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CBD oil: 6 ways to consume it.

CBD is a molecule rich in benefits that can soothe the mind and protect the body. Widely appreciated, every day it is gaining new followers.

So, the least you can do is to explain how to consume CBD oil in order to get the most out of its properties!

The oil of CBD is consumed:

  • By ingestion of capsules
  • By ingestion of capsules
  • By sublingual administration of CBD oil
  • Through the dishes you cook
  • As a cosmetic product, by cutaneous route
  • By vaporization with an electronic cigarette

Consuming CBD oil orally

CBD oil has a particular taste that is quite greasy and green, which probably explains why many people prefer to consume it orally in the form of capsules or pills.

One capsule contains about ten drops of CBD oil. The difference with the bottle of oil is that a direct absorption under the tongue will be much faster.

With a CBD capsule, it takes time for the capsule to sink into the stomach and be dissolved by the acids present there. Only then is the CBD absorbed by the stomach. The absorption is therefore staggered in relation to the intake, and more spread out over time.

On the other hand you do not feel the taste of the CBD. If you do not like it, this is the ideal solution.

Finally, it can be noted that with capsules or capsules, you no longer have to worry about the dosage. Indeed your doses are ready immediately.

Place the drops of cannabidiol oil under the tongue.

The bravest can opt for sublingual administration! Simply place a few drops of CBD oil under the tongue before drinking a large glass of water.

Before emptying the glass of water, be sure to keep the drops in the mouth for 2 minutes so that the molecule reaches the endocannabinoid receptors in the brain.

With this mode of administration, absorption is rapid and occurs via the oral mucosa. You will also experience the aroma of CBD.

Usually the intake of 1 to 2 drops, 1 to 2 times a day is classical and already allows to exploit the active ingredients of the vegetable oil.

huile cbd administration sublinguale

Using CBD oil in the kitchen

For the more creative ones, cannabidiol oil is used, just like coconut oil and some vegetable oils, in the kitchen.

To do so, give free rein to your creativity and launch yourself into a creative recipe that includes CBD oil. However, be careful to remain reasonable and be content with only a few drops.

A scientific study has found that the bioavailability of CBD is about 5 times better when taking a meal that is very high in fat. Although absorption was faster, the length of time CBD was present in the body did not change with this meal.

CBD reaches its maximum concentration after about 4 to 5 hours under normal circumstances, and in 1 hour with a very fatty meal.

Apply CBD oil dermally

CBD oil, just like hemp oil or castor oil, is used in the cosmetics industry and is used in the composition of many face, body and hair products.

Its benefits also have a soothing effect after application through the skin. To make it simple, this mode of consumption allows you to hydrate and relax with the help of CBD, convenient and two in one!

In addition to its antioxidant effects, CBD oil in the form of cosmetics allows the hydration of dry skin.

Spray Cannabidiol Oil

If you have an electronic cigarette, you can vaporize the CBD oil. Indeed, the latter can flavor your e-liquid.

Simply dilute 1 or 2 drops in your favorite e-liquid to enjoy its effects by vaporizing as usual.

It is a beneficial aroma with a unique taste capable of quickly disseminating its benefits in your body.

The properties of CBD oil

Recently made famous, CBD oil is seducing more and more consumers and this craze is explained by the many benefits delivered by this non-psychoactive molecule.

In other words, CBD has many properties for body and mind, it is not classified as a narcotic, unlike the neighbouring component of Cannabis Sativa: THC.

Here are the different virtues of cannabidiol:

  • It has anti-inflammatory properties;
  • It relieves pain;
  • It slows down physical and mental aging;
  • It cures problems of anxiety and depression;
  • It's involved in the treatment of heart disease;
  • It is used in cancer and helps patients cope with chemotherapy;
  • It appears as a treatment for certain skin diseases or infections.

For the time being, this exhaustive list continues to grow as many researchers are currently studying the CBD case.

A visibly promising vegetal component.

What should not be done with CBD oil?

Although the consumption of CBD oil benefits from controlled legalisation in France, certain uses are still prohibited.

This is the case, for example, for the consumption of CBD flowers rich in oil. It resembles being mistaken for THC-rich cannabis, which is part of the drug family.

Smoking the cannabis flower is therefore against the law, and smoking CBD oil is not recommended.

Indeed, the combustion generates the spread of toxic substances such as carbon monoxide or tars.

Another thing to know: never vaporize cannabis oil. Why not? Simply because it uses a carrier made of olive oil.

The olive is a fruit rich in lipids which, when consumed by inhalation, can cause many undesirable effects and lead to serious lung diseases.

Then, like essential oils, cannabidiol oil is not recommended for pregnant women, just as it cannot replace medical treatment.

Moreover, if you are undergoing specific treatment, consult your doctor before ingesting CBD oil, in order to know the presence of possible contraindications .

Les articles et autres fiches produits en ligne sur notre site web ne représentent en aucun cas des conseils médicaux. Avant toute consommation d'un produit CBD nous vous conseillons de prendre contact avec votre médecin et de lui demander son avis.
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