?

Cannabis oil is a product made from cannabidiol (CBD), a molecule belonging to the cannabinoid family, directly extracted from the hemp plant. In France, hemp cultivation areas have continued to grow over the years; there are more than 21,000 Ha of hemp on our French agricultural land, an expanding economic fabric that allows us to participate in the development of many processes such as the construction of buildings, ropes or the expansion of the textile industry. 

Gradually, cannabis once considered a drug, has become a therapeutic tool within everyone's reach, to relieve our health problems such as inflammation and pain, in order to improve the quality of life of users. It is thanks to scientific advances that CBD has been recognized as a natural solution with many medicinal benefits, validated and legalized in many countries around the world. It comes in various forms and dosages, from CBD flowers, to oils, to cosmetic treatments. However, its use must remain supervised and regulated in order to avoid any abuse and health risk among consumers.

Producing cannabis oil 

Cannabis production is carried out in several distinct stages:

  1. First, the hemp is planted in deep soil during the spring period (March/April).
  2. Then, after the growth phase in June and the flowering phase in August, it is the turn of the hemp harvest with a harvester to collect the seeds and a baler to make bales with the straw.
  3. Then, the third step comes down to the drying process using a specific dryer by suspending, upside down, the hemp branches.
  4. The fourth and final step is defined as the grinding of the plants into a fine powder which serves as the basis for the extraction of the CBD.


The CBD Collection System

The presence of THC depends on the extraction process carried out before the manufacture of the final product, whether it is seeds of CBD-flowers, capsules or resins. Generally carried out after the harvest and drying period, the extraction of CBD is a technical method that can be carried out using 3 different processes.

Cannabidiol extraction by CO2

the CO2 is heated and compressed until it reaches a liquid and gaseous form, called the "supercritical state", which allows it to extract compounds from the hemp plant, including CBD . Once the CBD of the plant dissolves, the CO2 is eliminated in gaseous form, giving rise to cannabis oil. This cannabidiol extraction process is considered precise and efficient, as it produces pure and qualitative CBD oil, without resorting to the use of toxic chemicals for human health and the environment.

The solvent extraction method

The method consists of using diluents such as butane or ethanol. The hemp plant is soaked in this mixture based on solvents which makes it possible to extract the cannabidiol from the other compounds of the plant including THC. We then witness the evaporation of the solvent which gives way to a liquid substance: CBD oil. This method is prioritized by the industrial sector, which relies on the production of CBD oils in large quantities and of superior quality. However, it is a complex and costly process that must be carried out with the greatest care in order to leave no residue in the final product, a source of toxicity for the human organism.

The ultrasound process

With this method, high intensity sound frequencies are used, at the limit of human hearing capabilities, around 20 kHz. Using a piezoelectric transducer, a sound signal is created that travels through a solvent to the hemp plant. The plant undergoes kinds of internal breaks that release its organic compounds such as CBD. It is a reliable and fast method that respects the environment, but requires technical and expensive equipment.

After mining

Once the cannabidiol has been extracted, it is possible to totally or partially eliminate the THC level in order to design isolated CBD or broad-spectrum products that comply with European legal standards. Indeed, the authorized legal limit is 0.3% maximum of THC in the cannabidiol-based product, under penalty of criminal prosecution, fines and seizure of the products. This phase is called "CBD purification" and it ensures that unwanted substances and impurities are removed through processes such as distillation, chemical degradation or chromatography.

Finally, the last step in the production of CBD oil is the carrying out of tests to obtain certification in accordance with the quality and purity standards of the cannabidiol-based product in force. It is thanks to this quality certification that the product can undergo the packaging and marketing phases.

Who is cannabis oil intended for?

CBD oils are intended for a panel of people with varied profiles, such as children, adults, athletes or sedentary people when they feel the need to benefit from the therapeutic effects of CBD in their daily lives. Indeed, devoid of THC (or with an excessively low rate), CBD oil has such exceptional healing properties, that it has allowed it to gain popularity around the world in the last decade. 

Considered a physical and mental well-being product, CBD oil is a dietary supplement that can easily be taken into the rhythm of an adult's life. In the morning to reduce the impact of pain or in the evening to find a state of tranquility conducive to sleep, cannabidiol oil actively participates in the relief of stress, inflammation and nocturnal nervousness. In children, this cannabinoid-derived oil is effective in reducing epileptic seizures (including Dravert syndrome), reducing hyperactivity and improving concentration. 

However, a fair dosage must be found for minors and their entourage, in order to ensure that they benefit from its medicinal power without creating drug interaction. To do this, it is advisable to call on a health professional (general practitioner, naturopath) who has the skills and know-how necessary to guide you on the right amount necessary to obtain benefits for your health, without the risk of harming you!

The effects of CBD oil on health

If the use of cannabis for therapeutic purposes has become more democratic all over the world in recent years, it is because it represents a natural and economical alternative to many everyday ailments, sources of physical and mental discomfort for millions. of patients across the globe. In the USA, almost 1 in 2 patients have stopped their drug treatments to make use of the virtues of CBD. In France, thousands of patients supplement the curative action of their medicines with CBD-based products such as oils, whether by personal choice or by being guided by health professionals who follow the evolution of their disease and his symptoms.

A calming of sleep cycles

When we know that 1 in 3 people in France suffer from chronic sleep disorders, we can easily guess that the use of natural methods seems more beneficial in the long term than the use of sleeping pills and anxiolytics. And for good reason, sleep belongs to the essential biological functions that ensure human beings maintain a balance in life, conducive to maintaining overall good health. Indeed, people often exposed to sleep disorders are more prone to mood swings, lack of vitality and a decrease in their mental (concentration) and physical (muscle weakness) performance. 

Thus, CBD oil and its reduced THC content helps regulate the rhythm of sleep and its quality. Thanks to the connection of cannabidiol with the proteins located on the surface of our cells (the receptors of the endocannabinoid system), CBD helps in the management of wakefulness and sleep cycles and helps reduce the risk of insomnia. A recent study carried out in France with a group of 70 patients showed the beneficial effect of a cannabis-based treatment on the quality of sleep. The group was divided in two, so that the first part received a treatment based on cannabidiol, while the other 35 patients received a placebo. The results are clear: people who have been treated with CBD have reported a marked decrease in their anxiety and an improvement in their sleep, with fewer nocturnal awakenings. 

In short, it is an alternative to test for lovers of natural care who want to reduce the use of sleeping pills and anxiolytics, which are harmful to human health over time, particularly from a renal and hepatic point of view. It is advisable to start with a minimal dosage in addition to its usual treatment, then to increase the dose if necessary until completely replacing the taking of the drugs. Do not hesitate to seek advice from a medical professional, able to provide you with personalized advice in order to integrate this cannabinoid derivative into your routine!

An ally against mood disorders

Mood disorders, whether or not diagnosed by a doctor, are responsible for emotional instability that can lead to other uncomfortable mental states such as depression or bipolar disorder. A person prone to mood disorders faces symptoms of varying duration and intensity that need to be treated so that it does not encroach on their personal and professional sphere. The low THC content in CBD oil does not produce any psychoactive effects on consumers and even reduces the extent of mood swings in their daily lives. 

Despite recent research on the mechanism of action of CBD on human health and the inevitable need to pursue it, it appears that cannabidiol would act on the neurotransmitters present in the brain, including dopamine (pleasure hormone and painkiller ), GABA and serotonin (happiness hormone). Thus, consumers who use cannabis oil expose themselves to a considerable reduction in their state of anxiety, as well as an improvement in their capacity for emotional management. This does not prevent patients with mood disorders from including their CBD oil intake in a complementary therapeutic approach to psychotherapy or regular medical monitoring. 

A natural painkiller

This is one of the most appreciated virtues of cannabidiol-based products: the analgesic and/or anti-inflammatory effect. Indeed, some scientific data are unanimous on the fact that products containing CBD such as oils, capsules or resins provide remarkable efficacy on inflammation and pain. When we know that the consumption of painkillers (and even opioids) is growing every year and that some French people say they are "addicted" to analgesics to soothe their painful ailments, CBD oil appears as an additional relief alternative.

The benefits of CBD oil are felt as much on acute pain (following a muscle injury, a fall, surgery for example), as on so-called chronic pain, that is to say secondary to the diagnosis of a pathology. Indeed, the cannabidiol molecule reduces the sensations of pain felt throughout the body, whether or not consecutive to an inflammatory process. Thus, a person suffering from menstrual pain or muscle fatigue can use it as much as a patient with an inflammatory disease such as multiple sclerosis, arthritis or Crohn's disease.

A stress shield

Frequently encountered among the majority of French people, the state of stress is known to accelerate the oxidation of our cellular system. In other words, dealing with stress or anxiety on a daily basis promotes the aging of our entire body, from head to toe! To counter this unpleasant feeling that does not leave us, CBD oil is an excellent therapeutic tool!

Technically, this is explained by a regulation of the CB1 and CB2 receptors, which results in a modification of the level of cortisol, a hormone released in the body during a stressful period. Used alone or in addition to other calming techniques such as meditation, sophrology or group therapy, CBD allows stressed people to learn how to better manage this emotional imbalance that disrupts our daily lives.

A promise of weight loss

A recurring wish in the discourse of women and men across France, weight loss is not always an easy goal to achieve. In addition to draconian diets which produce a "yo-yo" effect in subjects a few months after stopping the diet, it is possible to turn to CBD oil with slimming properties. Indeed, cannabidiol would have a direct influence on the storage of fats as well as the feeling of satiety, felt after the release of a hormone: leptin. It is the CB1 receptors that have the role of fat management and appetite control; by entering into connection with these receptors, CBD helps reduce hunger and decreases energy storage, responsible for significant weight gain over time.

Note that CBD products also have beneficial powers on other medical levels such as skin radiance or even mental disorders. Taking these natural products must be accompanied by a positive lifestyle, which includes a diet adapted to your daily needs, but also regular physical activity.

What method for optimal use of CBD oil?

There are several ways to use CBD oils in your routine:

  • Sublingual administration: this involves applying a few drops of CBD under the tongue and then swallowing the liquid after 60 seconds in order to increase the speed of its effects on the body.
  • Adding to your food bowl: it is possible to pour a few drops of CBD on your plate, on food or in drinks. Tactical process for people who fear the taste of CBD oil!
  • In cutaneous application: pour a few drops on a painful part of the body and massage it until total penetration of the product in order to feel the anti-inflammatory effects.


What dosage of CBD?

As mentioned previously, it is initially advisable to start with the minimal dosage, that is to say from 0.5 mg to 10 mg of cannabidiol per day and this, for several consecutive weeks in order to observe its impact on the disorders of the sleep, stress or pain. Gradually, if the desired effect does not meet your expectations, you can increase the daily dose and go to a dosage of between 10 mg and 100 mg/day. Therefore, take the time to assess the change in effectiveness over several weeks on your health. 

Finally, there is a stronger dosage between 100 mg and 800 mg per day, exclusively reserved for people with multiple painful chronic diseases such as cancer, liver disease or epilepsy. In these cases, it is mandatory to have a prescription that will serve as proof of use of CBD for medical purposes.

Les articles et autres fiches produits en ligne sur notre site web ne représentent en aucun cas des conseils médicaux. Avant toute consommation d'un produit CBD nous vous conseillons de prendre contact avec votre médecin et de lui demander son avis.
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