Fleur CBD Budda Zen 19.5%
Fleur CBD Budda Zen 19.5%

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Will you have some pineapple, mango and greens to wash away your headache?

Fleur CBD Budda Zen 19.5%

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No more headaches and take our high quality CBD flower heads instead

Are you prone to headaches and easily feel stressed or even overwhelmed? For sure, you will love this variety of CBD flower capable of soothing both your various pains and migraines, while allowing you to relax. With it, say goodbye to anxiety and stress peaks! Thanks to its composition rich in cannabidiol, it will seduce you as well by its light tropical taste, as by its effectiveness... It will be besides also a perfect ally for the muscular recovery, with incredible aromas in bonus!"

Exotic and friendly

The greedy, fruity aromas are present enough to immediately stand out to the most sensitive palates, but they're subdued enough to please even the more neutral flavor aficionados. This just gives it a little extra pep without overpowering the earthy, grassy side of this indoor-grown variety.

It CBD content is equal to 19.5% and her THC content is 0.17%.

Why consume our Budda Zen CBD flower? 

As an excellent anti-stress remedy, CBD flowers like BUDDA ZEN have the ability to reduce anxiety and improve sleep quality. Among the many benefits you can enjoy by consuming our CBD flowers, we find:

  • Fighting sleep disorders,
  • Reducing stress and anxiety,
  • Relaxation,
  • Anti-inflammatory properties,
  • The reduction of pain such as painful periods, joints or other chronic pain.

The different ways to consume our CBD flowers

  • In vaporization

This is a good solution to feel the effects of cannabidiol quickly. This way you'll preserve all of the cannabinoids and flavors, so it's all good!"

  • In infusion

If you are not equipped with a vapo or you are a fan of infusions, you may also very well decide to consume our CBD flowers in this way. To do this, put the flowers in the oven for 30 minutes, at 100 degrees. This will allow to realize a decarboxylation. Then, you will just have to boil some water and add your flowers that you will let infuse in a tea ball. Add to it a fat like vegetable milk, butter or even oil because, the CBD being lipophilic, needs lipids to release all its benefits.

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