Alpine White CBD flower 22%
Alpine White CBD flower 22%

Alpine White CBD flower 9.5%

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The origins of the 9.5% CBG Alpine White flower

The flower of CBG Alpine White is a hemp plant that is very popular with consumers and whose benefits growers constantly praise. Its name may be familiar to you and it is normal, it is in the mouth of all CBD enthusiasts who love flowers full of flavors and effects.

Developed in the 2000s by renowned Swiss grower Bernard Rappaz, Alpine White is a rare and valuable CBG plant, not CBD. It is therefore the parent of many other CBD plants and is a source of pride in Switzerland.

She was born around Lake Geneva, where the weather conditions are ideal for growing plants of this premium quality. Alpine White is a flower grown in the mountains, in a wild, outdoor environment.

As a result, it is robust and has a very strong character. It produces captivating flavors and offers unique therapeutic properties. With an average CBG level of 9.5%, but incredible cultivation conditions, this plant is very effective and brings great stability of effects to its regular users.

It is a real best-seller that can be considered a safe source to have in your collection. The Indica-dominant Alpine White flower is recommended for all types of users.

From beginners to the most experienced, she puts everyone at ease and confidence. It does not contain psychoactive elements, which means that it does not make you high. On the other hand, you will immediately feel its relaxing effects on your mind and body.

The wild effects of 9.5% CBG Alpine White flower

The flower of CBG Alpine White offers unique therapeutic properties. Rich in active principles, the plant is very effective in calming tormented minds, people stressed at work and at home, and anxious people in general.

This CBG flower is one of the few flowers with a rate below 10% of active ingredient, but which can still make you feel so many things at the same time.

Your confidence will amaze your colleagues and family. You will appreciate the renewed motivation and the booster effect of this wild flower, while preserving your emotional stability thanks to the balance it brings.

At the level of your body, this organic flower will bring you feelings of relaxation, muscle relaxation and pain relief. Give it a try, you'll love the powerful pain-relieving effects of this unique flower!

The fresh and natural taste of Alpine White

Alpine White is a very fresh and earthy flower, with a naturally woody taste that comes from its cultivation close to the ground, very rich in nutrients.

It has notes of pine and lemon that bring out the taste of the forest. This very rare flower is a must-have whose flavor is highly appreciated by followers who love the fresh mountain taste in the mouth.

Original and invigorating! The rarity of this product makes it a highly prized but consumable CBG product for everyone. To test absolutely!

THC rate
Less than 0.2%.
Earthy, citrus, pine
Famous CBD
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