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CBD for sleep: improve the quality of your sleep

There are many reasons for poor sleep quality. It can be stress, work pressure, poor diet, anxiety and other reasons. The use of CBD and its active ingredients can provide significant help in obtaining restful sleep.

The virtues of CBD to reduce insomnia

The consumption of CBD has an impact on the level of adenosine contained in the body.

Adenosine, in fact, gradually inhibits brain function until sleep is triggered, then it gradually disappears during the night to start accumulating again on waking. CBD therefore makes it possible to regulate the sleep cycle by controlling this level of adrenosine, which largely influences the quality of sleep, which is essential, and the state of fatigue felt when waking up.

Because the important thing is not so much to sleep long but to sleep well. It happens to wake up tired, which indicates a poor quality of sleep.

CBD helps to normalize what is called the natural rhythm of the body and to rebalance it, if necessary, so that sleep is restful and the body is in great shape when you wake up.

CBD products are usually fortified with melatonin, the sleep hormone, and CBN, also known as cannabinol, a cannabinoid dedicated to specific sleep disorders.

Sleep disorder: A major problem in the 21st century?

Sleep is one of the most complex and vital functions for the proper functioning of our body.

Over the hours or days of deprivation of sleep, a series of atypical manifestations occur, such as problems with reasoning, slowing of thought and reflexes (to levels similar to those caused by drunkenness), erratic behavior, speech impairments and even hallucinations.

All these manifestations disappear after a good night's sleep.

According to the World Health Organization, a good night's sleep is difficult for 45% of the world's population. This data only confirms the importance of receiving all kinds of help and advice to get the rest that our body and mind need.

Although anxiety and stress problems, as well as the poor organization of the environmental stimuli that accompany us at bedtime (noise, temperature, characteristics and activities that we carry out in the bedroom, etc.) are one of the main causes of insomnia, the 21st century and its leaps and bounds new technologies and our use (or many times misuse) of them has given rise to an emerging and serious problem known as tech insomnia.

It has It has been shown that there is a direct relationship between the poor quality of sleep and hygiene and the abusive use we make of new technologies. The term "vamping" was recently established to define the use of electronic devices until the wee hours of the morning before going to sleep.

The scientific explanation behind this phenomenon is that there are cells in the retina of our eyes that receive bright light during the day and send messages to the brain that it's time to wake up. Then the brain stops releasing the sleep hormone (melatonin) until nightfall and starts generating it again.

Therefore, if we keep the blue light emitted by the screens when we fall asleep, the brain will not be able to perceive the difference between day and night, which can cause sleep disorders such as insomnia or nightmares.< /p>

Early detection of the problem of insomnia is very important and its approach, by the health professional, must be multifactorial. If the cause, which is the main obstacle, is identified, insomnia is easier to resolve.

Avoiding its chronification would lead to a sharp reduction in the use of hypnotics and anxiolytics. These are drugs that are not free from side effects in addition to being associated with health risk and unnecessary pharmaceutical expenditure.

Good sleep hygiene is essential for good health .

How to use CBD for sleep?

CBD and restorative sleep go hand in hand, as do CBD oil and quality sleep.

There are many ways to take a CBD product for sleep to improve sleep quality.

However, there are five main ones which are among the most used. The quantity to consume is very dependent from one subject to another.

You have to experiment to find the right balance for optimum efficiency. Regarding CBD oil for sleeping in sublingual use, it is possible to evaluate the quantity to consume according to its weight by determining a personal dosage of CBD in drops for sleeping.

This method is the most effective because the active ingredient immediately diffuses into the blood and therefore acts very quickly. In addition, if it is a regular consumption, its use will be less expensive because dosed accurately.

In tablets, this method is certainly the most familiar because many people are used to consuming tablets so they will not be out of place. Consuming CBD in infusion is also an interesting method because you can mix the flowers with other plants or add sugar or honey to obtain a different taste.

CBD herbal tea for sleeping is a good, easy-to-prepare option. CBD in a sleeping drink is easier to ingest. Vaporization is a particularly effective and widely used alternative, by investing in a vaporizer beforehand, the benefits are substantial.

CBD, finally, can be smoked, in cigarettes or vaped. This method is more targeted towards people who are already used to inhaling products such as cigarettes or vaping enthusiasts, but it is not recommended for obvious health reasons.

When to take CBD for sleep ?

It is important to specify that, in addition to the fact that it is possible to consume it throughout the day, it is not recommended to take it when working on a sensitive position or when driving.

For effectiveness during nighttime sleep, it is advisable to take CBD, regardless of its form, between an hour and a half hour before going to bed.

The effect will depend on the how it is consumed and the dose but also the state of fatigue and anxiety of the consumer.

It will take several trials and corrections before finding the ideal time and dosage for maximum effectiveness depending on the condition of the person who will consume it. Regarding CBD for sleeping, the dosage must be strictly respected.

Which CBD for sleeping?

Here are the most effective flowers and oils for a restful and quality sleep, without effect secondary or morning fatigue, which you can easily find on the site of Famous CBD. CBD online for sleep. A French site offering quality products to buy CBD for sleep.

5 best CBD to smoke for sleep

  • CBD flower CRITICAL. This variety is a mix of afghani and skunk. With its 17.2% CBD rate, it has many therapeutic virtues. Among the latter, we find its ability to allow quality sleep as well as an improvement in overall well-being.
  • CBD GORILLA QUEEN flower. With a CBD content of 21.7%, this flower is known for its pain-relieving effects and soothing properties. In addition to allowing better muscle recovery, it is an effective way to fight against insomnia.
  • The flower of CBD CANNABOMB. This half Sativa, half Indica hybrid strain has a CBD content of 23%. In addition to having a unique fragrance, this flower is an ally of choice in the fight against anxiety and to find peaceful sleep. Ideal for people prone to anxiety and quite nervous.
  • The flower of CBD BLACK DIESEL. Its CBD rate of 15.4%, relatively low compared to what is found in general, does not prevent this hybrid flower of Indica and Sativa from being very effective in relieving people suffering from sleep disorders. .
  • The flower of CBD OG KUSH. This flower with a very tasty pronounced taste has a CBD rate of 15.4%. It has demonstrated its effectiveness in obtaining restful sleep by regulating its phases.

3 Best CBD oils for sleep

  • CBD OIL 5% FULL SPECTRUM - NEROBI – 10ML. For people who are just starting out, this 5% oil is perfect for getting started with the benefits of CBD. It allows you to discover its soothing virtues and to start gently in the consumption of this product.
  • CBD OIL 10% FULL SPECTRUM - NEROBI – 10ML. Its regular consumption can soothe the body and benefit from restful sleep when ingested shortly before going to bed.
  • CBD OIL 20% FULL SPECTRUM - NEROBI – 10ML. With its 20% dosage, this oil is for regulars who will not suffer from any side effects. Its effects will be just as effective as the previous oils but by ingesting less. It is recommended to take it step by step and get your body used to lower levels before starting to consume this very effective and powerful oil.

To conclude CBD is it more effective than sleeping pills?

CBD and insomnia: Numerous studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of cannabidiol for sleep.

A true natural sleep aid, CBD does not cause any side effects and it has been proven that no one around the world has died from a CBD overdose.

Many governments around the world have understood this and have decided to authorize its use for therapeutic purposes and its over-the-counter sale in stores or on the Internet or to buy CBD for quality sleep.

Its effects on sleep disorders make it a highly recommended alternative to chemical products.

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