Asteroid CBD 85%
Asteroid CBD 85%

Asteroid CBD 85%

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The unique power of the Asteroid Meteor CBD Flower

Discover the Asteroid Meteor, a flower coated with CBD crystals whose potency is rare on the cannabis market. With a concentration of 85%, this flower is a highly sought-after variety by fans of powerful CBD products.

It will propel you into the world of extreme relaxation in an instant, and free you from all your mental ailments as well as your physical pains.

This little CBD bomb is made from famous hemp plant varieties. Its very particular manufacturing process gives it this high content of active ingredients.

In short, the flower buds are coated in a magical CBD wax and then dipped in an explosive powder of pollen. Then, the flower is dried and then crystallized, in order to obtain a particularly high level of CBD, with even stronger aromas and effects! In addition to its explosive effect, the elegant appearance of this product also appeals to its consumers.

Hard and compact, the flower looks like an asteroid straight from space. Be conquered by this small powdery stone with explosive effects. The Asteroid Meteor is suitable for savvy consumers who are used to potent CBD products or who are ready to be rocked after the first puff!

The Asteroid Meteor and its explosive benefits

The power of the therapeutic effects of this CBD stone are difficult to describe as they are numerous and varied. Asteroid Meteor flower is an ultra potent concentrate of cannabidiol actives.

As a result, it allows users to experience unique mind and body benefits in record time. From the first puff, you will feel sensations that you have never had before. Your body becomes slightly numb to finally regain exceptional strength and vigor.

Your brain is completely free of all negative thoughts. You can finally enjoy a moment of calm and serenity, at any time of the day. Consuming the Asteroid Meteor is an experience in its own right that should not be taken lightly.

Keep in mind that this CBD flower is not psychoactive because it does not contain THC. It is quite simply very powerful in CBD, a harmless element of the cannabis plant.

The Asteroid Meteor is a true concentrate of medicinal benefits, without any psychoactive side effects!

A blend of floral and fruity scents

Snow-white in color, the Asteroid Meteor flower has delicious floral and fruity aromas. In the mouth you will feel notes of fragrant gardens, lemon, fresh fruit and rose, in addition to the slight woody taste that cannabidiol brings to each of its varieties.

This sophisticated flower is appreciated for the sweetness of its fragrance, but also for the variety of aromatic tastes it offers in the mouth when consumed. To be tested immediately!

How to use Asteroid Meteor CBD flower?

The Asteroid Meteor CBD is very easy to use. After grinding it, you can inhale the flower as a joint, or using a pipe, bong, or specialized CBD vaporizer. Store in a glass jar, away from humidity.

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